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DustBunny01 Sponsor
RP - Alpha Outpost Blues - 080828Welcome to Alpha Outpost. The present home of the Blue Army’s most distinguished Twelfth Armored Cavalry Regiment, commanded by LT. Colonel Megafire.

Our base is equipped with many features and levels as most of it is underground. Make sure you have a B.O.R.I.N.G. Unit to assist you in learning about your new home. After you have familiarized yourself, contact one of our active members for further instructions or make yourself comfortable in our recreational / ready room.

A few points are offered to make your transition to our base easier. You are a rookie, a Private, and will be treated as such until you demonstrate either that you are a Newbie who can’t be trusted to march and hold a rifle simultaneously or a Noob, in which you have demonstrated you can not be trusted to even be by yourself. If you demonstrate team spirit and a willingness to be the best you can be, you can begin to work on gaining rank within the game. A Promotion Guidelines has been created to assist you.

When not on duty or special assignment, you are free to go to the Firing Range and practice or simply sit about the mess (kitchen/food service area) or the recreation / ready room and shoot the bull with your fellow team members. Ranks and titles should be adhered to though some members of the team use non-military designations in referring to other members. Unless that privilege has been extended to you; play it safe and say Sir, Mame, or the individualâ™s rank. To assist you in knowing who is who, refer to the roster of our Active Members.

When assigned a duty or special task, you are on that task until properly relieved or the task is completed. If you are assigned to cleaning and scouring pots and pans in the galley, you will keep at it until relieved of the duty or all of the equipment is properly cleaned, returned to its proper place and the area is squared away for inspection. At present, Alpha Outpost and Q.M.S.S. are presently preparing a live firing range referred to as Beta Outpost and you may be assigned there to assist in preparing the facility for use.

Anyone of superior rank will have the ability to boss around those of lesser rank as well as the noobs, newbies and rookies, have them do girly laps around the base, go looking for the store to pick up headlight fluid for the ATVs, what ever takes their fancy as long as it is within a military format. Short sheeting bunks will be allowed but adding either mustard or ketchup is discouraged.

The Rules
1. We are BLUE ARMY. We occupy a BLUE BASE. We are BLUE SOLDIERS.
2. Please, PLEASE, PLEASE!; Use correct spelling and grammar as much as possible... Also, no computer shorthand.
3. Feel free to act like a Noob, idiot and moron; you will be treated in kind until you learn otherwise or … else.
4. Unless you are a Founding Member, you are NOT a god...Only Founding Members are allowed that delusion.
5. The objective is to have fun at Alpha Outpost Blues; the more you play along, the more fun there will be.
6. Only a Founding Member is allowed to neg mod. If anyone violates this rule, they will be first cautioned, then asked to leave, and if they remain they will be ignored and if they become an annoyance, a moderator will be brought in. Remember, There is only ONE Founding Member active in the RP so it will be pretty obvious to that individual that someone is violating this rule.
7. Positive mods are encouraged and should be acknowledged in a post and referenced as giving the recipient either a MRE (or equivalent), Beer, ammo clip, grenade, something tangible to represent the positive mod point and thus keep within the game’s theme.
8. Trash talk is inevitable. BUT, let us try keep it reasonable and fun.
9. As Alpha Outpost is a military base, we have a BRIG with CELLS and a BRIG PROTOCOL with OFFENSES and Oyer and Terminer.

RP Posting Rules
*Actions go like this*
**Actions of one’s ”PET❠go like this**
Character lines go like this
<Radio Communication lines go like this.>
The written word goes in bold
Character thoughts go like this
(Out of character dialog goes like this)

There is also a 12th Regiment AI Program which functions like a local area network. The artificial intelligence program is called Mickey. In order to communicate with Mickey, you must either be at one of his active consoles (one of which is located in the Brig) or have an
ACCESS link through a special chip within your armor and have that chip specifically key locked and activated within the system.
Communicating to Mickey is through normal character lines or radio communications with the response similar to
*Mickey Avatar* *Executing. Complete.*

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Hello, I’m Captain Discopete019. Stay out of my way and we’ll get along great. When I’m around expect random events to occur. I was born on Earth, and received rudimentary training in the boot camp for the Marines, however during the Separatist terrorist movement leading up to the war between Humanity and the Covenant, I used these skills, while learning others to take Mercenary jobs for both sides.
Now that humanity has devolved back into wars against itself, I find myself being drawn back into the armed forces under an ongoing contract securing me substantially more than the average soldier in paygrade. During my many exploits before the HvC war, I underwent several augmentations that rival those of the SPARTAN-II program itself. Thanks to them I’ve gained a Healing Factor which lets me recover from almost ANY injury.
Unfortunately, due to those very augmentations my entire body has been severely scarred. Also, I have a dog named Maximus Decimus Meridius, below is his picture. My Healing Factor seems to affect my brain due to the constant healing, that I much of my past is shrouded in mystery to me, at times I can’t remember them and for other memories they change from day to day.
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Private first Class screenaholic reporting for duty, you can call me Levi. When I was 13 I began training in the samurai arts of shinkendo and aikido, and have become a master. My weapon of choice is my katana, but since it is impractical in modern combat I am also skilled with a sniper. Every time you see me I may be acting a little different cause at different times I sometimes act different.
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steelreefer Sponsor
Hello. I'm Steel Reefer
Rank: Major (2rd in command after megafire)

Joined the army as a choice between that and prison. Was a pickpocket and thief before joining. The army recruited me as an infiltration specialist on gathering intel and such… breaking and entering unseen. So I liked it.

Joined the base as an infiltration specialist and quickly became a kleptomaniac in the base. Was thrown in the brig for it to on a number of occasions. Took a liking to the outdoors, and prefers scout armor for its stealthy nature. Armor has an invisibility upgrade that renders me undetectable. (except to spartan00000 who made the armor)

After a while, went on a week long survival stay in the wilderness where I picked up my falcon Horus. He is my pet and friend. Often seen around the base accompanied by falcon on shoulder.

Isn’t he cute?

I also built small private base in the forest by the base. Includes a swing set, sniper tower, shelter for falcon, and main shelter for me. All built with logs and ropes and skins. I like nature and the wilderness. Both for loving and for hunting. The wilderness has calmed my kleptomania for the most part. Although habits will slip through sometimes.
Some say that the extended time in the wilderness has degraded my sanity somewhat…..

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DustBunny01 Sponsor
I am Chief Warrant Officer 4 DustBunny01.

I am assigned to the Quarter Master Special Services Division Q.M.S.S. which provides the supplies and necessary equipment for all of the Outposts of the Blue Army.

The 12th Regiment is one of the stops along my supply run. If you have special needs or a special project you need supplies for, you can contact me and, if necessary, I will confer with your Base Commander for any necessary approval/authorizations. At times, I will also arrive to perform special duties necessary to maintain peak performance or create enhancements to the base structures itself.

The 12th Regiment holds a special place in my heart as I was the Base’s Counselor for some time. However, Command’s needs changed and I was given additional flight training and reassigned.

I am a trained archeologist as well as medical specialist and was part of the survey teams assigned to the Halo Ring to unravel its mysteries. My former companion was assigned to the early AI program and, when she was lost, I inherited her cat who had been infused with one of the early AI units. The cat’s name is Pyewacket and she is a black cat and a mixed breed.

The rumors of my being a member of the Office of Naval Intelligence are, of course, false; especially those rumors that I am assigned to Section 0. As there is no Section 0, it is clear that the rumors are just that, rumors and of no importance. Any such rumors should be dismissed as pure fantasy and fabrication on the part of those who have far too much time on their hands. I am merely a Supply Officer and Pelican flier, nothing more.

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I am private first class Burgeonite. You may call me Cleo if you are so inclined.

Yes i am a girl. No i will not have sex with you.

I have an aquired skill in pickpockiting, and lock picking. I have some skill in explosives, but dont ask me to shoot a gun. I am an unofficial medic, so when you all decide to get stoned, often times you'll find me hanging out on the sidelines waiting for someone to pass out, so i can drag them to the med bay. I also do water quality testing, in the sea. My lab is chock full of alcoholl at the moment. Lets not talk about how it got there. Since i dont drink, help youself, but if you get drunk and pass out on my drink, im not going to carry you to the med bay.

i tend not to wear armor, it just dosnt fit in with my everyday routine. Cargo pants and black long sleeved T-Shirt are all i need.

(im thinking about bringing back the WWCLD? poasters because of his death, you know to honor him. anyone have sugestions?)

i have no pets. Instead, i have a state-of-the-art lab, and a soon to be minor in medicine.

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Sergent spartan reporting as ordered,

sergent spartan was part of the spartan 2 program and showed promise in several areas, Tech, Armed Close Combat, heavy weapons, and is a accomplished pistol expert, before the covenant threat he was trained as an anti terrorist S.W.A.T pointman. his main area of expertise is armor tech and takes pride in augmenting many styles of armo, from ancient to modern, and will create any armor needed, he is constanty creating and testing new things and due to his "unique" status he is one of the few who is allowed to test them.

it is not uncommon for him to think up a half backed idea and carry it out with full enthusiasim, he often misses the big picture hoewever and this leads to unexpected endings, one such project involved spartan willingly injecting himself with nanites to controll a suit made from plate and a liquid metal, he now can control nearly any machine by thought and can connect to any data stream, he is often seen staring into space while researching something on the net, or patching into base electronics,

spartan is nearly immune to all small arms wepons and poison(he will always regenerate if given enough time, but he still feels pain), however he is compleatly dependant on the nanites as they are now part of him, EMPs and tazers are leathal and will kill him, while bullets just cause at most temporary death and pain.

spartan has no pets at the moment.

Personal quote:" in life youll have choices, its up to you to say if its worth the consequences, if not....walk away, if it and take the plunge."

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Private First Class UnderO

Im a floater. Still kind of working out what im good at so i don't have a specific Job yet.

I have a "Red" paranoia and just got finished with cleaning my self up from cocain addiction.

I've got and old pump action double barrel 12 gauge remington shot gun and a Dessert Eagle side arm. (Seven Shots baby!)

Standar issue armour. No special abilities. No AI or pets. (His name was fluffy ... I ate him haha)

Oh yeah, and I like Root Beer.
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Fizz NotASponsor
Hello, i'm lieutenant Thijs Bos.

Orgininally from Then Netherlands, Europe. I'm proud of my origin. I have joined the war to make a difference, like those naïeve young soldiers that join today. The lack of action during the ceise fire makes me sort of blood thirsty.
I was a Junior Drill Instructor in the military, teaching those naïeve soldiers i used to be, prior to coming to this outpost.

During my stay at Outpost Alpha i have aquired the gift of throwing flames whenever i burp. this due to the eating of a radioactive spider. I do not have a pet as of yet, but i am expecting a chimpansee named Ajax.

I enjoy a beer and will take one whenever a possibility occurs (off course of duty).
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megafire RogueOfFlame
Greetings, the name's LT Colonel Megafire.

That's right, I'm in charge of this place, so if you want anything important done, it has to go through me. My origin lies in the Netherlands, just so you know.

You will adress me as Megafire unless I grant you permission to do otherwise. I expect you to behave, a bit of fun is always allowed, just try to keep the base in one piece and all its inhabitants alive.

Thanks to the radioactive spiders, I gained an intelligence boost and supreme insight, so I can build one hell of a lot of things. So if it's not armor, I might be able to do something for you.

I started here as a sergeant, and everything before that is of no matter. I went with the insanity for a while, before I decided to try to get things back on track. After our old base commander died, I got the job, and things have been going swell since then.
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Hello, I’m Master Sergeant Mdraak, some of you may know me as Marc.

I am Dutch and proud of it. I usually get along with people. After eating a radioactive spider I gained the ability to create Ice and control it. After that incident I began researching the spiders. Before you piss me off, remember I never have enough test dummies. If you have any more questions or theories about the radioactive spiders, please come and ask.

I haven’t specialized myself in anything and I’m always happy to try new things. I don’t have a pet, but perhaps in the future I’ll get one.

I’ll see you around in the base!
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Hello, I and Warrant Officer Second Class stealthviper.

I am the base counselor. I will usually be around the base, so stop if you need to talk about something. If I'm not at the base, I am at command. If you need to talk and I am not at the base, just give me a call

I was in Blue Command Special Forces for the majority of my military career. Command saw it fit to transfer me here. Don't piss me off, and we will get along just fine.

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Um yeah hello my name is Firenomad but just call me Nomad. Yeah my rank is sergeant first class. I'm the cook here so if you hate my food then I guess you will just have to heat something up from the freazer. As I have a random sleeping time there aren't usualy regular meals. So if you are hungry and I'm not awake help your self to the kitchen. But if you are hungry and I am awake then feel free to ask. I also built the mine which is usualy only in use if someone is in trouble or something. Remember I make the food so harming me without reason may lead to something falling into your drink... I have no pets although I do play with the base cats. Well thats all I can think of have a nice day.
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Hi, I'm Lance Corporal Zeppelin 420

I'm one of the base's technical engineers, specializing mostly in light vehicles such as the M12 Warthog LRV or the M274 ULATV "Mongoose", but I also work with damaged weapons.

I'm from the English midlands, but my mother was half Norwegian, so I do have Scandinavian roots.

I usually like to find people who are into what I'm into, including flip music, comic books, and cooking. I am not hard to get along with at all, but i will many times get into things that I probably should stay out of. I also love to fly in the bases AV-14 Hornet, and I just got a pilot's license a few months ago.

I carry a BR55HB SR Battle Rifle, along with an M7 Caseless Submachine Gun. I am an ok shot, but I'm much better when I'm behind cover with a radio, because usually noone on my team will die if that is where I'm at.

I've only been in the military a few years, starting out in Military Journalism, but later going to engineering because I liked cars, and thats where I've remained since. I was sent here after being chosen from several candidates, I being the only one without a criminal record.

Hope to see you outside of the Engineering Station.
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In reply to zeppelin420, #14:

(Whoa slow down there big dog. If you are new your a Private.)
#15  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Cool
In reply to UnderO, #17:

(oh, ok, im sorry about that)
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DustBunny01 Sponsor
(Special Note)

Welcome aboard Private zeppelin420.

Master Chef Firenomad has raised a good point and I am withdrawing my suggestion.

Feel free to restart the RP. Let the madness resume...

(Special Note Ends)

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Whats up?
#18  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Cool
*Walks into the kitchen and begins baking a cake.*
#19  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Cool
Im bored
#20  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Cool
You could go dig in the mine? Or help me cook food too welcome everyone.
#21  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Cool
Whatever, i geuss I'll help you.
*helps cook cake*
#22  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Cool
Hmmmm watch the cake it has 5 minutes left then we put the frosting on. *Goes and starts making cookies ov various kinds.*
#23  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Cool
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*Hears a timer ding and takes out the cake.* Frost it as you like. *Continues with the cookies.*
#25  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Cool
*ices cake with chocolate*
#26  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Cool
Feel free to write words. *slides cookies in to bake. Lays out several bowls of cat food and water outsdie of the kitchen. Begins cooking a slab of boar.*
#27  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Cool

I just Choked on a skittle.

*Goes back to work on the pelican*
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No one said rainbows weren't dangrous.
#29  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Cool
There not Dangerous. There I said it.

So, The Red, What are we to do with him.
#30  Posted 6 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Cool
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