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Marcinowski Sponsor
Windows 7 Theme ProblemHey guys, I recently downloaded a couple of Windows 7 themes, and some of them required replacing of the explorer.exe and the shell32 files and such, which I have made backups for on a flash drive.

Now, I want to revert back to the default theme......only one problem. My flash drive got crushed :/

So Now I'm stuck with this annoying setting for my forward and back buttons while going through the explorer, and no matter how many other theme's I try, I can't restore them back to the original. Not to mention they're almost COMPLETELY black and smaller than they should be to be back and forward buttons :/

Any help guys?
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KWierso Sponsor
In reply to Marcinowski, #1:

Do you have a system restore back to some point before you changed the theme files?
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Let this be a lesson, don't replace explorer.exe and shit like that.
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In reply to Marcinowski, #1:

You will need to mount the file "\sources\install.wim" on your Windows 7 installation Disk/image. Microsoft does provide a tool for this, but it is part of a whole suite designed for IT guys. You will want something more simple, such as WinMount. You should then be able to find the file(s) of interest.
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WaydeUltima Sponsor
You could probably go find another theme with an explorer.exe that is to your liking.

And for future reference, back files like that up in more than one place. Preferably somewhere safer than a flash drive.
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Yeah, next time you backup it's a good idea to create a renamed copy in the same folder. For example, explorer.exe becomes explorer.exe.bu.

Easier to restore and anyone going in should be able to recognise what you have done.

However, in the case of Windows, the OS has it's own backups stored elsewhere. You should be able to restore it from them.

Go into command prompt as an admin and type;
sfc /scannow
That should check and restore all of your original protected files, including explorer.exe. This will probably roll back any other replaced system files from the theme or other changes.
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In reply to pal_sch, #6:

Yeah, usually you can pull stuff out of restore points (or you could just use a restore point to go back before you switched the theme).
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Marcinowski Sponsor
Got it, thanks guys. :)
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