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A Song of Fire and IceWell, after a search for topics on the series by George R.R. Martin I've found that there's no topic on "A Song of Fire and Ice."

I feel compelled to tell everyone who enjoys gory, gritty, graphic, and not-so-hocus-pocus fantasy novels about these books.

First off, there are 4:
A Game of Thrones
A Clash of Kings
A Storm of Swords, and
A Feast for Crows.

These 1000 page books are filled with hundreds (~550) characters all interacting in a HUGE storyline. The books are based on a war that comes about as numerous Houses of the land of Westeros vie for the "Throne." Most of the chapters follow only a select few characters, but cover multiple years in a single book. Unlike some authors who might keep their main characters, that they have put so much work into developing, alive and well throughout the entire book, just to defeat the 'evil of the land,' Martin's characters are all very mortal, and undergo serious trials and tribulations, with multiple main characters losing their lives, much to the chagrin of the reader!

Enough, just look up "A Game of Thrones" sometime if you'd like to start a great story that rivals Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' in depth and grandeur. Personally, I do it for the hack-and-slash .

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In reply to carlisle9, #1:

Im surprised no one has replied to you. ive read these books and i am anxiously awaiting the fifth installment. One of the best series ive ever read. Do you have any idea when George R.R. Martin is finishing it???? please tell if you do
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Alright, I just found out that the 5th book is scheduled sometime in 2007 and is called "A Dance of Dragons." While I don't know that it will be the end of the 'song,' I'm still waiting for the release of the paperback "Feast for Crows" on Sept 27th. I'm finishing "A Storm of Swords" for the third time pretty soon, and might read the last few chapters again before I get my hands on a copy of Feast. In any case, I've got to keep the book away from my brother who will be awaiting the slightest chance to steal the one I nab.
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I thought waiting for the paperback would be to long so i went to our library and checked it out. Ive been thinking about rereading the series before the 5th comes out. A whole year?? Thats no fun. Check your library for a hard copy im just waiting for the paperback to buy so i can complete my set. Thanks for the info :)
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Not to be picky or anything but its called "A Song of Ice and Fire" not Fire and Ice. Its a great series though. Dance of Dragons should be ready for production by the end of the year and the book will most likely which us the beginning of 2007. After Dragons there will be 2 more books in the series according to Martin. Unless he changes his mind again. Also if you want to read a sample from Dance of Dragons than go here.
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is that the chaper with tyrion?? Im sure he just had a typo.
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I know, I flubbed the title :-( Sorry.
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Any more news?
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solicemoon Sponsor
Not really. Except that there will be a "World of Ice and Fire" book published in late 2007/early 2008
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That's news! I hadn't heard of that, and I still haven't gotten my copy of 'Feast for Crows' and I'm itching.... Thanks!
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Picked up GoT a coupla weeks ago cause tim buckley (author of cad) wouldnt shut up about it, so i figured it must be good, and i love it. i got clash of kings and the first part of storm of swords today. i wont be sleeping tonight.
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Ya this series is fucking awesome Can't wait for A Dance with Dragons to come out already.
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Whats peoples favourite Character? i like Tyrion, Jon, and Jaime. i mean, i like the rest, but i really like those 3.
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solicemoon Sponsor
Tyrion, Jon, Daenerys.
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Jon. Good luck topping him for awesomeness. ;-)
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I'm gonna give my favorites by book, to see how it all shakes down. (I am NOT done w/ the fourth yet, so PLEASE don't spoil anything...

okay, first comes game of thrones:
1.Eddard Stark
2.Jon Snow
3. Tyrion Lannister
(4.) king Robert

m'kay, now book number two:
1. Daenerys
2. Tyrion
3.Davos (teh onion night)

Book three:
1.Jon Snow (hands down)
2.king robb... *cries*
3.Littlefinger (just for that classic bit at the end: "you had beter let the guards in Sansa, it seems the singer has killed my lady wife" A+
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you say dont spoil but look what YOU just did fuckwit! thanks for ruining the third for me you cocksucker!
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wow, I'm looking for a new book pretty soon, almost done the crappy one I'm reading right now. I'll check the first out next time I'm in Chapters.
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In reply to WHIT3WOLF, #18:

You should! This series rocks
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I'm reading Feast for Crows right now. Is anyone else reading it at the moment? Has anyone finished it already?

I have an underlying bad feeling. Feast is written in a different style than the previous three books, and it's actually very bothersome to read. I still enjoy the story, but I'm wondering: Can anyone else tell the difference in the way that Feast is written?

The feeling I get is that it's faster, almost the point of being rushed, less detailed, and in particular, the chapter titles aren't always the name of the character... which makes it far, FAR harder to read. I'm somewhat disappointed.
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maybe it was ghost written? or he was pushed for a dead line.

That happend for one book in The Sword of Truth series, the writing style was way different, it was weird. I still dont know why.
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solicemoon Sponsor
Considering it took Feast of Crows 5 years to come out I highly doubt it was "rushed". And while it was a tad different than normal and the fact that all my favorite characters weren't in this one and will be in the next one I still highly enjoyed it.
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I've only read the first 3 books and i'm picking up the Feast of Crows next week. I can honestly say that i have never read a better series. I get really attached to Jon, i just love his charictor, he is more Stark then any other charictor. And i hate Sansha!! I would highly suggest this novel to anyone looking for a good more realistic fantasy novel.
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solicemoon Sponsor
Yep. It rocks. ^ ^. Though a Feast of Crows imho wasn't as good as the other three. Still good but not as good. And a little different for that matter.
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Feast was good when I read it when it came out like a year ago. I started to reread the series but kept getting side tracked by other books.

Really glad i found this series was browsing though chapters last fall looking for something to read and I notice A Game of Thrones on sale for like 7 bucks considering most books are about 10 bucks im like pretty sweet deal there. So I pick it up and just tear through it. Sooooo shocked when Martin starts deciding to off characters or mess with what we thought was going to happern, that the reader would think would be important. ya know like killing Lady, chasing Nymeria away, after it was so clearly stated in like the first chapter the wolves are important. O right and Robert and Eddard die, like wow, and this is just the first book. O and Drogo dies and Danny gets her dragons, like crazy
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GodOBiscuits Sponsor
Feast of Crows was delayed cause he was about to finish the fourth book and it was so huge that he decided to make it into two books. So the fourth and fifth books are actually one. He divided the characters into two groups and put them into one of the books, so those who made it into Feast won't be in the fifth one.

This series rocks. I really enjoy the world and am wondering where he is going with the story. Usually I can guess where the author is going with something, but out of the 10 times I have made guesses, only one was close. So I have to hand it to him for keeping me on the edge of my seat.

I was at the beach reading Storm and reached a point in the book where I was so stunned that I had to put down the book and couldn't pick it up for awhile. That has never happened in a book for me before.
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I love this series...

did you know about the art book? The Art of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire.

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wow, looks sweet, might have to pick that up eventually

The Kingslayer looks awesome just lounging on the iron throne
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In reply to thedarKforce, #28:

Hell yeah... that's exactly how I pictured that scene in my head.

Until he gave his version of the event later in the series. But from Ned's point of view that's freakin' perfect.
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To be honest I still picture the scene the way Ned discribed it, prolly because it was so evocotive a way of saying it, and for the longest time Jamie was portrayed, atleast how I saw it, as evil, then eventually we saw a more human side. I really can't even remember the way Jamie discribed it, i think he talks about how tired he was, and he was just taking a breather or something(too lazy to go to the next room and find the part of the book that its in.)

I'm curious as to who you guys think is Jon's Mother or his Parents depending on how you see it.
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