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The Wii Help ThreadAsk questions about your Wii, and have them answered by others. Hopefully knowledgable others.

Anyway, I have one to kick us off: Anyone else having trouble with the internet? I got it to connect once and to the initial update, but since then it keeps giving me error code 110213.

I checked the Nintend...
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Ok, this is really starting to piss me off.

I want to play and beat Red Steel (among other games. Such as Metroid Prime 3 and Twilight Princess)... yes, I understand I suck because I haven't beat those 3 games yet. But whatever. My issue is this:

Whenever I try and play Red Steel or Metroid Prime 3, the controls are all fucky! My gun (or arm cannon) start going all over the place. I've played with the sensitivity, but it doesn't make a difference.

I have a 43" LCD HDTV (Sharp Aquos), a Samsung 5.1 home theater, the IR bar is under the TV (on top of the centre speaker).

I wasn't able to locate any soft of calibration system. I don't remember if the Wii has one or not... It shouldn't matter eh?
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In reply to Caboose, #719:

Mine does that when the lights in the room reflect off of the TV's shiny surface.
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Is your TV in front of a window or have anything the sunlight would reflect off of? Sunlight really throws the IR sensor for a loop. If you are on the sensitivity adjust screen and see more than 2 dots, you need to find out where the interference is coming from.

Have you tried other controllers?
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In reply to Caboose, #719:

It's really hard to help with this sort of thing. Ruling out a faulty controller, it comes down to some sort of interference. Sometimes you have to just guess-and-check the hell out of this. "Could this be causing interference? Maybe. Let's move it/turn it off and see if it works then. No? Moving on."
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yelnocp Dirigo
Let me say again to go adjust the bar's sensitivity. I'm playing through Super Paper Mario again, which involves occasional pointing, and I had forgotten I had turned down the sensitivity for some reason. I put it back up to 3 in the middle and now I can point without disappearing or jittery wii'mote.

I've got a problem of my own, and I'm pretty sure theres nothing I can do about it: Occasionally when power on the wii or start a game, I get a black screen "Wii System files are corrupted please refer to Operations manual" A reboot will fix this.
Also, I'm finding that I will occasionally power on the wii and it will not read the disc inside, even after re-inserting. I'll have to reboot, or remove it and insert the disc once its powered on again. It could be the disc, but I dont think so, it hasn't gotten much use
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when I try to start up the console I only get as far as press A then it goes to a black screen what do I do
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yelnocp Dirigo
In reply to NINJARICK, #724:

a barrel roll.
But seriously, first, eject the disc, then hold the power button and when it shuts off pull the power cord for a minute. plug in and power on with the 'mote.
call tech support?
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I called tech support and they had me do all that. They decided I have to send it in to get fixed. The good thing of that outcome is that due to the present economy and my skills as a debt collector I talked tech support into fixing my wii for only $27.00 including tax. They e-mailed me a fedex pacing slip and instructions so I'm about to ship it off tommorrow . Had I not griped about the price and my lack of money they would have charged me $75.00 plus tax to do the same exact thing. Lesson learned kiddies don't take what any repair person charges you at face value. Especially today with the obama administration. Companies will work with you.
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In reply to NINJARICK, #726:

Right.... because Obama being president MAGICALLY makes FOREIGN companies change their business practices! God, now don't I feel stupid for not voting for him!
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In reply to metaslugx, #727:

Yes saving almost $50 is a small price to pay compared to the next few years when this country is turned to communism and the government starts telling you what to wear how many children you can have and what you can listen to
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In reply to NINJARICK, #728:

How old are you, 12? 15, maybe? You know far too little about politics to be any older than that.

If you knew anything at all, you could tell that the retarded propaganda you've spouted here is nonsensical bullshit.
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Not trying to start political BS here, but since it's now apparently racist to disagree with our own president, I fear the worst.

So how about that Wii?
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I'm not trying to stir up anything but the other day I was in the gym when some random guy started saying some nasty stuff about the president that even I wouldn't verbalize. Next thing ya know the police are escorting him out in handcuffs . Okay so it sounds like what i'm saying is bull from a teen but it's reality . What I witnessed only happens in communist countries where your not allowed to voice a different opinion from the popular view of the government. Does everyone want what happened in cuba to happen here in the USA . Don't put your head in the sand. It only takes a few good men to do nothing to allow total evil to ensue. Just saying !
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Stop raping my alerts with this paranoid shit. This is the Wii help thread, Not, I have to much lead in my water thread.
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Lead in our water?!?!

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Ryakani Sponsor
When trying to read a disc, even ones that are brand new, it says please revert to the wii manual, and I have, but it has nothing to do with this. I am still able to use any downloaded channels, just not the disc channel, any help?
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In reply to Ryakani, #734:

Never heard of this before really. Did you google it? Might try a DVD lens cleaner disk, but I'd check it out online before you do something like that.
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Ryakani Sponsor
I have already tried dvd lens cleaner disk. =/ I have decided though to leave it behind and go for the xbox 360.
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In reply to Ryakani, #736:

Lens cleaners... big no no.

What discs are you trying to read? Which games specifically?
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I have a question...

My Wii used to be silent for when I got it. But now it makes this loud humming noise whenever the disk in the Wii starts spinning. If I play a downloaded game it doesn't, but whenever I put a disk in, or play a game from a disk then it does.

Emailed Nintendo who said I had to send in my Wii, and pay them $80 so they can do whatever they can do.

A few weeks ago the Wii went silent again for a few days, but it went back to the loud humming. Gets really annoying when playing a game because I have to turn up my TV just to get over the humming.

I was just wondering if anyone else had this issue and found some sort of fix, or even what the cause is. Because I REALLY don't want to fork out $80 and have to send it in.

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sounds like its a dirty dvd drive. if you don't want to send it away try a can of compressed air in the drive (with the disc removed).
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In reply to Caboose, #739:

Ok sweet! I'll try that and let you know how it goes.

Thanks :)
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Landon Sponsor
Sigh. *thread bump*

This poor thread. It's dying.
If anyone needs help, post away.
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Well, I dunno... It is the help thread. Could just mean that everyone's Wiis are working perfectly
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In reply to Caboose, #742:

Or that everyone's are broken they just don't give a shit.
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I hack the wii
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KWierso Sponsor
In reply to Prodojy, #744:

That's cool.
#717  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to KWierso, #745:
That's cool.

In reply to Prodojy, #744:
That fan-fucking-tastic for you.
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