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Halo Anime/Halo LegendsRT wouldn't have anything to do with this right?

I only ask because of this previous experiment by RT.
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jjcard sure
I thouht it looked ok until the girl was out of the armor and their was another girl in a chair (wheel chair?) It remined me of Code Guess, which was a good show but not how I want Halo to be like.
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I think only reason bungie/mircosoft only made a halo anime is to target the japanease and chinease crowd, its just so they'll sell more 360s in japan and china thats why i don't think it's gonna be a good.
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In reply to Strummer, #28:

No, that time I was making a joke by avoiding directly mentioning the obvious resemblance of the 'space bikes' the Spartans were riding to the Dendrobium Orchis.

On a lighter note: Bones, IG, Studio 4°c et al, are all very competent studios. IG especially have been doing relatively 'realistic' futuristic-settings-with-powered-armor-and-AI (of which Halo's setting is a fairly standard example) since before Halo even existed. Bones are excellent animators in their own right, and made up of ex-staffers from Sunrise (the studio behind the eponymous Gundam franchise). They're also the staff behind Cowboy Bebop, which you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone complaining about, along with the very stylish Eureka 7 and Xamdou. Studio 4°c have mainly focused on high-budget shorts in the past, so this is right up their alley (Look up their shot "Sweat Punch no.4: Higan" for an example of their work involving Maschinen Krieger-esque armoured suit combat). Toei is a bit of a wildcard, having had their hand in pretty much everything. The only real unknown is Casio Entertainment, who look like they're an all 3dcg studio, and don't appear to have any full body of work to their name.
And heck, they've got Shinji Aramaki and Mamoru Oshii directing some of the shorts! That's as close as you can get to a guarantee that they will be technically excellent and well made. Basically, it couldn't be in better hands. This isn't a dodgy low-budget adaptation by Gonzo or Artland.

On a side note, Tsutomu Nihei provided one of the short stories in the Halo graphic novel. I wonder if they'll bring him in to do some of the character designs for one of the shorts?
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Magnus_11 Sponsor
This is gonna turn out terribly lol
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I've been thinking carefully about this since I first heard about it. My first reaction was to freak out and go "DO NOT WANT!", but then I did some reading.

I recognize that anime is not a genre, it is a style. It can communicate some very mature storylines, and much of what the American audience knows about anime is the stuff that has been translated into English, often while being torn apart to fit the "cartoons are for kids" image.

My problems with Halo Legends are these:

#1) I do not trust Microsoft with Halo. They don't care as much about the story. The story isn't their baby the way it was Bungie's baby. They have the rights to the IP now and will do their damnedest to make money with it. While there is nothing wrong with making money, doing so without really caring too much about what happens to the story is not good. I have not trusted them since Bungie split from them. I trust Bungie, and I trust Nylund. That's about the extent of it. I'm not sure that I trust Frankie and his team. I tend to be paranoid about stuff like this.

#2) As part of not trusting them, I am afraid of what this will do to Halo's story. They will be focusing on the history of the Spartans in one, and in a double feature on the whole history of the Halo universe. There is a lot of potential here to ruin what I love about it, retcon things, etc. and I am worried. I know that the script and story are being done in house and given to the studios (and these are very, very competent studios), but see point #1. I don't trust the in house. Halo Wars at least had the decency to go shut itself off from the rest of canon with a convenient plot device, while this is messing with the core of the Halo canon.
#2.5) I'm worried about their potrayals of the Spartans. I get the feeling they're under a lot of pressure to make the Spartans look like badasses, which kind of misses the point. Aside from Grey Team, which is a special case, the Spartans are good, usually obedient soldiers. They follow their orders and they do a damn good job of it. They aren't loose cannons, they don't have the badass attitude. They can do incredibly awesome, badass things but they are not badasses themselves. That is what I love about them, and if they ruin that I will be deeply disappointed.

#3) I dislike the visual style. Strongly. It's... too clean. Anime has a distinctive style that frequently works very well on its own, but it doesn't mesh with the grim, gritty realistic Haloverse I have come to know and love. A lot of people will probably tell me not to rag on its style, but I feel this is a valid point. This is animation. This is artwork. I have a right to dislike it because I find it visually unappealing. This isn't xenophobia towards Japan or anything. In the graphic novel, there was a story done by a manga artist and I really liked it. But the reason for that was they stuck to the feel of the world as it's been presented. Grim, realistic, gritty. Typical anime style just doesn't work with Halo as well as Microsoft seems to think it does, and I can't for the life of me figure out why they're congratulating themselves for this beyond trying to gain a following in Japan where Halo has always struggled.
And that female Spartan they've shown? I kind of freaked out hardest when I saw that, especially the shot that I'm fairly sure was her out of armor. (That and the space bikes. That was a big WTF moment too.) Spartans, or even any soldier that would be wearing that armor, are not pretty people. They are grim looking. They keep their hair regulation-short. Even the female Spartans would be pretty harsh looking, I highly doubt any of them would have that light boned, point-chinned look. Think about the augmentation. These guys are made out of muscle, they are not thin like that. Even the young Spartan-III's in Ghosts of Onyx are described as being chiseled.

In short, I have a lot of insecurities about this. Tons of them. I sincerely hope this does not turn out as badly as I think it might, and that if it does that I'll be able to safely pretend it never happened.
And wow, this ended up far longer than I intended. >.>
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In reply to Zita, #35:

Jesus Christ, that's long!
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In reply to RobbyMac217, #36:

I've been thinking about this too much, as you can tell. >.>
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If you don't like it, troll elsewhere.
If you do like it, enjoy.
This thread should discuss more on what the heck you people think is going to happen in the series.
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In reply to Link02, #38:

Disliking it is not necessarily trolling. It's trolling if you are stupid about it and refuse to back up the reasons you don't like the idea with intelligent arguments.

You are perfectly free to speculate in this thread if you'd like to, no one said you couldn't.
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In reply to Link02, #38:

He isn't trolling. He is sharing his opinion. Just because he doesn't like it, doesn't mean he can't share his opinion in here.
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You know, Anime CAN be done well. It usually isn't, usually you end up with stupid crap like Naruto, which is basically a kids show with a little more fighting. But looking at the studios behind it, I think it could turn out pretty well. Time will tell, I guess.
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It all looked nice to me until I saw the pale kid and the pale girl. What that has to do with the storyline I have no idea.
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Lol at the sword duel between the spartan and elite, cocky striking pose style. So unlike a Spartan.

I'm going to enjoy it for what it is and not compare it with other Halo fiction, because unless space-bikes, powerful mechas and fancy sword duels are ever included in the novels or games, this is a japanese reimagining of Halo to me. Which will be cool still, and understandable since not including all the fancy stuff they will include would seem boring to that particular culture/region I guess?
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There's really no such thing as 'anime style' (with the possible exception of the unusual production sequence used for limited animation resulting in a different keyframe usage to western animation). There's the ultra-simple low-budget stuff like Naruto, which is probably what most casual fans are used to, but that's barely the tip of the iceberg. From there, you have the fastidiously detailed an on-model styles (e.g. Patlabor), the wild and constantly varying styles (lots of Madhouse stuff, anything directed by Takeshi Koike), art that tries - though unfortunately fails more often than it succeeds - to integrate 2d and 3dcg (Gonzoon the 'badly' front, IG on the 'almost seamless' end of the scale), works that shun digipaint and work on cel (Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli), and everything in-between. And that's not even taking character and mechanical design into account.

"[...] the Spartans are good, usually obedient soldiers. They follow their orders and they do a damn good job of it. They aren't loose cannons, they don't have the badass attitude. They can do incredibly awesome, badass things but they are not badasses themselves.
You couldn't ask for a better description of the archetypal/'ideal' Japanese soldier protagonist. I'm not too worried about them becoming generic gung-ho characters. Overly introspective, maybe, but not reckless.
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In reply to EdZ, #44:

I was mostly trying to express that it's different in looks from most of Western animation. I wasn't trying to generalize. Thankyou for helping clear that up, I'm not very knowledgable about anime. It has a different feel, usually. Most of my concern is from what I have seen in the trailer they offered. I should have specified that it's the style in the trailer that just doesn't "work" for me for Halo. I just don't like the look of it. I know a lot of people do though.

I should also have said this pressure would be coming from what the audience wants to see. The Master Chief has gained a bit of a memetic badass status on the internet ("eh kills aleins and doesnt afraid of anything") and I hope they won't try to play to that.
And overly introspective I can see. XD These guys shouldn't worry too much about who and what they are. I think that's what worries me most about the "Homecoming" segment dealing with the augmentation and the Spartan identity. Kind of nervous but also curious to see how they handle that.
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DarkZero515 Sponsor
I am interested in seeing the fights but not the akward scenes in animes where they do a bunch of close ups on peoples faces for a long period of time. I hope they do a good job at it and that it's not just another gimmick to get people to buy stuff.
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Silent, obedient soldiers they may be, but they have a lot going on in their heads. In the novels we've been given clear insight into their train of thought and their feelings towards one another. The Spartans see themselves more as brothers and sisters rather than comrades. This is significant when we see a Spartan go down, or having to sacrifice themselves, they feel great loss, but they will put their mission before anything else. Their mission is what we are focused on. Spartans are so very human when taken out of their missions. The best example of how a Spartan acts is the Master Chief; he's been in books and in games. In the novels, Master Chief had a lot of thoughts going through his head when he had a choice to turn in Sgt. Johnson's flood immunity to ONI. In the Master Chief story arc, the Halo games, we see the relationship between him and Cortana. Yeah we all speculated on what was going on between them, but in Halo 3 we see that the Master Chief can be more than the "silent, obedient soldiers," they have been described as. "Lucky me" speaks volumes! Just ponder his dialog in that one cut scene; heck ponder anytime the Chief reacts with Cortana. In Halo: Combat Evolved we see the Master Chief hit his helmet after Cortana flips him during the teleportation onto the Truth and Reconciliation; he has a sense of humor!

The point is, we need to get past that mentality that Spartans are silent killers. The mind and heart are very dynamic things that can be easily changed; even with years of training since the age of six. I think this Japanese imagination is alright. I really want to see how the Japanese see our Halo universe. If anything, people should be less concerned with the art style and characters, and more about the story in general. Six of these episodes are going to be canon. I don't care if they make a slender looking Spartan, everyone is going to have their own imaginations, but I care about what the slender Spartan is doing to contribute to the overall story.

Story > Art Style

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I think that RvB animated was made as a prototype to see what was capable in Halo Legends. It's hard to explain, but I'm sure before Microsoft actually starting developing Halo Legends, like any company, they made a prototype with one of the animation companies to just to see how it would turn out. I'm almost positive MIcrosoft kept Bungie updated on the process of Halo Legends and told them they were making a prototype animation. Now Bungie, having close ties with RT, probably asked Microsoft if the prototype could be RvB. So, to make things short, Bungie and RT asked Microsoft if the prototype they were making for H.L. could be a RvB short.

I say all of this because the Spartans in the RvB Animated trailer and the Spartans in of the previewed shorts look insanely familiar.
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In reply to halosavior, #47:

Slender spartan (with long pretty flowing hair)? That doesn't fit in with the art style of Halo or the story of Halo, yes it's only a visual change, but when that skinny female is flipping jeeps the same as that athletically muscled male, it does ruin the atmosphere of Halo's semi-realistic style.

So yea, a japanese re-imagining of Halo that caters to those who enjoy other anime from the studios Microsoft have taken on-board. A perfect description I reckon. Although i've never been a fan of the 'typical' anime style for human characters, humans are actually the last thing i'll be looking at in anything Halo.

The sword face-off in the anime preview kinda reminds me of when Chief came across a black-armoured (i think?) elite in First Strike. Except while the elite was overconfident and 'stylish' by choosing to use melee, the Chief had no other choice and crouched into a tactical, defensive position. But after the character flaws of gray team, I think there is room for a Spartan enjoying melee combat and adding style to it.
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If anyone wanted to compare Halo to gritty and dark then they should just use the Gears of War engine. The games are meant to be bright and colorful, the dark and gritty vibe we get from the games is from the story; something that can be translated into books, comics, and other mediums of art. Besides, if people did any reading up on the various studios and their different episodes, that slender Spartan scene came from the "origins" episode. The episode focuses on a female Spartan trainee who must come to terms with how they are being brought up, being kidnapped and forced into a war, a psychological challenge that all of the Spartans had to go through.
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I don't even think Spartans CAN be slender. They are 1.6 meters tall and genetically enhanced to the point of explosion.
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Info about the Halo: Legends series.

Well here you go, now you can put a face to the name, so to speak. At least one of the films in non-canonical, the one starring SPARTAN-1337. Kind of pointless to include a Halo satire in a film about the franchise, but hey, I'm just the consumer, what do I know.
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I think a satirical film would be one of the best.
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Yeah, I'm banking on the story being good and accurate. hoping for it to look right is just out of the question at this point. I think i can live with the anime styling of it. I don't particularly like anime, but it won't kill me if it makes sense in the end.

for example, the "space bikes" (being called "booster frames) at least make sense i don't know how "halo" they look, but they serve a legitimate purpose, and they kinda make sense for the role they are described to be for (moving around the hulls of ships). Unless they try doing fancy moves with the things, then i'll let it slide.

I'm more worried about the "Homecoming" one than any of the others. I mean, just look at the "cover"

I have to say, if there wasn't a spartan back there, i might not have thought this was an actual halo story. I mean, i know its supposed to be about Spartans dealing with being Spartans, but i get the distinct feeling that its going to turn into something super mushy that will try to make me cry. that's fine if you can tolerate that, but not in my Halo!

in the end, i won't have a clue until i see them, but until then i'm going to grumble quietly about it.

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In reply to uhhguy, #53:

Yeah, maybe. I'm still a bit iffy on the whole prospect, so I'm very prone to making snap judgments. This is the internet, after all.

Anywhoo, all these stories were conceived and written by Frank O'Conner, who, despite earlier claims about being the "George Lucas of Halo" (Maybe he should have gone with J.J. Abrams of Star Trek?) still carries Halo street cred. Like I said, I'm still iffy.

Oh, and according to the wiki, it isn't a SPARTAN in the combat armor, it's just a regular Marine, so I guess it is quite a bit like that Starship Troopers OVA. Weird.
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I hope for the absolute best for this, but despite loving halo and anime-the trailer simply killed it for me. We'll see if the trailer was just a poor representation of it or not.
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the videos ive seen look ok(even though the brutes look more like pokemon) as long as the story of the anime is some what like the games or books i will watch.but i wish rooster teeth was making them then 5 different companies because they have made the whole animated style work.And as many people have said microsoft owns the IP meaning bungie has no take in this.My opinion about whats probobly going to happen to this franhise is that its going to end up being way different because to me halo wars was just a complete failure,so when microsoft teams up with other companies besides bungie things just end up being retarded and ruin everything for us halo lovers.
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In reply to sodabomb96, #57:

Rooster Teeth didn't animate anything by themselves, they were experimenting with animation companies; they just did voices. Also, 343, headed by Frankie (a former Bungie employee), is taking care of the Halo franchise. Frankie won't let anything bad happen. And I think people consider Halo Wars a failure is because they aren't into RTS or they really can't see Halo outside of FPS; if that's the case I'm really disappointed in the Halo community.
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im not too excited for this, i think its a great idea, but i dont think anime was the best way to get it out
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Aw god, I want those Halo Legend posters. Well, only three. The rest are pretty lame...sadly. The best one is the one with the Chief and Cortana, but that sort of pose with the two of them is way overused.
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