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Emessai Sandwich
The Washington ThreadThe newest addition to the Red vs. Blue world, Agent Washington was introduced in Recovery One like... today. Why make the thread now? Because I can, and hey, who doesn't want to speculate? We all know so very little about Washington, and now, all that guessing and character-creation you all di...
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Dremmeng Sponsor
Grif is awsome and health based on his diet he and donut have
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MissZahrah Lokid
In reply to Dremmeng, #3991:


This changes EVERYTHING!!!
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Hashibaarrow Sponsor
Ok, so, a little while ago I was rewatching Revelation and I noticed something I hadn't before. While Tex and Church were off on their own at the ice base (which I think is Sidewinder, correct me, please, if I'm wrong), Tex admits that she was one of the Freelancers who had made the infamous attempt to gain access to the Alpha. The way she described it the attempt sounded more like a rescue mission at Sidewinder rather than an AI manipulated attempt at Command as Wash had stated previously. I had to pause the episode and sit there a moment and try to make that make sense. Why was Tex's recollection of the event different than Wash's? As I thought about it more I realized something, this was Epsilon Tex talking, not the original Tex. How would she know all of this? I also realized that earlier when Tex had shown Church the picture of Sidewinder he recognized it as though he'd been there and she had stated that he'd been there I wondered how that could be. ETex comes from Epsilon, from his memories, correct? She told him in Season 10 that she knows what he knows. So if she "remembered" how damaged the Alpha was when she finally found him at Sidewinder than she got that from Epsilon. So he had to have been there. As I came to that conclusion I realized that the only way for Epsilon to be there during the rescue mission was because Wash had been there.

This conclusion, unfortunately, raises about as many questions as it answers. First, if Wash had been a part of the rescue mission, why is it he doesn't seem to remember it accurately? Its possible, I suppose, that seeing the Alpha in the state that he was in was the catalyst that caused Epsilon to breakdown. Remember in Recovery One the image of what looks like an AI laying in a splatter pool with a gun nearby? I've always assumed that to be Epsilon. The terrain surrounding the body is not sand or grass, but snow. From what we've heard from other agents, Epsilon's suicide attempt fucked Wash up pretty badly. He even said he had a hard time distinguishing his thoughts from Epsilon's dying ones. So, is it possible that Epsilon's suicide was so traumatic that Wash's own subconscious blocked out the events surrounding it?

Second, if Wash had been a part of the rescue mission, why is he still working for Project Freelancer? Tex had apparently gone rogue after the attempt. I also believe that York was a part of the attempt as well and had also gone rogue after its failure. At the risk of dropping some serious crack-pottery, I think that it's possible that if Epsilon committed suicide during or immediately after the failed mission it left Wash in such a crippled and vulnerable state he was unable to run as the others did and as a consequence he was recovered or captured. As he recovered and his mind attempted to repair itself, he may have been manipulated into remembering the event as he recalls it to the Reds and Blues later on: as an attempt by Freelancers manipulated by their AI to take them to their Alpha by breaking into Command.

That doesn't really answer the question, though, does it? Why wasn't he locked up or killed? Perhaps at this point the investigation into Project Freelancer was in its infancy and The Director and/or other powers-that-be within the organization wanted a way to keep an eye on him, away from other agents and in a position that they could get rid of him in a way that would look as though he was killed in action. South was almost successful in accomplishing that for them, though I doubt she realized it.

It seems sort of convoluted though, doesn't it? Quiet and underhanded maybe, but not exactly efficient. However, the only way I can explain Epsilon Church and Epsilon Tex having any knowledge of what happened at Sidewinder is if Wash had been there with Epsilon in his head.
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Ember FoxGirl
In reply to Hashibaarrow, #3993:

Your reasoning makes a good deal of sense. I had been curious about this possible continuity error, and was figuring it would be explained in the PF flashbacks. I'm not sure if he really forgot the break in, however. His memories of Epsilon's breakdown seemed to still remain quite strong in his mind. Like an image he can't erase. But he may have faked amnesia.

To answer the question of why he stuck around: revenge. He may not be tolerant of stupidity, but he is patient. He knew what the Director had done, but was not able to act on that knowledge until he started to realize who Church really was. And we know he can lie through his teeth. Every Freelancer but York seems to have a knack for it. I was under the impression that Wash kept his enemies close until he could take them down.

I'm sure he sucked up big time in order to achieve this. They knew the old Wash, and a part of that may have affected their judgement of him. I am also sure he knew full and damn well what the truth was about the break in. He just lied. To his superiors and to Church and Caboose.

It is hard to tell what's canon with all the deception going around. I think Burnie writes so many lies into the story just to drive us bonkers.
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Hashibaarrow Sponsor
I wouldn't say that Wash lies through his teeth so much as he lies by omission.

I'm sure he remembers Epsilon's breakdown and how it effected him. I'm sure he doesn't want to, but it won't leave him alone. However, I'm not sure he remembers clearly the circumstances surrounding that breakdown. The theme of memory is so heavy in RvB, especially in the later seasons, that I have to wonder if memory alteration isn't another one of the Director's experiments. But that is a crack pot theory best saved for the Crack Pot Thread.

I agree whole heartedly that Wash is the type of man who keeps his enemies close and that was his reason for staying with the project. My question is why would the Project keep him around. It became clear to me that the Councilor and the Director had a suspicion that Wash would eventually turn on them if not the Project as a whole, which furthers my suspicion that he played some kind of role in the Alpha Rescue Mission. At the end of Reconstruction the Councilor told Wash that they had been prepared for the eventuality of his betrayal.

The Director seems to be a master of manipulation. I am sure that he knew or at least suspected that Wash wouldn't be able to bring himself to shoot South when ordered and counted on South to kill him. When that failed he had to find another way to tie up that loose end, especially since he had the Oversight Subcommittee breathing down his neck. It was very serendipitous that the Meta had started his AI harvesting at about that same time. It was perfect. He could sic the two on each other. I think he believed that Wash and The Meta would wind up killing each other. I don't think he counted on Wash taking out Command in the process.

Burnie is amazing at writing in a way that gives us only enough information to keep us entertained and to speculate, but not quite enough so that we, like the Reds and Blues, have no idea what's true and what's not.
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Ember FoxGirl
In reply to Hashibaarrow, #3995:

I agree that the Director expected his betrayal. But I think he underestimated Wash. The true depth of Washington's hatred was well hidden by him taking up his previous role as "the rule follower". Younger Wash marched as he was bid, and didn't ask questions. Even after all he'd been through, it may have appeared to others that he still held by that. With no exceptions. But he was there long enough for them to learn otherwise.

If you have a seemingly still loyal soldier, and few fighters left, it's not a great idea to outright kill him. He could be valuable. He became expendable when his superiors came to see his new nature. After all, they had far more experience and skill at lying and manipulation.

So they got rid of him in a way they thought would also make him useful. Or tried to.
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Hashibaarrow Sponsor
Wash played a good game and put up a good act. The Director did underestimate him and how far he'd go.

What do you think, Agent_Me? Do you think Wash played a part in the Alpha Mission?
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Hashibaarrow Sponsor
In reply to Hashibaarrow, #3997:
Wash played a good game and put up a good act.

Hm. I guess in that regard you could say that he was lying through his teeth.
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Ember FoxGirl
In reply to Hashibaarrow, #3997:

I think it's possible. Most people didn't think so because we assumed he was already going/gone crazy. But his absence in that event would not explain how Epsilon, and therefore eTex knew so much about it.

In reply to Hashibaarrow, #3998:

That is, in part, what I meant.
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MissZahrah Lokid
In reply to Agent_Me, #3999:

Unless that was the event which fragmented Epsilon...
#4,000  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Ember FoxGirl
In reply to MissZahrah, #4000:

I believe that's what I was agreeing to as a possible theory. Maybe I should have added that, rather than implying. Makes things clearer for people who read my posts. XD
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MissZahrah Lokid
In reply to Agent_Me, #4001:

What I meant was that Washington didn't have to be there to know, or for Epsilon to have a memory of it, if Epsilon hadn't even fragmented yet...
#4,002  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Ember FoxGirl
In reply to MissZahrah, #4002:

I think I'm more sleep deprived than I thought. You just confused me. I'll try to read this conversation again tomorrow, after I've gotten some sleep. Then I'll be more useful.
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BenRG No Goodbyes
One possibility, of course, is the old 'remote backup drive' possibility of Epsilon's nature.

It has been speculated that Epsilon maintained some kind of link to Alpha (possibly similar to the J E. Bell molecular bifurication equivalence effect) so that everything Alpha knew or experienced, even after fragmentation, Epsilon remembered. If that is the case, maybe the other fragments were bound to him in a similar way. Could it be that Epsilon contains records of everything that all the fragments did after fragmentation? In that case, hidden away in eChurch's head, is the metaphorical rope that could hang The Director and many others besides.
#4,004  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Hashibaarrow Sponsor
In reply to MissZahrah, #4002:

You guys totally lost me....
#4,005  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
MissZahrah Lokid
In reply to Hashibaarrow, #4005:

In Revelation, Tex knew what happened at Sidewinder.

Since Tex was 'brought back' from Epsilon's memories, that means Epsilon would have to have known what happened at Sidewinder.

That has lead some to suggest that Washington was part of the attempt to rescue Alpha, and therefore Epsilon was aware of the events that happened there; but I am suggesting that Washington did not need to be part of that rescue attempt. It is possible that Epsilon's knowledge of those events did not come from being actively present in Washington at the time, but perhaps not having yet fractured from Alpha in the first place, and that the events of Sidewinder and the break-in to rescue Alpha were part of the things leading up to Epsilon fragmenting.

It's just me offering an alternate explanation for Epsilon's knowledge.
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Hashibaarrow Sponsor
In reply to MissZahrah, #4006:

Ahh, I see. That's a good theory. My only argument is that I was under the impression Alpha had been squirreled way at Sidewinder only after all the AIs had fragmented off, hence why he was such a mess when Tex finally found him.

I like alternate theories, though, keeps us thinking.
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In reply to MissZahrah, #4006:

I think Wash and Epsilon being present at the second break-in would be an interesting way to explain how E-Tex knew so much about the second break-in.

It's possible that E-Tex's feelings about the second break-in were really Epsilon's feelings about the break-in. E-Tex said that Alpha might have not even recognized her, but the Alpha clearly knew it was Tex when his team was ambushed at Sidewinder. Perhaps Alpha didn't recognize Epsilon (All the AI fragments obsess over the Alpha, but Epsilon actually knew that he was once a part of the Alpha... and perhaps Epsilon was saddened to find out that the Alpha didn't remember Epsilon even though Epsilon remembered the Alpha).

E-Tex said she thought it was all her fault for what happened to the Alpha, but perhaps Epsilon was the one who actually felt guilty about the Alpha's fate (Because if Epsilon really was the last fragment to break off, then Epsilon's separation from the Alpha was probably the last injury that reduced the Alpha to a shadow of its former self). Perhaps this guilt is what pushed Epsilon to commit suicide in the first place, which may be why Epsilon is shown to be dead in a snowy place.
#4,008  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
MissZahrah Lokid
In reply to Hashibaarrow, #4007:

But the show has already demonstrated that wasn't exactly true. Gary's "terminal" at Sidewinder, Gamma and Omega being used to further torture Alpha in hopes of more fragments... it's possible they *were* still getting pieces...
#4,009  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Hashibaarrow Sponsor
In reply to Yarev, #4008:

Holy crap, I totally forgot about Alpha Church's description of Tex at Sidewinder. It makes perfect sense that he would remember it the way he did. Good call, dude.

I like your interpretation that ETex wasn't describing Tex's feelings at all, but Epsilon's. That also makes a lot of sense.

In reply to MissZahrah, #4009:

You raise a good point, Miss Z.
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Ember FoxGirl
I shall now perform thread Necromancy!!!!

I've really been into making Wash memes lately.

First, I made this one. It was inspired by a conversation in the forums months ago:

After that, I began making a bunch of "Woeful Wash" memes. There's more in my images, but here's a sample. And I've still got some ideas for the next time I get to a computer.

It's been quite entertaining.

Post edited 4/17/12 1:25PM
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Ember FoxGirl
Made another Wash meme. It had to be done...

Post edited 5/14/12 10:28AM
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Ember FoxGirl
There's a new Agent Washington Fanclub group! And this one's active!

Come check it out!
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BenRG No Goodbyes
Wash's performance this week:

"That was the worst attempt at hacking ever... Of all time."
#4,014  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 2 Zing!
Ember FoxGirl
In reply to BenRG, #4014:

I know! Smashing the keyboard always makes it work better... XD
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Rocktilldawn Word
So I've briefly scanned through this thread and haven't found the answer I'm looking for. Why is it that everyone is okay with the fact that Wash murdered Donut. I mean in episode one of the new season Sarge is making jokes about him while his killer is in the next room. Am I missing something? Or is just that no one cares that Donut is dead...
#4,016  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Ember FoxGirl
In reply to Rocktilldawn, #4016:

There is a sponsor-only snippet at the end of Ep13 in Revelation, where Donut wakes up. He wasn't killed, but injured and went into recovery mode. This is believed to be canon.
#4,017  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
MissZahrah Lokid
In reply to Agent_Me, #4017:
This is believed passionately and vehemently argued whether or not it is meant to be canon.
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I get the impession that was is relatively new to the freelancer group - having to ask what happened to georgia?

I think we all assume theyve been together a while but freelancers like carolina could have been with them for years while wash could hav only been there for a few months.
#4,019  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
MissZahrah Lokid
In reply to OptimusP, #4019:

Or he just never got that memo...
#4,020  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Ditto
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