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RP - West Mountain BluesA Song RP Of Fire And Ice

"Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.
- Robert Frost, 1916

The year is 2559. West Mountain Outpost, Stationed on the deserted planet Tribute, sister to the charred and blackened husk that was once known as Reach. Since the Battle of Reach, only two outposts have been re-colonised.

West Mountain Outpost and Hiatus Outpost

The main Goal of West Mountain Outpost and Hiatus Outpost was to study the planet's features. When the Halo rings were activated during the Great War, Tribute began giving off strange heat signatures from its core. Deciding to investigate, ONI constructed West Mountain and Hiatus on the frozen slopes of the dormant volcano, Mt Vesuvius.

It wasn't until 2558 that a breakthrough was achieved. Hiatus reported the discovery of a Forerunner facility under the mountain. A few days following, all communication from Hiatus ceased. West Mountain issued the UNSC military code 'Bloody Arrow' a few days following, before they too went silent.

In response to this, ONI sent a strike team of Spartan-III's - Tau Company - to investigate and report back a few months later, in early 2559. Tau Company reported that the personnel were KIA, the distinctive marks of energy-based weapons common to all of the bodies. Specimens were sent away for forensics, as the Covenant claimed not to have a hand in this.

It wasn't until Thel 'Vadamee, Arbiter and Commander of the Sangheili Military, identified the weapon marks as a Forerunner Sentinal's energy weapon that the UNSC knew exactly what they were up against. By then, it was too late.

The next day, Tau Company sent out an emergency distress call, citing UNSC codes Omega Three, then later Bandersnatch and Bloody Arrow before going silent.
Picking up the signal from deep space, an elite squad of Blue Army soldiers immediately rerouted to the West Mountain Outpost on Tribute to investigate, support and hopefully start anew.

Now the once-Alpha-Outpost Blues has come to Tribute, and this is their story.

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(Out Of Character:

WELCOME! One and all, welcome to the next chapter in the Blue Army storyline. Those of you who have a spare 2-3 months, have a look at our backstory back at Alpha Outpost. Those of you who are new, feel free to jump into the storyline from here!

Please read the In Character post above this one to get an idea of the backstory and main underlying plot to this RP. You are a soldier sent by the UNSC to investigate the loss of Tau Company. If you don't want your character to work for the UNSC (UNSC-friendly Covenant are also accepted), then please PM Megafire, Afterchurch, LHSBAND or myself for special permission to start as some other character. If you don't need special permission, write up a simple character backstory (appearance, personality, simple history and inventory) and PM it to those listed above for approval. Once we give it the go-ahead, feel free to post your landing at West Mountain Outpost in a shuttle or pelican from orbit. Someone on the ground will soon get you settled in.

Spoken text goes like this. "Quotation marks are optional."
Thoughts go like this, and are unknown to your character. (Be warned, we have one or two mind-readers)
Written text goes like this.
(OOC text goes in brackets. Try to keep this to a minimum if possible)
*Actions go inside a single asterix*
**Your pet's actions go inside double asterixes**
And computer code goes inside [ code ] brackets. This can get a bit complex, but there's a basic guide -> HERE <-
FOR RETURNING CHARACTERS: You know the drill Just play nice with the newbies. We'll start off with a Role Call first, throw [ quote ] tags around it so we know it's OOC. Once everyone's signed in, we'll get going

Same as any other RP guys, just use your common sense. We're fairly fucking liberal with swear words, but don't make every second word a cuss or it'll get annoying after a while for all of us. Similarly, if someone of higher IC rank orders your character to do something, follow that order or don't bother complaining when they throw your characters ass in the Brig. You have a problem with someone higher up than you, make a complain to Megafire, Afterchurch or myself (in character, of course) and we'll be fair judges. Trust us, we dislike stuck-up officers as much as you guys do .
If you want a pet, read the relevant thread in our Group's forum.
If you want an ability/super powerful weapon that your character owns personally, you need to have it approved FIRST by the top brass. Just ask around OOC if you're curious.
Other than that, try to have fun ^_^ It's what we're all here for, after all!)
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SMN_Skysong Sponsor

>> Initiate [Bio.doc]
Hello, and welcome to West Mountain Outpost. I am Skysong, the UNSC Military 'Smart' Artificial Intelligence overseeing this facility. Before being reborn as an AI, I was a member of Beta Company in the Spartan-III corps. Following wash-out during physical augmentation in training, I was confined to a wheelchair and had my brain physically plugged into a computer database. From there, it was a slow but inevitable process being converted from human to cyborg, until I was only a brain in a jar. During an explosion back at Alpha Outpost, my brain was destroyed, allowing me to arise from the ashes as an AI.
I sound like a teenage male, as that is what I was as a Spartan. My holographic avatar is that of a blue S-III in SPI armor. I am helpful, creative and loyal - although I can get a little overenthusiastic when fighting with the base's automated defence systems.

>> Stand by

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Hello, I am AgentIndy, your Technical Sergeant. I am a barely competent soldier, even though I was in ONI since the age of 9. But my past doesn't matter. Only the now. I have an implant that allows me to interface with Machines wirelessly, and my programming skills are unparalleled by anyone within Light-Years, except maybe Sky.

Indy has been in the Alpha Outpost Blues for a period of 9 months prior to the team's relocation to this planet. I am childish and naive, but can be surprisingly deep if I need to be.

Also, call me Indy.
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Hello, I’m Warrant Officer 2 (WO2) Marc Draak. I'm also the Cavalry Commander. The Cavalry squad uses vehicles to attack during combat situation and also uses vehicles to transport troops.

I was born and raised on the UNSC colony ‘New Netherlands’. There I grew found of vehicles and later on I joined with the UNSC. Rest is classified. Then I came to Alpha Outpost Blues, and then I was transferred to here.

I'm one of the nicer guys around, and not completely insane. I'm sarcastic and a bit sadistic though. I like long walks roadtrips on the beach over enemies and to drive around in vehicles, and I like my own customized Warthog the best. It goes under the name of 'Panther'. To start it, you'll need to enter a code. After you've driven 2km you'll need to enter another code, otherwise the engine will stop. The code is only know by me, so though luck for you.

I'm mostly specialized in vehicular combat and very skilled in the use of a Battle Rifle. I’m always happy to try new things. I also like to build things sometimes, like the Needler Rocket Launcher and the Panther, or upgrade them, like all of the other vehicles.

I also have a pet. A common raven named Huginn. He has shown that's he's quite intelligent.
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megafire RogueOfFlame
Hello, my name is Lieutenant Colonel Peter 'Mega' Firebrand. I'm the leader of this little army here and have been for quite a while.

This basically means that I have seen just about every insanity everyone can cook up and therefore do not care for your particular brand of madness unless it's life-threatening to anyone here. This is not because I'm mean, this is because I have more than enough to worry about myself. You'll find that my mood, and therefore, mannerisms, tend to shift quite unpredictably. It's thus wise to approach me with general cautiousness at any given time.

Don't ever come near my lab without a suicide wish and/or a healthy life-insurance, things tend to go 'boom'.

My history is somewhat hard to explain, but I will try. Before being transferred to Alpha Outpost, back in the old days, I was the strategist of an elite ONI squad. After that squad was slaughtered during my leave, I was found to be 'mentally unstable', a term which I find remarkably fitting, and transferred to Alpha Outpost as a sergeant and tactical specialist.

I was then promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and met the bastard who killed my original squad, also finding out that they weren't all dead. After finding six, apparently magical, crystals, I killed him and a little while after, got pulled off of that planet and landed here.

I could tell you about my girlfriend, but I'll let her do that herself.
Hi, my name is Allison 'Fox' Xerlan, unlike most of the people here, you'll find me weird on the outside, but actually quite normal on the inside.

This is, you'll find, because I'm a cyborg. For the less tech-savvy among you, this means that some of my body parts are cybernetic, namely my right arm and my left eye. Being pretty tech-savvy myself, I'm a good engineer, considering I made the plans for my own transformation to a cyborg.

Personality-wise, I'm generally easy-going, patient, understanding, and, perhaps weirder than anything else, sane. I don't exactly hold a rank, but Peter usually says I have the rank of 'Mega's Girlfriend', meaning that I can't tell anyone what to do, but nobody can really tell me what to do either.

My history is no less complicated than that of my significant other, not helped at all that I don't remember a large part of it. I was the technology-chick from the same elite squad as Mega, and was captured during the slaughter of the rest of the squad.

From what I gathered, Captain Red brainwashed me and used me to find the crystals that are now in Mega's possession. After Peter showed up to kill Red, I snapped back to reality and joined him and his army.

And so, I ended up here.
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zeik101 Let us talk

Hello, I'm private Zeik Strauss. I don't have much of a history compared to the rest of the crew. I grew up back on the slums of Earth with my girlfriend who was transfered to AOB with me. I was the sole survivor of one of my missions, but that's a tale for another time. I have basic training and don't really do much, but if we get caught in a firefight, you can count on me to have your back. While I was with LtCol Megafire at AOB, I was issued some CQB ODST armor that I modified somewhat. If you ever need help with something, don't hesitate to ask.
Hello. I'm Zeik's girlfriend private Gabriella Strauss. We grew up together and his mother gave me their last name since I didn't have one from being on the streets. My history is even less colorful than Zeik's so I tend to be pretty boring. But don't worry, I tend to keep to myself anyways. I'm always there to help when asked, so don't worry bout trying to find someone.
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I'm Major Tori Roberts,I'm the combat medic, so don't hesitate to ask for my help. I'm usually a good natured person, but you never know what I might do if you make me mad.Just keep in mind that I don't believe in the Hippocratic Oath. I'm one of the few 'normal' or 'average' soldiers.

I don't have much of a back story before the army. I spent a few months with the first division before a transfer. My life started when I was transfered to Alpha Outpost Blues, with the 12th Armored Calvary.
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From the shadows I walk, I fear not death, I fear not evil, I am not brave but incapable of not feeling fear.

LHSBAND Biography

Years before I joined the army, I graduated from high school early, very, very early. I was only a Junior when I graduated. Then I went into collage to study the field of medicine. I also graduated from college and went into med., school were I graduated from there very early. I also practice medicine. When I was at home, doing nothing, watching the news, I saw an ad. Not surprisingly it was for the U.N.S.C, but it made me wonder. So a few weeks later I joined. After 5-6 weeks later of boot camp, everyone so excited that they finely made it, I was not only happy but, I felt like I needed to do more, so, I joined the 121st Sniper Squad, class 009024. There were 200 students. After awhile our instuctor came out and said.
“If my counting was correct, which it usually is, we have 200 people here. Now, not all of you will pass, not even half of you will pass. More like 75% of you will fail and 15% will quit, and 5% will die in some training related accident! The rest of you 5% will pass. You 5% will go on and kill other people while looking down the scope of the beautiful new sniper rifle. You will get one once you have passed the class.”
As the weeks went on, I realized how fucking true his predictions was. More than 134 people didn’t pass the first test, 30 quit, some of them couldn’t handle the 48 hour watch. 20 people died, their death is still a mystery to me. Only 16 people made it to the finish line, I was the very lucky ones. As I received my diploma and my sniper rifle, very new thank you. After my training they sent me off to an known location. Somewhere on earth or another planet, I couldn’t tell, I was sleeping. As I exited the pelican and watched it fly off to the distance, something come over me it told me WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING HERE! I looked behind me and I could see the base. No one even explained to me that what this base dose, or who owned it, I should’ve paid more attention. I walk towards the base, it seemed quiet, but on the inside it was pure chaos. I was alone, scared…and this is where history ends, and where reality begins.

Captain, LHSBAND
File does not exist." target="_blank">[/img]

A back story for Saal Vadam is yet know. All we know he stepped away from the covenant. Rescued his brother and himself from death, and exiled.

Voro Vadamee, once know for his rapid rise in rank, was soon ubrutpedly stopped. His brother, Saal Vadam, was his downfall. Yet they still Brothers. Much of their youth are long gone. Nothing is known about them. What is their back story?--are they cold?
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In reply to zeik101, #7:

(I have to point out here.)

In reply to zeik101, #7:

Hello, I'm Zeik's girlfriend private Gabriella Strauss.

(If she's your girlfriend, how come she has your same last name? Or you just dating one of your sister.)
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megafire RogueOfFlame
In reply to LHSBAND, #10:

(He explained that.)
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zeik101 Let us talk
In reply to LHSBAND, #10:

(Picked her up off the streets and brought her in gave her our last name)
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In reply to zeik101, #12:

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Private Patrick Peterson

Biography: Not much is known about Patrick. His transcripts indicate that he was born out in the outer colonies, one of those lucky enough to be passed over by the Covenant. He joined up in the navy, but never faced any real combat. His papers all check out, and with this group of soldiers, that'd usually be good enough.

[Spoiler Backstory Below]
Patrick is an attempt at recreating the abilities located within the individual known as the Captain. He has since been released by Cerberus, due mostly to the fact that the checks stopped coming in. He is part of Phase One of their experiments, the separation of the Captain to try and separate the abilities from the overall body. On the surface it appears to have succeeded, as he can be hurt like any soldier, has no extra powers, and has only above average aim. His intelligence is nothing remarkable and he is a fairly well rounded person. When his life is in danger, however, the Captain's true personality takes over. The abilities kick in in full and he goes fully homicidal. Due to experimentation and attempts to curb any abilities, going into this state rapidly destroys his cellular process, reducing his lifespan by years over the course of hours. When not in this state, he is an everyman, entirely agreeable. The only true aspects of the Captain's personality that bleed through is his affections and feelings for Major Tori which he tries to hide.
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Sergeant BBC

Registered Information - Laid back, witty, clever, and "jackass". Relatively sane, does not tolerate stupidity, and has minor trouble with superiors. Age, 29 as of 2559. BBC, as he is known to most, majored in mechanical engineering, graduating at Mccrea University. Has no previous spouses. Notable stations he served in were the UNSC Leviathan and Cairo Station, before being moved on to Alpha Outpost. Serves as Sergeant for the remaining AOB on West Mountain. BBC carries a standard handgun at all times. Fluent with the Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, Rocket Launcher, and a spread of grenades. Aim is respectable, yet not perfect.

Self Bio - Yes, I am currently Sergeant of AOB. I don't mind if you get in my way, as long as I don't trip. Gratuities appreciated, stupidity frowned upon. (Less than a) Pleasure to make your acquaintance.
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Chalmrah Sponsor
Name: Michael Summers

Rank: Private 1st class

Born on Earth in England, he was always put under pressure by his parents to achieve the highest marks. Eventually the stress was too much and he ran away from home. During his time he was missing he stabbed a man for his wallet, but was never caught because Michael was very good at disappearing without a trace. His parents caught him 3 weeks later while the stabbing was being investigated. His parents bribed the judge and most of the jurors, so was let off with a warning.
After that Michael parents had enough, he was put forward for an experimental lobotomy that removed the anger part of his brain to make his sudden mood swings more controllable. Halfway through the operation the surgeon made the mistake of accidentally waking up Michael. They put him to sleep again and undid everything they took apart in his head. Even worse for Michael, they had got the anger part of his brain mixed up with his common sense, and was left with a fraction of common sense, which made him act irrationally.
During college he passed all of his subjects with the highest marks because of his parents and went to university and passed with honours there too. Michael went to military camp for the SAS and was always known as Dragon for his fiery temper. When the SAS were finished with him they shipped him out to stop a Chinese rebel uprising. He was captured and tortured for one and a half years. When the rebels were finally suppressed Michael was released with a new view on life, but no thumbs. The SAS built mechanical thumbs that were of the highest standard of the time, and then gave him a year to recover from the trauma with therapy.
During his year off Michael went to see most of the world and its unique sights, and saving a Komodo Dragon egg from a predator. The egg hatched 3 weeks later and Lilly was in the world, but not alone. As a hatchling she was playful so Michael bought 2 cats, Tom and Jerry, for her to play with. Michael, Lilly, Tom and Jerry developed an understanding that made them more than just pets, they were family.
When Michael was told to get ready to be shipped out to the 12th Regiment, he gave his cats to a neighbour to keep company and to feed them for as long as Michael was away. Lilly however was going to come with Michael as he had to keep an eye on her eating, sleeping and fighting habits. Michael had 4 live guinea pigs shipped with Lilly as food and to play with.
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In reply to discopete019, #14:

(Note that Patrick is not, repeat NOT, on the inbound flight. He will be introduced in the thread once things settle down. Secondary note, he looks exactly like Captain Pete without the scars.)
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Chalmrah Sponsor
In reply to discopete019, #17:

(Will you still be an enemy)
#18  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to Chalmrah, #18:

(Nope. Pete is dead.)

(This guy is a clone, but he's more or less running on the idea that With Great Power Comes Great Insanity, and with limited access to them he is an all around nice guy.)
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Chalmrah Sponsor
In reply to discopete019, #19:

(YAY! You're dead! Now I get it. So you didnt leave AOB, you were killed.)
#20  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to Chalmrah, #20:

(Huh? No, this is taking into account the set in stone ending of AOB. The Captain hasn't died yet, but I don't have the patience to wait for Dust to finish everything up. Anyway, I like my new character. He has potential and he is fairly new. His familiarity lets me care about him, though.)
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Chalmrah Sponsor
In reply to discopete019, #21:

(Meh. Michael sent back his dragon and is now not as crazy, thanks to online therapy)
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(Sorry I'm not fancy so no quoting or pic)

Name: Nicholas Sharp

Rank: Private

Bio: Born on Reach. His parents were killed during the bombardment of reach whilst he was on Earth studying. Joined the military for revenge. Served at Alpha Outpost for five months as cartographer before being heavily wounded (Getting shot and run over by a tank tends to have negative side affects) and being put in cryostasis for the past seven months before being transported out here. Limited weapons skills.
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Chalmrah Sponsor
(Speaking of which. Could I be a rank higher than Private? Maybe captain or sargent.)
#24  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to Chalmrah, #24:

(I would assume all ranks carry over)
#25  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
(In reply to Chalmrah, #24:

(I spent 4 months as Privy until my promotion. Even then, I was only promoted to my current rank a month ago. I am not really popular among the admins.)
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Chalmrah Sponsor
In reply to discopete019, #25:

(What if there is a delay between AOB and this?)
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( Yea when I came in and it was Band, Screen and me as the newbs. I disappeared , Screens sorta disappeared and bands now a officer! It just depends on what you do and when)
#28  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to Nick_Sharp, #28:

(Seems like Screen decided AOB was boring and left.)

(Seems like newbies come in 3s)
#29  Posted 5 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
(yep pretty much. I took a break due to life getting busy. I may yet drop again but I've got some time on my hands so fun is able to be a priority)
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