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Help! What was the name of this book?Is there a book that you can't remember the name of? Instead of starting a new thread every time someone has this happen, post what you can remember about it here, and hopefully someone will be able to help you.

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I have a problem. I was talking with my sister the other day and i started talking about this book I read in 3rd grade. It was about owls and I think there was an owl named Enrique. And later in the book, this family finds a baby owl and they keep it and then something happens that I don't remember. I think it takes place in California and they mentioned something about redwood trees. This seems really vague but it's all I can remember.
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I remember about a book of a kid traveling through dimensions and stuff...and from what I remember it's really cool...I think it's called it accurate?
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In reply to KSal, #152:

Not remarkably specific, any other details you could offer? I know Neil Gaiman wrote a book about a dimension-stepping boy called Interworld.
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In reply to Leslitgs, #153:

im sorry but that's pretty much it...
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In reply to KSal, #152:

There's a series of books called Pendragon by D.J. MacHale. Here's a link to the first book. It involves a boy who ends up in another dimension.

The other book that popped into my mind is A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L'Engle, but my guess is that the Pendragon book is what you're looking for.
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In reply to Bookworm, #155:

you just found the book I was looking for...your nick is not there just for show...dude seriously...lots of thanks for that help!!!!!!
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In reply to KSal, #156:

You have no idea. I was a bookseller for 7 years and I've been a library director for the past 2.
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In reply to Bookworm, #157:

lol! I think it would be awesome that job...maybe I'll apply for summer XD ...of course that here is summer already but I'm advancing my college so I don't have much time to do anything else XD
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TheNefasus PeePants
Sci-fi, very star wars-esk plot.

Galactic empire which is ruled by a genetically enhanced super soldier- who evolved into an immortal, I think his name is the Jester, or something similar.
May have been written by Asimov but I have been unable to find it again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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The Dune series by Frank Herbert has something kind of like that. Look at this, the fourth book, God Emperor of Dune.
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TheNefasus PeePants
In reply to ptath, #160:

LOL, no no not Dune, believe me it's not Dune.
I've been studying Frank Herbert's writing for the past seven years.
and have had to buy three copies of Dune and two copies of god emperor, due to broken bindings.

And I threw sandworms across the room when I finished it.
Jesus, that made me laugh.
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I read this book in 6th grade about this princess who fights a dragon. She trains for a long time before fighting it, trying to come up with stuff to put on her skin so that fire won't burn her. I think it was part of a series...
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In reply to AahzSkeeve, #162:

The Hero and the Crown. link
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I'm looking for a book series I read in grade 6. In french. I know most of you are not french-speaking, or reading, but it's worth a shot.

The series takes place in the future. The main character is a star hockey player. I don't remember his name, but 'Michel' pops into mind.
In this future, they have to put a dome over the ice because fans throw junk at the players. The dome protects the players.

As the series progresses (I think there are 3 or 4 books), the player gets discredited, disappears. However, they eventually bring him back, to play for an all-star team against a team of robots.
The point of that battle is that programmed 'perfect' robots cannot be better than the free-thinking unpredictable human being.

I figure nobody has a clue... but maybe somebody knows of a good site to ask, or a good search engine to try, or good keywords to use.


Never mind - I have been looking for months, and I have finally found it. It's a series by Denis Côté.
L'idole des Inactifs
Le retour des Inactifs
La révolte des Inactifs


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There was a book my sixth grade teacher used to read out loud at the beginning of each school day. Unfortunately I missed quite a few days of school, so I was often lost in the story and clueless as to the plot, but I remember loving it all the same.

It took place in a house. There was an elderly woman who took care of a gaggle of children, the main character was one of these children, a boy. I don't remember much of what happened during the story, but I remember the ending. Somehow they had escaped the house, or taken down the person who had run it (?), and the little boy was standing there in front of the physical location when a much older woman came up to him as well. Apparently the children had been snatched out of different parts of time, so the woman was actually one of his friends.

I don't remember anything else, but I have always wanted to go back and reread the book to figure out just what was going on.
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In reply to Rotkappchen, #165:

I have no idea what that is, but I really want to read it now.
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I didnt read much of this book but i remember a few details but none have helped me finding the name of it
The cover has a close up of a girls face and pretty much the whole cover is her blue eye
The main character(blue eye girl) has a friend that dies i think but before she dies she had made a list in her class of the things she wanted to do before she died and one said that she wanted to tell her friend some sort of secret
unfortunately those are all the details i remember except for a part where the girls are at a gas station and some strange guy offers them a light for their cigarettes
anybody got any ideas?
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This book was based off Sleeping Beauty. I don't remember much more than the fact that if she got hurt at all, she would fall into her sleep. One part I remember in particular, it mentioned her climbing trees and how the older boys would always follow underneith with a blanket to catcher her with if she fell.
Eventually she starts to wonder what pain is and pricks her finger on the spinning wheel...
And that's all I remember about the book...
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I've been trying to remember the name of this book I read as a kid. It was a science fiction anthology and the title of the book was the same as the first story, which was about a giant metallic bird in space comes to our solar system and it turns out the planets are its eggs and the sun is to keep them warm until they hatch. At the end humans are trying to drill down into the core before the Earth hatches. That's all I can remember. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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i'm not so much asking for help naming about as i am asking the confermation of a but and the opinion of it.

i was flipping through my copy of "the dictionary of imaginary places by alberto amguel and gianni guadlupi" when i came across the entry discribing "suicide city" on page 631 - 632. the entry really peaked my intrest and i now want to read what ever book it was writen in. but only thing it says at the bottom is:

Robert Louis Stevenson, New Arabian Nights, London, 1882; Jose Munoz Escamez, La Ciudad da los Suicidas, Barcelona, 1912

and when i searched on google the only thing that seemed to sound like what i was looking for was a collection of three short stories written by Robert Louis Stevenson tittled "the suicide club" since the entry i read in the dictionary made reference to the city being created after the distruction of the suicide club. so is this the book i am looking for?
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Hi, I was wondering if the forum could possibly give me any help at all with finding out a book's name. I read the book years ago but forgot what it was called.
I'll give you all the details I can about the book's story and if anyone can provide me with the books details I would really appreciate it
thanks and here goes.

the book was about changelings (the ones that turn into animals)

its a fantasy story, not one of those fiction textbooks if you get me.

there is a werewolf changeling that marries a blacksmith's daughter

the werewolf's friends are a bear changeling and a eagle changeling

all the changelings are rules by a dragon changeling

the dragon changeling has a brother that could not change and he is the villian of the book

the werewolf has a son with the blacksmith's daughter and they name it shem

if anyone can give me the name of the book i thank you so very much as i really want to read it again
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TheNefasus PeePants
In reply to moax, #172:

Dragons winter

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In reply to TheNefasus, #173:

you sir, are a god. thank you so much that is the cover i remember!!!!!
how did you know what the book was?
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In reply to TheNefasus, #159:

Sounds like the Foundation series. I dozed during the audio books, I don't remember much of it, but Jester sounds really familiar.
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TheNefasus PeePants
In reply to SolCat, #175:

It was a part of the foundation series, foundation and empire.
Found it a few months ago, thanks for back reading and answering though.
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Maddeh Impronerd
Ah- I read a series of books years ago. They involved an 'evil headmaster' of a school who somehow brainwash's students into doing.. his evil work? or something. I remember one book had a video game that hypnotised people into finding a password to gain access to a government database or something.

Really obscure? Yes. Do I think anyone will know this? No. Will I love you if you do? Words couldn't express


OK, another one just hit me.

A group of young teenagers or something are in a 'special school' they are all like really smart and socially awkward. I think they all have autism/special powers or something. One of them has almost telepathic powers (might be some twins..?) and they are trapped in the facility/school and want to escape but cant due to the people/high tech stuff there. They are... developing stuff for the people who run it and they don't want them to leave or something?

I remeber specifically that one of the telepathic people (again I think a twin...) was being almost tortured for information at one stage and to escape they 'hid inside there own mind' and in order for the others to save them the other telepathic person (seriously I'm thinking twins..) has to go inside there mind and find them and pull them back to relatily-- but they could get lost forever in doing so.

It was awesome.



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I'm looking for a book as well. From what I remember the main character was a boy who could write really fast in short-hand. He started out as a helper for a priest. He could write as fast as people talked, so he went to other priests' sermons so the priest he worked for could copy them. Eventually he ended up working for William Shakespeare, because WS needed someone who could write as fast as he could come up with plays. It was really interesting and I'd like to read it again. Anyone have any ideas?
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TheNefasus PeePants
In reply to Maddeh, #177:

Did they have wings?

In reply to RinRinRon, #178:

The Shakespeare stealer

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In reply to TheNefasus, #179:

Wonderful! Thank you very much! :D
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