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dark54555 Site Admin
Certified Technical AdvisorsThe following people are Certified Technical Advisors. They have proven their technical knowledge and are willing to help with whatever problems you may encounter. In addition to making threads about problems, you may PM them as needed.

DO NOT PM me or any other mod and ask to be added to this list. The list will remain as is until further notice. If a need for more people becomes evident, there will be a post in this forum requesting additional nominations.

Certified Technical Advisor Moderators
(These people can actually lock threads, delete posts, etc. as needed in addition to providing technical help.)

dark54555 - PM Link
Specialties: Gadgets, General Technical Advice, Purchasing Advice, PC Building, Home Theater, Car Audio, Cellular Phones and Service, Macs, OSX

DiMono - PM Link
Specialties: Programming, Web Development, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, (X)HTML, MySQL, Digital Video, Machinima

geonex88 - PM Link
Specialties: Networking, PC and Laptop Design/Building, WHQL, XP Media Center Troubleshooting/Building, Film and Digital Photography (all aspects), Broadband ISP questions, Cell Phones & service, Personal gadget and widget advising

hobbie - PM Link
Specialties: General Windows Issues, DSL Internet Service, Video Game Systems, PC Hardware

mojomasta - PM Link
Specialties: Windows, Linux, Networking, Web Hosting, Riding Spinners

spam - PM Link
Specialties: Works for Dell, Hardware Geek

Strider165 - PM Link
Specialties: General Troubleshooting, Hardware, System Building, iPods, Anti-Virus/Malware

TheSwmnCello - PM Link
Specialties: Windows, programming, anti-virus/spyware, general troubleshooting.
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dark54555 Site Admin
Certified Technical Advisors
(These people, while helpful, do not have Moderator powers, so don’t ask them the lock or edit threads.)

comrade693 - PM Link
Specialties: Firefox, (X)HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, Apache (Setup)

hobogeek - PM Link
Specialties: Hardware/software troubleshooting, Windows, System building and Modding, Digital Storage solutions

KWierso - PM Link
Specialties: Javascript, Networking, General Troubleshooting

macskull - PM Link
Specialties: Macs and your mom

midas - PM Link
Specialties: Hardware, Windows, Networking, Programming, Graphic Design, Xbox

MrEvil - PM Link
Specialties: Networking, Cicso, Laptops

papercup - PM Link
Specialties: Windows Server OS's, RedHat Linux & Derivatives, Apache, IIS, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, LVS & HA-Linux, WLBS & Windows Clustering, Postfix, AmavisD, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, Exchange, Perl, ASP, PHP, Tivo Hacking, Mac Mini Hacking, and NetBook Hacking

PrincessNybo - PM Link
Specialties: computer hardware (PC building, upgrading, optimization), Windows Media Center (plug-ins, networking, extenders), GPS/Navigation devices, portable media players, Windows Mobile PDA/Smartphone devices, video editing/production, and console gaming (Atari 7800 through Xbox 360)

Rental01 - PM Link
Specialties: Real Sysadm - 9 years experience from helldesk to Sen. Citrix Admin (now), Spyware & Antivirus support, Windows 3.1 and up, Some DOS scripting, Most hardware/os issues related to M$ operating systems, Most gaming related problems for all Half-Life related everything, Some PHP help (don't expect a lot - I learn as I go), Remote access / Citrix / Terminal Server questions, Accepting donations of working macs, Likes pie, Believes we'll see the rapture before a working 64-Bit os that likes all versions of SATA

wizbang2 - PM Link
Specialties: Java programming, General Technical Troubleshooting

wussie - PM Link
Specialties: General networking and Internet troubleshooting, Hardware troubleshooting, Cable Internet specific problems (I was a cable tech) Cable TV problems, HDTV problems.
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