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bobfleadip Trash Mammal
Rooster Teeth shirt ideasSeeing as the guys are now taking community generated material and making them "Official" Rooster Teeth products (AKA making things awesome), I thought it was time to create an official thread where all the inspiring artist of this great community can come and post their designs and ideas for new RT merchandise! Heck we're buying their stuff, lets have a say in what should be offered!

Rules of the thread:

1) This is not a fanart thread, this is a thread for artist who want to see their work come to life on t-shirts and/or other items that could appear in the RT shop (like posters, cover art, ect), if you want to share your fanart, please go to this thread RvB Fan Art (Pics, Music & Videos)

2) Work posted here must relate to Rooster Teeth and their projects in some way

3) WIPs, finished works, and written ideas are welcomed! Say you have an idea but want to see what people think of it before you finalize it, post it here! Have a finished product you want to share with everyone? Post it here! Have an idea but you don't draw? Post it here and work with a designer to bring your idea to life! This is a community after all, don't be shy! Plus the guys can't see your ideas if you don't share them

4) POST ONLY YOUR WORK AND GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE! I am dead serious about this rule, art thieves will not be tolerated, if you collage an image made by someone else or borrow another person's idea, give that person their credit, it's just the right thing to do.

5) All posts made here must contain either a design made by you and/or suggestions/criticisms of work that has been posted here, please be polite and do not insult people

6) Have fun!

Now say the guys want to use one of your ideas, all negotiations will be between you and them, this is just the place for you to get seen <3

So to start off the thread here's a design idea by me!

Made in Photoshop CS3 and inspired by the iPod commercials and one of Caboose's most memorable lines. Now I know Caboose doesn't have a shot gun, but I am willing to touch it up in flash as a vector in order to (A) make it smoother so that it's easier to print (B) to add/remove things in order to make it more appealing. What do you guys think? :3
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bobfleadip Trash Mammal
Here's a second shirt design I came up with

Made in Illustrator CS3, a design that proudly shouts to the the world "I can't wait for Food/Nap time!"

Also you can click on the image for a larger version :3
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Why doesn't RT put their T-shirts on the online avatars on X-Box Live? That would be awesome to see your online avatar with a "bow chicka bow wow* T shirt or a "I hate babies" shirt. RT is real close with the guys at Bungie who are close with the guys at Microsoft. They gotta be able to pull something off.

Oh by the way this old WW2 picture should be awesome to put on a T-Shirt. I just added the blue text. :P

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bobfleadip Trash Mammal
In reply to Moldorm, #3:

Ha that would be pretty sweet, maybe they'll have that option available in the near future since the avatars are pretty new :3

And I like your idea! I could see someone making the teams (Either the reds or blues, or maybe even both so we could have the option for two different shirts, though I do see this as a Sarge kinda thing lol), raising their flag either against a blank background or on top of their enemy's base

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In reply to bobfleadip, #4:

I'm full of good ideas. Too bad nobody listens to me.
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I don't understand why we don't have cute girls sweatpants with "Caboose" written across the back.
Ideally, they'd either have a small helmet picture or a "-1" on the front left hip as well. :]
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bobfleadip Trash Mammal
In reply to KathryNole, #6:

lol That would be hilarious! XD Or maybe they could have an underwear special with a minus one on the front or back, I think most people would enjoy that XD

I do wish they offered more women clothes, I love their t-shirts but I don't wear men's tees or babydoll tees, maybe they could have a special some time where they could print their designs on tank tops and/or spaghetti straps, I think a lot of their female fans would buy them, I would :3
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Nice thread idea, here’s a little somethin' somethin'.

There could be a 'My other shirt is BLUE' as well.
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bobfleadip Trash Mammal
In reply to ludacris110, #8:

lol I really like that idea, maybe on the back of the shirts it could have either the red or blue symbol (Depending on the color t-shirt), or maybe on the sleeves, but I'd buy a hoodie with that!
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Was Watching RvB box set and got to episode 67 I think, where Church tells Tucker he is responsible for changing Cabooses underwear. Right after hearing that I started sketching this. hope you enjoy.

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i want this shirt so bad!
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bobfleadip Trash Mammal
lol That caboose idea made my day Terribus XD

And I could so see a Meta and Tex shirt package deal, maybe even throw in a Wash just for the hell of it
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This post has been deleted by a moderator.
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jackie Site Admin
In reply to Saiyajin123, #13:

Post actual pictures, not links.
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Oh, sorry. I tried, but it wasn't working properly. I'll try again.

RvB Recreation t-shirt ideas.

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JeremiahH Sponsor
I am a horrible drawer, mabey someone can draw a better version
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JeremiahH Sponsor
Sorry for the double post, I had one more idea
#17  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
JeremiahH Sponsor
Mabey gus's no symbol could be around the text
(sorry again, I thought of it as i hit the submit button)
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bobfleadip Trash Mammal
In reply to Saiyajin123, #15:

Oh man I absolutely love those <3
#19  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
From "Reconstruction", Command's most common shortcut for Caboose:

CTRL + F + U

#20  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Tomboy gamerkitty
I'd definitely buy the Face stabbing range or CTRL+F+U shirts.
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Tried to start a new forum for this and it got Temp Banned. But eh whatever.

Anyways. Recently I decided to try designing some concept t shirts themed for Rooster Teeth. I started with designs based around the RT Shorts, and then did two girl shirts (one for Tex and one for Sister). So I thought I'd show them off a bit and get some feedback, and maybe I'll do more. Here ya' go:

Probably the weakest as far as design is concerned. But seriously, you need to be safe.

A tribute to everyone's favorite purple Jew from the Dominican Republic.

Ok, this is a little weird. If you pause the "Dev Cycle" short, right when the Diaper Cat cover is shown, this logo is in the bottom right corner. I thought it was cool.

Matt's favorite conspiracy theory catch phrase.

It's kind of like a "Muggle" shirt. Learn to laugh at yourself. Besides, prejudices are hard to break.

A Sister shirt! Ok, so it's not technically a Sister quote, but I think it works.

Another one for the ladies. This shirt will protect you at the bar/club late at night. Probably.

So there you go, these are the designs so far, please give me some feedback. Preferably helpful criticism as opposed to insults ok?
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Those my friends, are awesome. I'd give you +100 cool, but that's not physically possible I don't want to be here all night.
#23  Posted 4 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 2 Ditto
Haha I would definintely buy some of these! Of course, I would also buy something ridiculous that would make no sense to anyone but a RvB "Hello. My name is Agent Washingtub."
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This post has been deleted by a moderator.
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I don't have a way to make this, but how about a paraphrase of Tucker's little thing with the sword and fighter jet? I was thinking a large, bold "SWISH, SWISH, STAB" then underneath in smaller letters. "it's not a fighter jet"
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I am thinking a light colored shirt with sentence that is blurred and blacked out like the censored episode in RT shorts with only the pronouns and interections so as not to offend anyone.
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In reply to Monster7, #22:

I'd but that last shirt in a heartbeat lol
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Can't really draw it, but imagine a shirt that says "Professional Geek" on the front and on the back: "Yes I do need a life...yours will do just fine" :D
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