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GreenTeamTex Forum Mod
GBWL11 ElectionsThis first post will be edited as I get the campaign statements of the candidates more. This thread is for discussion of campaign promises and allowing the community to ask the candidates questions Like I said this first post will be updated as I get messages from the candidates about their campaign promises.

Department descriptions are as follows:

Head of Events: Head of events will need to make a bi-weekly Halo: Reach Grifball event. This event will have to be planned out at least a week in advance with a cognitive description, and thread already dedicated to each event. During the other two weeks they are allowed to do non-grifball events that might interest the community. Failure to meet these guidelines will result in removal and replacement by runner-up. (as there are three candidates, we will most likely be taking the top two that way each head only has to run 1 official Grifball event per month.)

Head of Game Development: This position is a prototype position and may not be required after this coming season. Their sole job is to compile feedback from the league on the gametype of Grifball and relay that to the administration. They must be proactive and analytical. Knowledge with polls and Googledocs a plus. They will be a"voice" of the community but must provide facts not opinion.

Congrats to BobbyBirdSeed for Rules, Nokyard for Map Design and Neo for Stats as they have been appointed to these positions
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GreenTeamTex Forum Mod
To the candidates: Do y'all just want me to copy and paste your applications here?
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In reply to GreenTeamTex, #2:

I would prefer to write a completely different platform myself. My application was just saying that I wanted to run. It didn't really get any of my points accross. Could I just write a different pitch and post it up here tonight or tomorrow? Kinda like last seasons election thread?
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Also, when does voting end out of curiosity?

Sorry for double post.
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In reply to GreenTeamTex, #2:

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In reply to TcoPizzaHntr, #3:

I'd like to do this as well.
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BuckeyeDon Crackpottery
Poll link in News Post does not work.


Post edited 10/05/10 2:39PM
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GreenTeamTex Forum Mod
In reply to TcoPizzaHntr, #3:

Just send me a message on RT with it or post it here.

In reply to YngNstyMan79, #5:

yea being copy and paste yours?

In reply to Mikinater1, #6:

Like Taco, just RT message me or post it here and I'll add it to the first post.

In reply to BuckeyeDon, #7:

Should be fixed now, thanks for pointing that out
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In reply to GreenTeamTex, #2:

I want to write my own too. Some of it will still be the same but I'm working on adding some more stuff. I'll have it up here ASAP.
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By the way, wouldn't it be called WL11? Or is this WL10 Pt. 2?
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Ummm I think my giant wall of text may be too big for one post.....
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In reply to Sent2Destroy, #11:

THEN MAKE IT TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Priest XYZ for your Head of Game Development:

Ok community, it's my first time making a huge post on the forum so here we go.

I'd like to start by apologizing to all of the people i've pissed off over my grifball career. My jokes either off court or in articles were NOT funny at all, sort of kind of. Anyways...

The plain version that I tweaked from the base gametype vanilla from Tex and Taco is here and I honestly feel that there is no better vanilla type than this one. It's a fast and very good flowing gametype that also works very well with the Colliseum+ map. Currently it's at 7 rounds but if the idea i propose is accepted, it will be changed back to 9 obviously.

I have also very SLIGHTLY tweaked the Dash version here and although not amazing it's an idea to be worked upon.

So now that i'm done promoting, here is my proposed plan:

- Every single person has their own preference as to what they want to see permanently, but also are able to tolerate and to a reasonable amount, enjoy, a different gametype that is out there. Everyone is giving amazing feedback from what I've seen, on how to get that one special gametype that EVERYONE will love.

- However this obviously cannot be the case, to please everyone, if we try to make one extremely well made variant. I've seen discussion about how the gametype is changing and must change, so why not start discussion about how the league itself must change?

- I propose, that instead of working to make just one variant, that we fine tune 4 good variants and let the home team choose the gametype for AGLA Grifball. (I'm pretty sure original idea of home team choosing was Puppy's idea) Oh no Priest, you're an idiot, we can't do that. Why not? Each team will have a chance to choose their preferred gametype and get the W. It's up to the other team to be able to play every variant at an equal level. Talk about strategy!

- Playoffs? You wanna talk about playoffs?...Playoffs?! Indeed, the huge question mark to the idea, would obviously be playoffs. Here's my thinking. The people who have the higher seeds would obviously have "home field advantage", because they are the teams that are able to win on multiple types of variants. Do they not deserve a preference if they are able to come up with a strategy that is succesful to get them a good seed? Ok, I could elaborate alot more but I don't want to run out of room, so i'll go on.

- Matchmaking- Bungie is waiting for the Grifball community to come up with a gametype so that they can put it in matchmaking. I'm not quite sure whether it will be it's own playlist or part of another, but wouldn't it make sense just to fit in with the choice persona that is in reach now, to have choices? Why make it just one, when you and your teammates could vote for a variant? Although some people may have a preference of Gametype or Armor Ability, is it not safe to say that they'd be willing to play a different version for a few games? Freedom of choice, we never had it before, could anyone spare some change?

- Oh i can't stand sprint in grifball! Evade is just too hectic! Why split our community by forcing them to play one variant, when we could come together in choice. Obviously you may not get the variant you want half the time, but you would the other half. I'd say that's better than zero percent of the time. To add on, the people who have an obvious dislike for an ability, are the same ones testing out variants with those abilities in them. I will confess to that, and I can honestly say that I'd have no problem playing any of the variants we have out now. I do prefer one, but I can enjoy playing the others. It's safe to say i'm not the only one.

- I hope that by attempting to write out everything i'm thinking, you have a better understanding of what's going through the mind of Priest XYZ. Obviously Kalbelgarion runs the GGL, and has played a huge part in making the base gametypes available for the GGL. If the idea proposed here were to be accepted, I to would like to be the one that plays a huge part in fine tuning the gametypes the community will get to play with. If not, then I'd still ask the community to give me the chance to make an impact.

Vote for Priest,
Grifballer Since SML09

Oh and by the way. There is NO WAY on this planet that Skyball would be included in the choices for the LEAGUE. Matchmaking?
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Gamertag: ActiveHate
Position: Head of Events

Alright GBWL11 is just around the corner and you're probably all wondering who you're going to vote for. After all we are moving to a brand new game so these positions are going to be critical. The community deserves candidates that will follow through with their campaign promises instead of falling short every season. There are a few solid candidates running this season but I will just briefly explain a few of my key points.

The past few seasons of Events have been atrocious to say the least. We have had many candidates who failed to follow through with promises and almost abandoned their position completely. The Head of Events position is going to be one of the most crucial positions held this season with the entire community switching over to Halo: Reach. Thus we can't afford to make the same mistakes we've made before. It's going to be imperative to get the community involved with the increasing volume of new players. So we need a candidate that's dedicated to the position through the duration of the entire season.

During my time in the Grifball league I've seen what a few of the Head of Events have accomplished in the past. None of the previous Head of Events stand out as memorable with the exception of Dragon Of Exile. A few of the experienced players might remember him while other players might have no clue who I'm referring to. He was probably the most straight-forward Head of Events this community has had recently. He always provided detailed information on every event and gave ample notification as to when they were being held. I also think he did a terrific job at bringing new and exciting events to the table every week instead of just normal Grifball. He was proactive and actually took the communities thoughts and suggestions into consideration as well.

I share the same views regarding the way he ran the position and look forward to bringing that experience back to everyone if I win this position. Although I will still strive to bring even more to the community than any of my predecessors. I strongly believe that I will improve the way this position is ran and make this season a memorable experience for everyone involved.

How do you plan to run the position if you're elected?
I will aim to take this position to a whole new level. After examining the way the Head of Events position has been ran these past few seasons I've learned from others mistakes. I've heard the constant complaints directed towards the Head of Events in custom games before. Some people have asked why are there no more events? Where is the Head of Events? Trust me after being elected for this position you won't have another Adam Pisani. Here are just a few of the promises I vow to follow through with this season...

* Events that are announced and advertised in advance.
* The return of the Community Events thread.
* New and exciting events held multiple times per week.
* Community input valued and considered throughout the season.

How much notice will be provided before an event takes place?
I know when I'm going to be available weeks in advance so you can expect the same notification to transfer over to the community. I will be announcing events in the community events thread with about an entire week or more in advance. You can also expect a news post to be written for our administration and staff at the same time. No more last minute events that gain little to no interest from the community. Everything will be done efficiently throughout the entire season.

How do you plan to get more people involved compared to the last few seasons?
In addition to providing ample time between when the events are announced and actually begin I will be diligently at work trying to advertise events to everyone in the community. I understand that not everyone uses the forums or visits for that matter. Thus I will be sending messages to as many players as possible that may be unfamiliar with when events are being held. The ultimate goal will be to strengthen our participation compared to the last few seasons by getting Pros and Amateurs alike involved. I encourage others to help me achieve this goal and help me make this seasons events successful and the most fun we've had in awhile.

Also making it's return once again this season will be the Community Events thread. There you will be able to find any announcements of upcoming events and discussion related to them as well as future events. I take community input seriously because we rely on their participation for a successful event. Any suggestions and such can be made in the thread or messaged to me personally. The return of the thread will help keep events organized and provide a place where people can check back often to make sure they don't miss out on what's happening.

What type of events do you plan to run?
Lets face it normal Grifball gets boring after awhile and the community is going to expect something new this season. I plan to offer a vast variety of events that are not limited to just Halo 3 and Halo Reach. Popular games will be included and community suggestions will be reviewed carefully and taken into consideration if there is a demand present. In addition to other games being included in the events you will still see at least a weekly Grifball event. Some of the events you can expect are...

* Assorted Reach Grifball variants
* Halo 3 Grifball
* Reach MLG 2v2 and 4v4 gametypes
* Reach Racing Events
* New games included after their release based on demand
* Double Elimination Tournaments
* Best of 3 Tournaments
* Return of the Draft Tournament
* Community requests

How often do you plan to run events?
I plan to run an event at least 1-3 times a week. That number may increase or slightly decrease depending on the participation and demand for events during the season. I will be present for a large potion of events I schedule but will also pick a person to help me run and monitor events scheduled on times I can't be available. That person will most likely be t
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In reply to Sent2Destroy, #14:

How often do you plan to run events?
I plan to run an event at least 1-3 times a week. That number may increase or slightly decrease depending on the participation and demand for events during the season. I will be present for a large potion of events I schedule but will also pick a person to help me run and monitor events scheduled on times I can't be available. That person will most likely be the runner up of this election since they have expressed an interest to run events. I want to provide a variety of different times and days that events are held thus allowing everyone to participate.

Will you be hosting an All Star game this season?
In the AGLA we have carried on this tradition of having an All Star game organized by the Head Of Events at the end of the season. While a few of my predecessors have completely neglected it I would still appreciate the communities opinion on this decision. As we all know there is no longer a bomb stop medal so figuring out who the best players stat wise could prove to be quite difficult. Most of our prime time defensive players will not be able to stand out from the crowd. Then again if we take the alternate route where everyone in the community gets to vote for who they think deserves to be in the All Star game it might seem unfair. Some would simply call it a popularity contest defeating the purpose of the All Star game.

If the community expresses a demand for an All Star game at the end of the season I will try my best to organize one. i encourage players to express their opinions about the importance of the All Star game especially those who have participated in the previous ones. i don't want the game to seem like an end of the season chore for a bunch of players to get together and play. I much rather have it be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

What do you plan to do that's different from anything previous Head of Events have done in the past?
This community desperately needs something new and exciting brought to the table. If you've noticed the league is usually stagnant all season unless it's game night for your team. This is because most of the previous Head of events have failed to accomplish what they were supposed to. I believe it's the Head of Events job to keep the community active and alive during the season. New players coming into the league want to interact with veterans and get to know people. After all this is a community and they should feel like they are a part of something instead of just waiting for their game next week. I plan to make introducing the new players to a friendly welcoming environment a prominent goal this upcoming season. Along with that there will be some other new things I plan to implement such as...

* All new Event Leaderboard system
* Community Game Nights
* The Weekly Poll
* Advertisement and Follow Up articles

How does the new Leaderboard system work?
Basically it's a way for me to track the level of participation in all the events that are ran throughout the entire season. That way I'm able to see all the players that have been participating frequently and can advertise upcoming events to players that have yet to participate. It will be a point based system in which players will earn points for a a number of things such as...

* Participating in a sanctioned event
* Recruiting another team
* Finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd

Each player will automatically receive 1 point for participating in any scheduled event. Players will also receive an additional point if they recruit a team. The team you recruit must be a team consisting of at least 2 players that have not participated in any previous event. Last but not least players will receive 5 points for making a 1st place finish, 4 points for a 2nd place finish and 3 points for a 3rd place finish. The points will be distributed to each player rather then each team to encourage teams to interact with new players.

What is Community Game Night?
Community game nights are essentially custom game lobbies open to all players regardless of skill or experience. They will be announced in the Community Events thread and advertised to players who are new to the league and want to see some action. We will be running assorted variants of Grifball some of which may be completely off the wall. Do you have a new gametype or new map you want people to test? This is the place to come and get that done and have fun playing with new community members. There will be a zero tolerance policy regarding personal arguments and harassment of new players. if you cause problems in the game you will be removed for the night it's as simple as that really.

What is The Weekly Poll?
The weekly poll will be a community feedback system I plan to use in which you the people can let me know your thoughts and concerns. A poll will be taken every week asking various questions which will help me better manage my position as Head Of Events. Don't like the way things are being done? This is how you can express it anonymously however I encourage you to post your thoughts and offer any constructive criticism in the Community Events thread. I want to know what the community enjoys and address all of their concerns to better serve them throughout the season.
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In reply to Sent2Destroy, #15:

What purpose will the articles serve?
I have spoken with Green Team Tex and plan to talk with the rest of the GrifballHUB staff to try and get advertisement and follow up articles posted on With the increasing amount of new players and attention the HUB has been getting I feel that it would be a good place to advertise all sanctioned events. i hope that with the help of the GrifballHUB staff and the announcements on we will get a few more teams to participate.

Follow up articles will also be written after the event ends and will briefly describe what happened for anyone who missed out that day. They may include game breakdowns explaining how some teams were triumphant over their opponents or interviews with the event champions and the runner up.

Why do you think you should win the title of Head of Events?
I simply think I will be the best person for the job since I'm online and proactive in the community everyday. You have to have the time and dedication required for this job or else this position will be fall through yet again. We can't allow that to happen this season being that it's the first season in Halo Reach. The community is actually inspired to play the game once again with the new elements that Reach has brought to us. Therefore we need someone who's willing to commit to the position and maintain a steady pace of events. If my reasons do not already fully explain why I should be elected this season then you can address any questions or concerns to me personally. I will also be more than willing to debate amongst the candidates I'm running against. The community should be confident in who they pick this season and I can assure you their vote is safe with me.
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In reply to MajorSilva, #17:

That's the entire thing.

I apologize for the huge novel sized post but I do feel that it addresses most of the concerns the community has about the position. If anyone has any other questions feel free to ask and I will answer them.
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Vote Nasty because I wont make you read ridiculously long posts
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In reply to YngNstyMan79, #19:

Lol you don't have to read all of it....I separated it into sections so you can read the parts that interest you.
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In reply to Sent2Destroy, #20:

not possible
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This is why you should vote nasty for game development:

Nine scores and three years ago our grifballer's brought forth on this court, a new game-type, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all grifballer's are created equal.

Now we are engaged in a great debate, testing whether that game-type(sprint), or any game-type(evolved) so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that love. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that game-type might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate -- we can not consecrate -- we can not hallow -- this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract sprint. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us -- that from these honored grifballers we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these grifballers shall not have played in vain -- that this game-type, under Deputy Dizzy, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Pretty much just secured the win right there. Anyone else going for game development might as well drop out of the race now!

Post edited 10/05/10 7:27PM
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The community has spoken and the current results for the Head of game development are as follow
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In reply to ajcena, #23:

Everyone was warned
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So whats up everyone. My name is TacoPizzaHunter and I am running to be your League HoE!!!!!!! Let me start off with something that I’m sure is the only thing that the majority of you can comprehend…..A PICTURE!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer: This picture is not meant to be insulting, so nobody take it as such. It is all in good fun.

Ok. Now that I have all of your attentions, let me start out by saying that you should vote for me. With that said, I will now ask ActiveHate to delete his novel so that I can be first(repeat from last season, I know). Thank you ActiveHate.

Now for my points. My first, and quite possibly my most important, is that I am not NKOT. I also have a better jaw line than he does.

Now that all of that stuff is out of the way, I will get to the parts of my pitch that I’m sure none of you have the attention span to read, but lets try shall we? NOTE: Some of the stuff I say might sound a little repetitive to Active’s ideas. Just because he said them first does not mean I “stole” them from him. All of my ideas I have had before Active’s post was even there. Now with that being said, the first thing I will do if elected is to make an Event thread. In this thread will be discussion for all events that will be held and most importantly, input from the community on what kind of events YOU GUYS want to see happen. I am not running these events for myself, I am running them for you guys so obviously I want YOUR input. This will go up right after I (hopefully) win and I will be asking you guys what you want to see done with these events.

I have my own ideas as well for events. One thing, that has been claimed to be run by the past few HoE’s but never was, is the Grif Draft. Basically we will get a bunch of captains, then a bunch of “Free Agents”, the captains then “draft' said free agents on to their own team, and then play some Grifball. This is an event that I would love to see ACTUALLY RUN and I am the guy who will do that. Another event that I would like to hold is the All-Star Game. As Active said, this will be a little bit more tricky with Reach, but it can and will be done.

Obviously as my title description of HoE says, I will run at the LEAST a bi-weekly Halo: Reach Grifball event. I was thinking more like one every week, but that will be up to the participation of the community. I will advertise these events to the best of my ability and I will give plenty of advance notice of when the event will be held. I will also vary my times on when I hold the events so that people who might not be able to make it one day, they will have the chance to make the next. I am super devoted to this and I will for sure run plenty of events unlike previous HoE’s.

Now, the standard events that I will hold will vary week to week. I am all for switching up the game type, map, and even game(Reach, Halo 3, COD, whatever you guys want). Also as long as it is in demand, I would love to go back to Halo 3 for some and hold some Old Fashioned Halo 3 Rushes. I would also like to hold some non Grifball related rushes from time to time.

Now for my dedication. I basically have no life and am on quite a bit. This means I will always be here for an Event that I am holding. The only reason I will miss an event is if something happens electrically that prevents me from getting online or a real life emergency. If I am not able to make an event for some reason, then I have a few back-up plans that I will then enforce. tinytim3501 will again be my Co-HoE. If I am not able to make an event, he will be there to run it for me. I will not leave the community hanging. I also have a Co-Co-HoE and possibly a Co-Co-Co-HoE set up as well. Basically, if I cannot make an event for some reason, then I will make sure that it is still held.

I am sure I left a lot of crap out, but this^ basically sums up what I wanted to say. Basically, vote for me if you don’t want repeats of previous seasons and because I am sexy. Thanks for reading and if you ACTUALLY read all of my pitch then +1 -insert favorite candy here- for you. Thanks.

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DApolloS Sponsor
In reply to GreenTeamTex, #1:

You know that this is going to be WL11, right?
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Hey, everyone. I'm running for the new position as Head of Game Development pretty much because that's the job I have right now and I'd like to do for the AGLA what I've been doing for the GGL.

I think that the most important aspect of creating a new Grifball variant for the AGLA is community involvement. The last thing I want is to have a small handful of Grifballers make the decisions for everyone. That's why I've been sending out surveys, running polls, and soliciting feedback at the Hub for the last three weeks.

I don't want to personally choose the next Grifball variant. I want to collect the data from the community and deliver to the community what they want. I want to work with the Head of Events and run tournaments that give us the feedback necessary to develop better variants and maps. I want to give players every opportunity to try out maps and gametypes and give us their reactions.

To tell the truth, I personally prefer Grifball Dash to Grifball Evolved v3.0. I like Sprint and Evade (and the barrel roll!) more than I like just Evade. However, due to the feedback we collected, I was convinced that the best thing we could do for the GGL at that time was choose Evolved as our default gametype. Delivering to the community what they want was, and is, my number one priority.

We know that there is great interest in Reach Grifball. With over 1,000 players in the GGL, most of which are brand new to the league, there are lots of opinions to be gathered. It's what I've been doing for the past three weeks, it's what I've going to be doing through the end of the GGL season, and it's what I'd like to continue to do for the AGLA.
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Well at least the thread title was changed. Someone might want to change the newspost as well to eliminate any confusion.
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In reply to TcoPizzaHntr, #25:
My first, and quite possibly my most important, is that I am not NKOT. I also have a better jaw line than he does.

Nobody likes a liar.
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GreenTeamTex Forum Mod
In reply to DApolloS, #26:

Well, Im living in the past lol
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