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HDTV 'Ghost Images'?I've had my HDTV, a Samsung LE26R7 for almost two years now. About three months ago I started seeing background images of previous images displayed on the TV. Such as the 360 dashboard still being a bit translucent after I start up a game. I use the TV only for my 360 and simply have it connected with a HDMI cable.

I googled and got a bunch of posts in forums about others that get this problem with TVs, just thought i'd get some more advice. Does this problem sound like the TV is in fact just 'dying', i'm not very tech savvy but does it indicate the display is just losing it. Or is it possible it could be something to do with my connection? The HDMI cable?

Anyone recommend I try different connections such as VGA or even a new HDMI? Or as I said before, is it a common problem among HDTVs that they all succumb to eventually?

Thanks for any help.
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In reply to Strife453, #1:

You must've left your TV viewing your Dashboard for a long time. I don't know of any way to fix burn-in.
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Hmm, the background images fade after a while though, I only need the same image on for less than thirty minutes and the images will be stuck on the screen for hours. It even does it with some user interfaces in games, such as Civilization: Revolution, I can be playing that for a while, then watch a DVD and the interface blocks that are always present during the game will display.

As well as that, camera movements panning across will cause really visible lines from whatever image it is moving away from. An example would be playing a really dark game, such as Condemned, i'll move the camera from a light area to a dark area and the light will sort of blur across the dark.

I still have the TV under guarantee, so if I get no feedback saying it may be the connection and not the actual TV, i'll just call the company up tomorrow.
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is it a plasma screen?
there should be some burn-in protection tools in the on screen display menu of your samsung TV.
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Nope, LCD display. Which is why I was unsure of the problem. Because I thought the general view was that LCDs suffering from burn-ins was very rare or non-existent.
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In reply to Strife453, #6:

strange, never heard of LCD burn-in.

I do know about LCD's sometimes having trouble following high framerates, but that's ancient history these days and shouldn't be related to this problem.
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I do actually notice a framerate problem in games with highly sensitive camera movements. Another indication of the TV just dying?

I found an article discussing the LCD's version of burn-ins, called retained pixel charge. Where the liquid crystals apparantly do not return to their relaxed state.
Still, LCD displays do suffer from image sticking - a form of image retention that yields similar visual results to burn-in in plasma TVs. The main LCD advantage here is that unlike burn-in, image sticking can often be reversed to the point of total invisibility.

Image sticking is an intrinsic behavior of TFT LCD panels. It can occur when a static image remains displayed on the screen for an extended period as a result of a parasitic charge build-up within individual pixels. This 'retained pixel charge' will prevent the liquid crystals to return fully to their 'relaxed' state upon removal of the static image.

Are ways to reverse it and apparantly stop it from happening, but it wasn't happening the first year I had the TV, so i'll just try my luck with getting a new one, maybe even a newer model, from my gaurantee plan. Thanks for the advice.
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Strife your tv's boned dude. That samsung model was strung out due to the fact it was only running 2-3 years at best bit of a shit i know.. Problems included colour bleed and "Ghost" Images. Not so much a burn in but more a remanent of the pixels still holding colour

Buy a new one and get me one too ;)
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Lol and i didnt even read that post just to clarify i wasnt being a plonker.. I have a tendency to skip LARGE typings.. They bore me x]
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Understandable, I need to learn to condense posts to be honest. :P

So framerate problem, check, temporary burn-ins, check, colour bleed, check. Fuck that shit, they better give me a newer model when I get it replaced.
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