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Free Cell Phone RingtonesDoes anyone know of a website that you can get free ringtones off of? That or does anyone know how I can make my own?
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Why dont you just record them, or isit not a real ringtone phone?
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What do you mean? I don't know how to just record them onto my phone.
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OK, do you want Polyphonic or RealTone ringtones? I've got methods of getting both (I hate paying for ring tones, so I've come up with ways around the system). Note: for either of these to work, your phone must be capable of browsing the internet.

FOR POLYPHONIC (old Gameboy music, lol) RINGTONES:
1.) Find a MIDI file of the tune you want. There are plenty of places to find it.... Just look around.
2.) Get a MIDI editor. I reccomend a program called Anvil Studio. I can't recall where I got it, but I'm sure you can find it by searching.
3.) Edit the MIDI using the program down to an appropriate length.
4.) Host the file on a website, i.e. Angelfire or something.
5.) Use your mobile's internet to access the file's URL and it should download to the phone.

FOR REALTONES (real music/voice):
1.) Get an .mp3 of the song you want to use.
2.) Get a sound editing program. I VERY HIGHLY recommend a program called "Audacity." It's free and I know you can find it through Yahoo! without trouble.
3.) Use Audacity to clip the file to the part of the song you wish to use. To make sure it repeats smoothly when groing from end back to beginning, click Play while holding Shift. It's just a little tip that you don't really need to use, but it helps.
4.) Convert the .mp3 into a file-type that your phone will recognize as a ringtone. A program called "MP3 to Ringtone Gold" will allow you to do this. It "technically" needs to be purchased, but if you can find ways around that, go for it (though since this is a forum I cannot say any ways to get it illegally).
5a.) This is where varying phones differ. Some phones will be able to download straight from a website, like I said above. If that's the case, just host the file and download it by going to the URL with your phone.
5.b) If it won't let you straight download (one attempt should let you find out), go back to the program "MP3 to Ringtone Gold." The button right below "Help" says "Send." Click it and follow the instructions on the website. You'll receive a text message giving you the file URL, which is set up so that your phone can access it without trouble using its web browser.

Hope that helps, RUSH. Like I said, I've mastered ways of getting ringtones without having to buy them. I should note, however, that it won't be completely free, since most phones charge a small amount for internet use. Still, you'd have to pay that anyway PLUS the cost of the tone to do it through the mobile companies.
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Also, for the record of and Mods who may come through and notice my previous post and misinterpret it, I want to point out that my methods are 100% legal and therefor do not break the rules of the forum by being posted. Everything used was either free or paid for.
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Same goes for images. Just upload something to imageshack, and type the link it gives you into the phone.

Only fools pay to simply download something to their phone, when they are already paying their cell phone provider for the internet.
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If you have Sprint, Cingular, Verizon, or T-Mobile should still be free. I haven't used them in a while since I switched to a Nextel phone and plan.

If you have Nextel, you'll need a data cable and
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midas for um Sprint Users
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In reply to MrEvil, #7:

that site charges now, well, its a pain in the ass to work with

i use/used 3G For Free

if that doesn't work, tell me
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thats how i make all my ringtones just sign up

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In reply to RUSH2112, #1:

go on
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GB330033 Forum Mod
Uhhh... This is a thread from FOUR YEARS AGO. Why would you post here?
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In reply to RUSH2112, #1:

Here you can learn hot to make free ringtone. Music video to rightone
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