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A Grifball Memoir - The GOATA Grifball Memoir The GOAT

Laying here in my bed, unable to sleep at 6 AM, I decided its about time I reflect on my entire Grifball career. Of course with Grifball, everything isnt always peachy and grand. There were the ups, the downs, and then there was everything in between, but when it came down to it, Grifball was extremely fun. I met a lot of cool people, had a lot of fun, and really wouldnt change anything that happened.

I first got into Grifball with Doc around February 2008 when Doc discovered it on Bungies top gametypes. We first played it 2 v 2 with some friends on XBL, and to be honest, I didnt have fun at all. I thought it was boring and stupid, and refused to play it again. Fast forward to the first Double EXP weekend of Grifball, and there you will find Doc and I playing what would become my first 4 v 4 game. My first game I pulled host and went +20 something, and of course loved it because I thought I was good at it. Doc and I played nonstop together with friends, including our friend Lost, often using our famous Cat in the Hat emblems and having a great time. After the weekend was over, I went back to my usual zombie gametypes with 12 year olds, and trying to get my Brigadier in Lone Wolves. Then, one day I was talking with Doc and he was telling me about how he found a Grifball League and asked me if I wanted to join it. Of course I did, and we soon found a team that consisted of Doc, Lost, Wuskin, Majorgenermrv, Thunerhair42, Crazysurferguy, and myself. We called ourselves Cat in the Hat Crew based on our Double EXP weekend. I was really excited to be in the league, and soon began posting on RT frequently, and starting to meet some really cool people.

Spring League 2009 soon arrived, and we were really excited to see how good we were. Doc and I watched the League highlights from WL08 several times, and eventually we developed an opening launch based on one of the highlights before nearly every team did, which would come in handy during the season. We started our season off well, I didnt play in the first two games due to vacation, but we won both. We were on a roll until we had to play Five Guys, a team that had made the Sweet Sixteen in the previous league, and we knew they would be good. They were too experienced for us, and beat us pretty bad, only giving ourselves a reality check that we werent as good as we thought. We pretty much played customs every day, improving our game and becoming a lot better players. The next time we got matched up with Five Guys, we beat them 8-1, and made the playoffs in our first season atop our division. We went into playoffs very focused and ended up winning our first game 5-0 against Thurmanator and Punching ghosts before Thurmanator rage quit. Our next matchup was with Maptek, the third ranked team in the playoffs. We were very excited to see how good we really were, and ended up winning 6-3 while I pulled host and went +50 something. This was a great win, and we were very optimistic about our chances in the playoffs until we played Stir Fry Towels and the infamous Morales host, and lost to them pretty badly. I was disappointed with the loss, but knew that I couldnt do much more. Doc and myself carried our team throughout the season, and even in the last game we both played well. We started shopping around in the offseason for new players, and ended up finding Twizzter, Trick, and Tree at first, who all played for MGK. We were going to merge teams until we ended up dropping Trick and Tree and picking up Superstar, Jayhawks, and eventually stealing Crowing from SI to form our next team in Summer League 2008, Status Quo (Note: I did indeed come up with this name alongside Doc as we were jumping on Dark Cloud trying to think of names. Twizzter had no involvement in the name process, no matter how badly he wishes he did.)

Status Quo was a really good team, and people finally took notice of Doc and myself. We were playing clantrocity together during the offseason, and even took the crown from SYLaL eventually. Playing clantrocity was a really key point in my career, because it is when I learned when to hammer-bounce, a technique that not many people were using then. This is around the time I left for Europe, and while I was there, my team eventually decided that I sucked and didnt deserve to start. I basically quit the team essentially, and started to play a lot of MLG with my friend iDJH. Going into Summer League, we were one of the favorites to win the league, and even drew a tough division to prove so, with another top team in Team Cuba also in our division. As I said, I basically quit after I played one game, simply because the entire team was filled with egotistical retards and thought they were all better than me. I didnt want to be that player that would only play the easy games then sit all the good ones, so I just started to ignore all the invites I would get to play. The team went on the win all their games because Superstar pulled one of the strongest hosts in the history of Grifball. The team seemed destined to go really far, until Superstars infamous post on Rooster Teeth that basically made fun of nearly everybody in the community, and specifically making fun of the commissioner at the time, Jack. He ended up getting permabanned from the league, and the team lost their greatest weapon for the playoffs. Around this time I really started getting into MLG, and started to get really good at Halo. I would just play MLG instead of Grifball everyday, and became an all-around more aware Halo player. To this day, I dont believe I would have been as successful in Grifball had I not started playing MLG. Anyways, Status Quo was down a player, and they wanted me to play. I eventually agreed to play seeing as I still wanted to win, and started wrecking in the playoffs, going +30 in the first two rounds of the playoffs off-host. This is where we ended up meeting the Zoo Monkies and their four hosts in the
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Final Four. We would eventually lose to them, but of course not without the controversy surrounding Veritas and his awful host. In the first game, our entire team was yellow/red bar and we ended up getting killed because we couldnt see anything. Scet was ignorant, as he would continue to be the rest of his Grifball career, and started a big deal on the forums about how we disputed the game. It eventually got overturned and we played again, losing again to the four hosts again, and it would end our hopes of playing the first broadcasted championship game on SNGB against SYLaL. At the end of the season, I still resented my teams decision to bench me, feeling that I was better then everybody on the team with the exception of Doc, and decided to leave the team following the loss. This would become my first time alone in the league without my usual teammate of Doc, and it would eventually turn out better for both of us.

The offseason between Summer League 08 and Winter League 09 was interesting to say the least. I tried starting my own team with Lost, but it fell apart after Lost never really played Xbox anymore. I then joined Blood Oath with Ryker, simply because I always <3d Ryker. It was pretty weird to be on Blood Oath, because I never played with them because they were all west coast players. We never played at all together during the offseason, and I left again to create a team with my boy PhD Spaz. This would become Gaming So Hard, one of the most successful Grifball teams of all time, consisting of at the time: PhD Spaz, NKot, Thumee, RJMacPot, Wrestle, and Lost. We werent really that good at the time, until we ended up picking up Doc and Crowing via the Leftover Pie contest that they held. Oh and to confirm what everybody already knew, that contest was rigged. They knew they wanted to play with us, but Crowing had a little ego trip and had to keep the contest going, as if everybody were competing for his greatness to join their team. Anyways, we ended up drawing a really easy division, and were 10-0 on the season with 0 goals allowed. Oh yeah, and we did kind of cheat for the 0 goals allowed, as we made Wrestle quit when he had host after American Dream had scored once. The rule in Grifball always was that if the game switched hosts, you had to replay the game, so we used that to our advantage to trick AD into replaying us, sorry about that. Anyways, we entered the playoffs with the #1 seed and a really good chance to make the championship game. We played Power Outage first round, and beat them on-host pretty easily. The next round was the 9th Wonders, in which they pulled host, but we still easily won. Then came the oh-so-famous TWSS game. We werent really ready for them, simply because they had a unique playing style and host that we had never really played. On defense, their entire team would use their swords to try to cancel with our tanks, which got pretty annoying with their lunges were a lot quicker on-host. They were winning the game 4-3 when one of their players teleported past our entire team to kill the bomb carrier and score an easy goal. Obviously we were pretty pissed, and ended up disputing the game. The game was overturned with video evidence backing it up that at least 5 goals were directly affected by lag, thanks to a video by LBCountry. In the rematch, we were expecting them to pull host again, but amazingly I got it somehow, and we ended up winning pretty easily to advance. TWSS to this day (mostly Nogard) are pretty salty about it, but what can I say, almost everybody agreed it deserved a replay. Anyways, we were set for a championship matchup with Separate Intelligence that would become probably the most important one if Grifballs history. Going into the game, everybody knew of SI of being host-reliant and nobody had ever beaten them off-host because they simply had two different hosts that were very hard to beat. Luckily, we played them at my host-pulling peak, and we were able to get host the first game and beat them pretty handedly. They were shocked they didnt pull host, and eventually through strict rule following that allowed them to host the lobby of a game then quickly start it, they got it in the next game. I noticed after we lost game two pretty badly that the host changed in the post-game lobby, and eventually this would become key to the biggest change in Grifball history: Neutral Host. Leading into game three, there was a lot of trash talking between SI and GSH, most of it occurring in the IRC. GSH pretty much wanted a neutrally-host game 3 of the championship, while SI wanted to try to get lucky and pull host over me. Eventually, SI agreed to a Neutral Host game three, in which a designated player would join the game to pull host, which took the advantage of having host on the court away to make it as fair as possible for both teams. Gaming So Hard eventually proved their superior skill for the entire community to see live on broadcast, and ended up winning 6-3. This was my first championship win, and it felt good to be at the top of the league. I went +25 with arguably my best performance, further proving to myself that I was one of the best players in the league. Spring League 09 was approaching fast, and the Halo 3 Planet league in between was keeping our Grifball skills in tact, as we were prepared for a repeat performance under the name Qu09.

Qu09 was a pretty sweet team to play on. We were winning a lot of games in the H3P league, and were having fun doing so. Around this time, we decided to pick up T3h Fox for his host and lulz, and the eventual decline of Qu09 started. After T3h Fox proved to be mentally handicapped and downright terrible, we started losing a couple games, which pissed everybody off. Then, Doc started to become bffaeaeae with Mikinater, which pissed me off because I didnt want Mikinater on the team because he sucked. I repeatedly told Doc that I didnt want him on the team, and Doc kept saying fine, whatever,
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but not really convincing me. Things were still declining with the team until one night when a bumrush was being played without me (because I had work), and Mikinater in my place. This didnt really bother me until I got home from work, and the bumrush was still being played. Mikinater was currently unavailable to play so I wanted to hop in and play in his place, seeing as it was my team. Doc decided to ignore all my invites and messages and eventually Mikinater came back online and took his spot back. This pissed me off as I realized that Doc loved Mikinater so much that he wouldnt even let me sub in for a game, so I decided to let Mikinater have my spot on the team and quit, as the famous quote, I quit, have fun with Mikinater was created. I was once again team-less and by myself. This didnt last long, as I reunited with Lost to created LINT with Nkot and Wrestle. This was an extremely fun, not to mention underrated team. Entering Spring League 08, I was still pulling host non-stop until about the time I went to Aruba for vacation. It seemed that every time I took a break from XBL after pulling host a lot and coming back, I would lose my host-pulling abilities. I pulled host in our first two games, going 1-1 against +1 Beer, then not pulling host the rest of the season. Our playoffs hopes were dashed midseason when SI, I mean the admins decided that a rule that had been talked about mid-season was to be implemented midseason. Nobody else had heard of this rule, and ruined LINTs team morale. We were now required to beat BB! on their dual-host in order to make the playoffs. We started off the game pretty well, going up 4-1, before our defense fell apart. They ended up tying the game up at 4-4, and we all of our momentum was gone. They eventually got the ball and launched over our team, and we ended up losing 5-4, becoming the first and only time that I wouldnt reach the playoffs. Still, this was an extremely fun season and I definitely wouldnt have changed my decision to leave Qu09. Had we made the playoffs, I believe we would have surprised a lot of people of how good we really were. The only times we lost besides to +1 Beer in the first game were to BB! on their host both times. Nkot, Wrestle, and Lost were all really fun to play with, not to mention they all improved tremendously. Many good times were had during this season, including A Generic Tags What if I dont wanna do the launch moment during the season. After this season I decided that I wanted to change teams again, this time rejoining with Doc minus Twizzter and Mikinater, recreating Cat in the Hat Crew again, but this time with TnT, and another great player in TRich Da King.

Summer League 09 was definitely one of my favorite seasons. Before the season started, the team consisted of Doc, TnT, Crowing, and myself. I was playing a lot of customs at this time, because MLG started to become pretty boring, and started to play against a lot of new players that I had never played against before. One of these players was indeed TRich, and he impressed me from the get-go. He played a lot of double EXP like I did when I first started, and just knew how to play the game. This is when I decided I wanted him on the team, and told TnT so via our private channel on the IRC. We ended up messaging him just as the season was starting, and he agreed when his current team applied for the Amateur League instead of the Pro League. This was honestly one of the better decisions in my careers, because I never really looked at the Amateur League to see if their players were any good. I always assumed if they were there, they really couldnt compete with the big boys, and I was definitely wrong in TRichs case. Summer League finally started, and we were pretty unpracticed and it showed early. We ended up losing to SYLaL (v2) 6-3, most of the blame going on me unfairly from my glorious teammate TnT. Seeing as I had made a few mistakes, he decided to dump the loss entirely on me, even when I was the only tank who did anything the entire game. Anyways, he ended up creating a lot of drama in the team as he always has, and it kind of tore the team apart. We really didnt get along the rest of the season, but we still won on sheer talent and chemistry between our other teammates. We ended up making the playoffs with a high seed if I remember correctly, facing another team remade in Bleep Bloop, the same team that knocked me out of playoff contention the season before. We won pretty easily, and ended up advancing to play +1 Zing! the following round. This was the matchup I had waited all season to play, simply because of Twizzter. He decided that since his team won a scrimmage in the preseason on host, that his team was automatically better than mine. We ended up making a bet that if my team beat his, he would owe me 1600 Microsoft Points. If his team won, I would owe him 1600 Microsoft Points. Well, to say the least we dominated the entire series. We lost the first game somehow, even though we had clearly dominated. Games two and three were a breeze winning 5-1 and 5-2 convincingly, and we were on to the championship, myself being up 1600 MS points. Of course I never received those points, as I had not really expected to because Twizzter has always been a little bitch, but the sheer fact that I have always been better than him was enough for me. We went into the championship thinking we had it locked up, our opponent being Power Outage. We won game one 7-2 easily, and even furthered our cockiness. This was obviously wrong to do, as I didnt take the second game seriously at all when they replaced Sean Cohen with TheCokester and we lost game two. I was pretty shocked, but shook it off as a fluke and started to try in an intense game three. We ended up losing 5-4, two of their goals directly resulting from RTDS swords not connecting, but we just accepted the loss because we played pretty bad. This was a pretty detrimental loss to myself
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personally because it should have been my second championship. Anyways, I shook it off and looked forward to the next season to redeem myself. The next season would become yet again another epic season, creating Brb Steak with the same players from CitHC minus TnT and adding SpudHead. SpudHead was pretty much a last second pickup before our first game of the season, but he ended up proving to be a really good third tank, adding more defense than TnT the previous season, and just diversity to our team. Of course it isnt really that hard to tank alongside TRich and myself, but he did it well above expectations and once again, added a whole new side to our team in being a player that could run and tank well, playing defense exceptionally though.

Fall League 09 started pretty quickly, and our team got off to a pretty retarded 0-1 start. We were to play CUNT in the first game, one of the top teams other than us in the league. They decided instead of a fair game on neutral host, they were going to play a game on their host. On top of that, they wanted to stream it, which I said no to because they were being gay about NH. The rule in the league was that if you wanted to stream it, the other team had to agree Scet decided to make up his own rule that he could do it if he wanted, and did it anyways. Of course the game was laggy, it was Ninjos host, and they ended up winning. This season I lost all remaining respect I ever had for Scet, and decided he was a scumbag, even after all his cheating the previous seasons. We ended up starting off pretty shaky, losing three games throughout the season, including another to CUNT without our starting lineup. They decided that from these two completely irrelevant wins that they were the superior team, that they were so much better than us. This would become pretty much the theme for the entire season: CUNT vs Brb Steak. This was around the time the GriFBI was started. I was one of the writers for the site because I was banned from the forums at the time because of Moocows awful commissioning. Anyways, Zeg and I debated which team was better, and it was a good time at the end of the season for myself personally. Anyways, the GriFBI was extremely fun, and Im happy that we decided to create it because it showed the rest of the community my personal opinion of them without holding back. I thought it was a great idea, and still do to this day, although a lot of people were unhappy that they were being attacked. Anyways, it was near the end of the season and we finally locked up a playoff spot after a shaky regular season. I was in a party with Mikinater, Doc, Spudhead, and maybe a few other people. They were talking about the upcoming match where Mikinaters team had to play Dragonbloods team, and Mikinater wanted to win pretty badly. I overheard them talking about Doc possibly playing for their team under Lemons account. Yes, Mikinater wasnt innocent at all in it, he actually asked Doc to do it. Of course, Docs love for Mikinater was too great as proven in the previous seasons, and agreed to do it. I knew about it basically the whole time, obviously not going to rat out my friend in real life for cheating, but I definitely told him after that he was dumb for doing it. Of course, we continue our season and end up matched up against our season rivals CUNT in the first round. We decide that we dont want to fuck around and want to kill them, and we do so beating them 5-0 and 5-1. Of course something bad had to happen with the Doc situation, and it did. Laggerz decided that since Mikinater wasnt letting him on the team next season to rat us out by tricking Lemon into admitting that he let Doc use his account. Adam Pisani decided to make the worst decision an admin has ever made in the history of Grifball and ban all of Brb Steak from the playoffs and reinstate CUNT. He claimed he was setting a precedent for the league for harsher punishments, one he wouldnt follow through with in the future with another Laggerz incident, but well get to that when it comes. The entire community disagreed with Pisani, but of course he was stubborn and kept his ruling in place. Brb Steak was banned from the playoffs, and once again my championship hopes were dashed. Of course CUNT got back into the playoffs and ended winning the championship, but to the minds of nearly everybody in the league, they really werent the champions. This was the only season of Grifball that didnt turn out successfully, and its all due to Adam Pisanis terrible decision making, so thank you for that. After that season, I decided that I wanted to win a championship again, because I was sick of not winning after coming so close, and feeling that I should have won both of the previous seasons. I decided that enough was enough, and decided to make probably the most talented team ever created in <3. It consisted of Thumee, TRich, TnT, Major Silva, Crowing, Wrestle, SpudHead, and Doc, who was banned at the time but who would come in handy later on in the season.

<3 started off great, although I wasnt particularly having fun. We were winning our games pretty easily, but it was pretty boring mostly because of Major Silva. Sorry, nothing against you, but you werent very fun to play with. We cruised to a 10-0 season, the first time that happened in the regular season and brought the momentum into the playoffs when we had to play Dragonbloods team yet again. I had never lost to them in a series, so I wasnt about to. We actually ended up losing the first game because our lineup played terrible. This is when I petitioned for Docs eligibility to play because he was technically banned longer than everybody else in the cheating incident to season before. Pisani agreed that he should be allowed to play in the playoffs, and I implemented Doc into to starting lineup, and it worked immediately. We ended up winning the next two games, and secured a spot in the championship game against TMNS. TMNS was
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a team of Scet, Twizz, Zeg, and Pie. We dominated the first game, winning pretty easily. Somehow, we lost all momentum in game two and they wrecked us pretty fast to tie the series at 1-1. We finally locked down in game three and won the championship game and series to win my second Grifball championship in my career. This season was a milestone simply because it was probably the best team created in Grifball talent-wise in history. At the time, TRich, Silva, and myself were three of the top 5 players in the league, all in one starting lineup. I personally would even throw Doc in the top 5, simply because he is the smartest player in the league, hands down. TnT also is a consistent tank that has proven himself to be in the top 7 tanks of all time. Anyways, the reason that it wasnt that fun was because there was a lot of pressure to win, and it caused our team to be all serious business when it came to playing. We really didnt fool around at all to have fun, and just went about business in winning our games. Regardless of not having fun, I was finally satisfied with another championship, and another season of beating Twizzter yet again. After the season and winning the championship, I decided that I wanted to have fun again, and decided to drop Major Silva (no matter how much he says he quit lol). Unfortunately, TRich decided that it was time he wanted to play with new people, and joined Twizzter and Silva after some shady recruiting as usual from Twizzter (aka sucking TRichs dick). The following season ended up being Broadband Only Please, named after fun times with Mikinater and Doc on NHL 10. This time around, I didnt mind Mikinater because hes a pretty cool guy and I just wanted to have fun during the season. It just so happened that TnT also wanted to keep playing with us, this time not being the drama queen he had been in the past, which was great. We honestly had one of the most fun seasons that I had ever had in Grifball, with many lulz involved in our league games, yet we were still successful because Doc TnT and myself were always good, and Mikinater improved playing alongside us much like Spudhead did. We once again didnt do so well in the regular season, getting off to a 7-3 record, but still making the playoffs. Our first round matchup was against guess who again: Dragons team. Once again, we beat them in two straight games to advance to play Galloping Seagulls. After losing to them embarrassingly in the regular season, we wanted to win pretty badly and won easily once again in two games to advance to the championship to play TRich, Twizzter, Silva, and Menz in the championship. The funniest part about this season was Twizzters determination to do anything possible to make the championship against us. They were playing Orange Iguanas (Scets team) and they lost game one pretty badly. Their second game they were losing once again until AJs host went to shit and ended the game. This was pretty much the luckiest thing to happen in Halo since Hysterias Xbox froze against Team Classic, letting Classic get a replay and winning. Well, the same thing pretty much happened, except not really. Twizzter decided that it was in his teams best interest to force OI to play them 3 v 4 after they couldnt get all their players online. We had previously played OI in a championship series because we couldnt play later on after their series was over. We thought we were going to be the champs, because of how badly OI outplayed DOK in the first two games. Sadly, Twizzter and company pulled their little cheeky move and advanced to the championship to play us. We lost game one pretty bad after Menzs connection went off and destroyed our entire team. Game two we took more seriously and held on to the ball more instead of handing it to them, and lost 5-3 after an hour and 7 minutes of playing. This marked the first time I lost to Twizzter in a series, which wasnt all that bad because TRich won the game and season for them, and hes my boy so I cant hate on him for doing so. Although their championship isnt necessarily as invalid as CUNTs was in FL09, it still wasnt that legit seeing as they didnt even play their way into the championship. Anyways, it was decided the next season that we needed a change in order to win another championship, so we picked up Pie from Orange Iguanas in place of Mikinater. Mikinater was a great teammate and funny ass kid, but he wasnt quite on the level to win a championship, although we nearly did so who knows.

Along with Pie, TnT, Doc, we became the Cool Kids Club in the final Halo 3 Grifball season. Going out on top was pretty much the only thing I had in mind, so I wanted to win the championship pretty badly to have 3 in my career. Pie definitely had a different play-style, and it was tough to get used to, and we payed for it losing 3 games yet again in the regular season. We ended up pulling together and making the playoffs yet again as we had in many seasons prior to that. The thing I disliked most about this season was that I knew I wouldnt be able to play after I went to college, and wanted to finish the season before. Unfortunately, teams took forever to play their games, and I wasnt able to finish the season with my team. The good thing is that my team ended up completing the season and winning without me, giving me my third Grifball championship, and fulfilling my goal to finish out Halo 3 Grifball on top. So for that, thank you guys, I appreciate you guys beating Twizzter and not losing to that bum. Sorry TRich, but Im not that sorry because you should have been on my team throughout all the seasons, its unfortunate you had to listen to Twizzters typical bullshit. Oh well, your loss.

Anyways, there it is, my entire Grifball career. There were many exciting moments, drama, and lulz to be had. I definitely miss the community, because it was so awesome to be involved in, so thank you to the entire community.
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Thanking the community wouldnt be enough though however, because I have so many people individually to thank for the memories.

To Doc: My dude, thanks for being the sickest Grifball player to play alongside with. We were easily the best duo of all time, and nobody could touch our chemistry. All of our championships were together, and for good reason. Obviously we were the shit on the court, but even in other games we shit on kids. From Gamebattles to NHL to NCAA Football to Call of Duty to even Castle Crashers, we played everything together, and were pretty much the sickest at all of it. Hit me up sometime at OSU, I lost almost all of my numbers so you gotta text me.

To Lost: I know youre never going to see this, but I love you and cant wait until you come up for winter break, were about to do so much sick shit.

To TRich: Sup bro, we were mad cool ever since I picked you up, and even before then. Obviously youve proved your worth in the league as the best player to come up from the Amateur League, but I would even put you in the top 5 Grifball players of all time, even with a late start. Your skills are disgusting, and youre a chill ass dude to play with, so thank you for being the man. Keep in touch obviously as we have via Facebook, cant wait to play with you again on this break. Keep it real G as we always have.

To Mikinater: You too need to hit me up at OSU. Weve talked but we really havent chilled at all, and now that you smoke we might need to blaze a blunt or 2 or 3 or 4. Anyways, youve been really fun to play with throughout the later parts of my career, and Im sorry I hated you before that for no reason; youre a cool ass kid. The GriFBI was amazing, and the best fan site no matter what other people say.Loved playing NHL with you and Doc, and loved blaming everything on you out of sheer <3.

To Wrestle: Easily one of the most underrated players of all time. If I didnt love you so much I would have let you go to another team where you could have helped them a lot more then our teams, but you are way too funny of a kid to let go. You have provided countless hours of entertainment and definitely are one of the coolest kids I met on XBL. Please keep ballin hard on NBA Combine 2k10, and I hope to play a lot with you over break.

To Nkot: Yes, you get a special shout out because youre a special guy. One of the most unique people on XBL, you know how to make people laugh and just say What the fuck? with your outrageous comments. I loved LINT, still do, and that team was amazing, we would have rocked the playoffs out of nowhere. Hope to play with you as well.

To Goomba and Rockys: Combined, easily the funniest duo on XBL. Somehow these guys make every custom game fun, regardless what it is. Rockys, I loved playing MLG with you I hope you keep getting killionaires on Final Boss. Goomba, although I dont know what you look like because you never let me see your beauty, youre a funny motherfucker. Thank you for all your messages on XBL.

To Project, Melvin, and Crowing: You guys are all cool as fuck. Project thanks for entertaining me so far in college with our smoking talks. Melvin, thanks for being another Rookie who was cool the entire time you were in the community, and knew his place as a shitty kid until I realized you werent all that bad ;) Sorry Ohio State has to beat you every year, but thats just how the world works dog, keep Iowa City locked down as the coolest motherfucker there. Crowing, no matter how much you pretend to hate me, I still love you. Call of Duty pro on the outside, Grifball champion on the inside. You are a funny dude, and definitely need to get over Miami and steak. <3 you three.

To Twizzter: My Grifball nemesis. First we started on the same team, but our personalities never could coexist on the same team. Besides, if they did, Grifball wouldnt have nearly been as fun as it was playing each other. You were decent I guess, but I still > you &#9786;. Another person that has kept it real since I left, thanks for being on the IRC to entertain me when nobody else will. You made my friends list cut for a reason ;).

And whoever reads this all, you are a champ. Sorry there's no tl;dr, but my career is too exciting for one.
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And yeah I made WL pretty shitty for myself and the team. I just really wanted to finally win after how retarded FL09 ended up.
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Cool story bro. seriously good stuff
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p much
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This needs to be featured on good read from one of the true greats of grifball.
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Thumee I would like to thank you for giving me a chance and taking me under your wing basically. We are bros man and it's sad even having to make this post right now because it's the sign that grifball is coming to an end. All good things have to come to an end though and grifball just isnt the same without the presence of you around anymore. Goodluck at OSU man and I hope we keep in touch.

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Some career stats:

Championships: 3
Games Played: 101
Kills: 8650: #1 all time
Deaths: 6861
K/D ratio - +1789: #1 all time
Scores: 101
Betrayals: 175

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I lol'd really hard just thinking about all the funny ass shit that we did. From GSH when I shut off my xbox (sorry about, to L.I.N.T. with the "What if I don't wanna do the launch" issue.
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Interesting read doood.

+1 cool for you.
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You actually used capitalization and punctuation there.

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Subjects that make T Rich tear up force him to use proper grammar.
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Love you too thumee.

I could question your wording on a few of those statements, but overall, interesting read.

And yeah, if we didn't go our separate ways for the last few seasons, grifball would have sucked, because the 'ship would have been decided before the season started. We had some truly epic games against each other - they were ALWAYS my favorites - and although it was so long ago, some truly epic games together (SQ and GSH <3).

Zoo Monkies are fags, thank you Pisani for the WL09 ship, and the hour and 7 minute game 3 of the ship was probably the best game in the history of matter what anyone says ("ZOMG PO VS SYLAL FINAL 4").

And TRich loves me newb.

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I am hurt that I am not in there anywhere Thumee...just goes to show how appreciative of my host you guys really were.
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Good shit from one of the best players iv played. Though... i think we have only played each other like 2-3 times in all those seasons.
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Good shit, my dude. Good shit indeed.
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Twizzler ur like my cousin bruh bruh but Thumee is my boy my bro my broski homie.
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He's not choked up any more.
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Good shit bro.

Best duo of all time no doubt.

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Nice shout-outs, dude. >_>
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you suck
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If I ever got around to drawing you the whole thing would have been about me. Good stats but lets get some more specific things like what weapon you got all those kills with.
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y am i so gud?
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Any time you need lessons in a game let me know i'll hook you up.
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