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Your favorite cheatI remember the days when unlockable 'cheats' were nothing more than ingame extras, but the real cheats that would warp your mind when you used them were the most fun in games. What is your favorite oldschool cheat/easter egg?
MY personal favorite was the cuukus [have no idea how to spell it] from Zelda:a link to the past :D Such a great idea!
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#2  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  - 2 WTF
my favorit cheat is from pokemon red/blue ( i know old anime taboo RPG.) the mising number glich. was cool and tripy.
#3  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 2 Ditto
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my personal favorite and all-time cheat is:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start
#4  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 5 Ditto
which is 4?
#5  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  - 1 Flamebait
Minus World!!!
And I also like some of the custom name cheats in Shining Soul II *shot*
#6  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to fulgore, #6:

i like cheats that just make the game fun once uve dun it once
#7  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
blow up all cars cheat

#8  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to , #4:

now who doesn't know the universal Konami code? Infinate lives in Contra? no poblem.
#9  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
i liked the Debug cheat in sonic 2
#10  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to sjh944, #10:

which is and does? i might use this 1
#11  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
The rhino cheat in the gta series, what better way to go on rampages?
#12  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
The duplicate items cheat in the original Game Boy PokeMon games (Red and Blue).
#13  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
I liked the debug cheat in Starwars Episode 1: racer, that was a real mind fuck there: you could TOTALLY edit each vehicles attributes, warp forward so that the shortest course could be finished before time even began to count, you could even unlock two extra characters!
#14  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Wait, the konami cheat shows up in atari games too. Weird, huh?
#15  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
the lazer bear cheat in age of mythology. what better way to unleash a pile of canadian carnage?
#16  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 2 Zing!
In reply to Lava_Piranha, #16:

That was great. And there was the Purple Flying Hippos!
#17  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Simon the kill ewok in star wars galactic battlegrounds
#18  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Ditto
actually, my favourite cheat is for a minor ps1 game.. misremember the name atm, but it was about this village with a tower, where your guy's dad had disappeared when your guy was a baby. so in the game, your guy is now old enough by village law to climb the tower. there were 9 gf's and a bf you could get to like you in the game, and apparently in the japanese version, you could marry one. in the tower were monsters and monster eggs. one of the monsters was called a manoeva (i only remember it because of a weird obsession with the english spelling of.. ek, ill just spell it that way: 'manoeuvre' and it could copy any other creature in the room. another monster, name of which i misremember, could 'eat' items and spit out different ones. as long as you didnt let its energy go all the way to zero, you just put your manoeva back to its own form, and replenish its energy. poof! that wasnt supposed to happen, but once you get those two critters and a critter that generates a worthless item called 'meat' youve got almost all the items in the game at your disposal.
#19  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to delijoan, #19:

That seems really cool! I'll have to scour the internet for the title.

In reply to whoever commented on the Konami/Atari cheat

I think that is just a coincodence, or maybe the code is different :D Im not quite sure, but I don't think Konami owns Atari, but I may be mistaken.
#20  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Duplicate items in final fantasy 4. It doesnt work on the new BA version, but it worked on the SNES version (FF2) and the playstation remake
#21  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to delijoan, #19:

I am pretty sure that woudl be Azure Dreams
#22  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Hm.... it would probly be one of the cheats for a gta game, floting cars is pretty fun, or a certain cheat from outlaw volleyball...
#23  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  - 1 Lame
Bah. Cheating is merely for the girlie man. GET PUMPED.
#24  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 0 Funny
what does debug mean
#25  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
The gameshark code for Zelda: Ocarina of Time that would let you fly/float/jump by pressing L. You could run and do it to fly, and you could get over all the obstacles in the game that come about because you normally can't jump. Also makes getting Epona easier since you can just go in LonLon and use it to hop the fence yourself, and the game read it as rescuing Epona. Endless fun.
#26  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
I liked using the gameshark for goldeneye, using the walk through doors code for multiplayer; It expanded facility by twice the size and allowed for some nice sniping areas.
#27  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 2 Ditto
Geeze, that was a great code, it scared me the first time I used it [Goldeneye code] But seriously, it did expand the facility by so much!
In response to no.25
Debugging is something that game developers do; when they get the bulk of the hard code down [like the GUI, general physics, lighting, graphics and such] they use a debug menu to tweak many things, from placement of objects [its my understanding you could do that in one of the original Sonic the Hedgehog games] to augmenting the stats of characters [as seen in Star Wars Episode 1: racer]. By accessing the Debug menu you are given access to, usually, a wealth of deleted content, from extra characters, extra areas from games, new items, just about anything you can think of.
The Debug menu isn't quite the best thing to mess with, in some games if you alter the coding through the Debug menu you will perminetnly alter the code of the game, while this is tempting to some it can be detremental if not immedietly undone; changing the physics on one particular area of the game, say a racetrack, to better suit a particular turn or particular area, may drastically increase the difficulty of another track.
So you might say you're getting a mixed bag with the Debug Menu, but for those of you who have beaten a game to death [as well as those of you who have a deep memory, leading you to reset the default game stats] Debugging can lengthen a game considerably.
#28  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
There was this one cheat for a puzzle game on the psone (I think the game was The Bombing Islands) That allows you to play Speed against a friend or the computer. The weird part was how I got the code to unlock it. I was searching though the game manual and I found a few level codes (the game didn't use the memory card) and put them in. The first two didn't work (they sent me to the first stage) but when I placed the third one in I ended up playing a game of cards. The longer I played it the faster the computer got. After a while I thought I had it figure out....then the computer wiped the floor with my ass. I beat the mini-game on my 300th try. I think the mini-game has 20+ levels in it, I'm not sure it's been awhile. It's little extras like that that make being a gamer worthwhile.
#29  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to fIshbOnEz, #28:

the Sonic games are Sonic 1,2 and 3 for the megadrive or Genisis as its also called
#30  Posted 9 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
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