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D20 star wars rpg campaignI am looking for you ideas on missions and campaigns for a star wars d20 game I am planning to game master (gm). I have most all of the books between me and the group of friends I play with. It is my turn to gm and I want some ideas from the Rooster Teeth community. And I thought this would be the best place to come for user input.

Thank you for your input
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One we did once was to assault a base of a rival bounty hunter. We got misinformation, and it ended up being an old abandoned clone facility. BAsically we were captured by the new "management" there and it was a classic escape mission. It was a pretty good one/.
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My friends and I have a pretty interesting game going right now that you ight want to try
I'm the GM and I'm pretty proud of what I've come up with so far.

It starts on a planet of your choice.
The players are rebels on a base that is being evacuated.
Recent information has come into their hands, that an imperial sweep of the Dantooine system is scheduled to happen soon.
They are tasked with getting transportation off planet and to Dantooine in order to warn them off the coming danger.

They get a ride off planet with a smuggler, who agrees to take them as far as Smuggler's Run, a series of hidden smuggling bases within an asteroid field. They get to the planet just ahead of an early fleet (due perhaps to a certain princess and some misinformation)

They race to Dantooine, staying ahead of the planets, and help the rebels to hide the evidence of their presence on the planet. Unfortunately, they fail in this endeavor because of a traitor in the rebel base, wh lets the imperials in through a "back door."

It is at this time that they attempt to make their escape, but are first told the nature of the base they are in. Its the shady side of the rebellion. A superweapons research facility. Within one of its hidden hangars (in a cave in a cliff-face) is a ship with a reactor that can be jettisoned into a star, causing it to go nova. Optionally, if you have a death wish, you can just drive the ship into the sun.

As the party tries to reach that ship to escape in it and protect it from the imperials, they watch it lift off.

One of the rebels at the base has apparently just set it on a course for the sun of the Coruscant system. This is learned when they return to the control center of the base and talk to the dying scientist who set the ship on auto-pilot.

At this point, the party is faced with a choice. Aloow the genocide of billiobs of people, their enemies, or stop such a senseless slaughter. How their choice affects their adventures and the rest of the galaxy is up to you

All our campaigns tend to start in a cantina, with some form of fight their. We had a fightscene in smugglers run, and a couple on Dantooine.

Just make sure you emphasize the role playing aspect of the game.

The way the players act out their chracters can make even a lackluster campaign a lot better.
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reply to #3

That sounds like alot of fun. One prob we had with our DM is he liked to have us run into too many story based characters, so we changed the history of star wars too much LoL. See, to escape a bounty hunte ri ended up blowing up Mos Eisley cantina. Thats just one minor example. Also when we were still using the old west end games d6 system my Jedi character had a fight with vadar. Well, "fight "is a loose term. Vadar showed up and drew his sabor, i spent a force point and my character points on a "RUN" roll and got out of there like my ass was on fire. Of course Vadar chased, and he didnt catch me. But The mental image was unreal. A young jedi girl running her ass off, and the biggest baddest man in the galexy running after her. Befor ethen I had never pictured Vadar running anywhere.
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A couple months ago I use to play with some people but college came up and I had to call it quits, however our last campaign had us rescue a bunch of slaves from a group of mentally incapable Cragmolid(and by mentally incapable I mean they did the " thing with there trunks in full view of the characters. It was more of a side quest in the Yuzhann Vong time period, but still difficult with the short attention span of some of the players, which lead to a side quest inside a side quest of a cave on the same planet with baby krayt dragons in it that lead to an imperial hanger with a Ecclipse styled Executioner ship inside. My tech character walked away from the quests with a Firespray and a capital ship, not bad considering we had to battle a sith that was 20 lvls ahead of us ( I love natural ones, ^^ ). Anyway, you could try something similar to slave rescuing, but it's not as thrilling as saving a galaxy.
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note on the Yuzhann Vong stay away from them. i already did a campaign based in the time period and we got our asses handed to us. one we were low level characters illequiped for them. we only had ranged weapons vs their melee. can we say attack of oppurity. our pilot/commander had the brilent idea of trying to shot at them with our large blaster cannons on our ship to kill them. lucky 20 came up. and he wanted to do a piolt check to see if he could land on one of crushing it but he missed and killed me insteead. them they decided they could take them on in space our one ship vs three fighters and if you understand the way their sheild system works it is had to kill a fighter unless you have the right weapon. can't rember it. but needless to say wee all did on the first day of our campaign . stupid leader. bad experience witht the Yuzhann Vong but am invovled in a campaign playing as a Yuzhann Vong fun but really different.
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