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NTNatJPN Sponsor
New Immersion Ideasif they were to make some new immersion what would you want them to tast out?

my ideas would be

Metal gear Solid - hideing in a box and moving around the RT office takeing things on peoples desk.

How much damage a controler can take before it breaks, and witch controler in gameing history is the st...
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In reply to Bram1805, #32:

Yes. They could test the "regenerative shield" health systems of most FPS's. Shoot Gus and Geoff with paintball guns and have them hide and see if they felt better.
Basically, I just wan to see them get shot with paintballs.
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In reply to Pidgeon117, #35:

doesn't really mean it's back. Just means they made one episode for RTX.
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Maybe set up a course with guards and see if they can sneak past and complete the course without alerting them and maybe they could reuse the need guns for "tranq darts" like metal gear or batman use distractions, have multiple ways through the course
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It would be interesting to see a decent Fallout survival one.
So how long can Geoff and gus make it on drinking dirty water and fighting off vicious dogs..with nothing but a pool cue...
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Okay, here's a couple of them "ideas":

Throwing a grenade, in COD you're able to throw a hand grenade 40 yards away like a pro baseball pitcher, but how far can an average non-average Joes like Geoff and Gus throw one in real life?

Well, this is a bit tricky to actually pull off, but what about a real game of Achievement HORSE? with ATV's and explosives.
and for safety reasons you just drive a vehicle 30 feet high while bouncing through ledges, but the basic "go here, don't touch that" mechanic may be still fun to watch on ground level

Driving with an Xbox controller inside a car, I've heard the US ARMY is already using the Xbox controller for sapper robots, but what about sitting in the driver's sit with no wheel and paddles, while steering and accelerating through the controller?

Well this is what i've got so far, I'll post when something comes to mind,
what do you think gents?
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Not a good idea and would make a bad/short episode but I was thinking the moving around in vents in Deus Ex and Metal Gear. Little awkward for those big guys.
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rScharn29 Sponsor
real life achievement horse
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rScharn29 Sponsor
or maybe a third person shooter i.e RE4+5
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SilverKM03 Sponsor
Matt, Gus, Geoff & Jack Vs Burnie, Joel, Griffon & Brandon.

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They should see if a real time hud display like you seen in FPS games could be a help or a hindrance. A little help from video googles and a some programming would help. Things to test would be visual damage compass that tells you what direction you're getting shot from, health bar which is drained by hitting impact pads, Ammo count, grenade count, and of course cross-hairs. Seriously, with a little programming and the video googles(or a video helmet if they want to get creative) I think it can be done.
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rScharn29 Sponsor
video game food 2 the metal gear solid 3 editiont
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coreyclark93 Sponsor
Assassin's Creed Immersion. See how well someone untrained in parkour can climb a wall against a professional, and see if the hookblade really works.
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I think that a good idea for Immersion would be checkpoints on a HUD. I mean in lots of games people know exactly where they are going because their HUD has a marker that tells you how far you are away from the point and you have to find some kind of way to get there. I think that they should get those video glasses to put some kinda distance calculator and a checkpoint and hook it up to the glasses and put Gus and Geoff to the test. They could put them in an area kind of like a maze and have them try to navigate through making until they make to the checkpoint and whoever has the fastest time would be the winner. Then they should poor a big bucket of yellow food colored water on the loser and tell him its urine. That would be funny.
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Do open world game like Skyrim!
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Has anybody thought about strategy games gameplay in real life? say like StarCraft, Warcaft, or age of empires.

-Have like two sides of teams, In a maze. Both sides have to eliminate each other, with like nerf-guns/nerf-swords. Each person/unit on the teams has to be given instructions to do anything. And instructions would come from the team commander who has a bird's eye view (probably from a high building or from a camera set really high).

How's that sound people? =)
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a few idea that i can think of would be
top view games like gta 1 and 2
combat weapon loading
gun vs blunt object against zombies
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They should do an immersion for LA Noire, make Gus and Geoff solve a murder.
#77  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 2 Ditto
Mw2 commando pro....... seems good right?
#78  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  - 1 Noob
We need more Immersion. One of your best shows!
#79  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Ditto
Afthotstreak Sponsor
See if they could do something with the gears lancer (chainsaw).
Batman style grapples.
#80  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Mortal Kombat - Fatalities? Just kidding...

Star Wars - If they can see the laser bolts/beams (Because you can on SW: Battlefront and SW: The Old Republic)

Call of Duty - Can you survive getting shot more than a million times in the head? (Paintball maybe?)
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In reply to Fixar247, #65:

Geoff's been in the army so he probably can or close to it but i dont know about Gus...
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I feel this idea is pretty pertinent to what Michael and Geoff have been doing lately. Saints Row: The Third, can a person actually drop kick himself into a car?
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I think immersion is more about game concepts, not so much individual games I read a few good ones in here but saying "do a Zelda one" isn't really enough to go on. Some good topics to test out would be:

-Could people really run everywhere all day since characters in games rarely move slower than jogging speed?
-Drive 10 miles doing each mile in a different car and see how hard it is.
-See how easy real-life crafting would be given only materials.
-Wear obviously mismatched pieces of clothing like RPG characters do.
-Try to use stupidly oversized replicas of weapons.

There are tons of games that would work for all of those.
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Had this idea after watching the Mega 64 immersion: take active duty soldiers vs gamers and hve them compete in say COD or BF3 and see if traditional military tactics work in a video game or if those camping noobs had it right from the start!
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priest81 Non Sequitur
I hope they keep making Immersion. I can see it actually being picked up by a discovery/science channel as a 15 minute short in between other shows. But some Ideas:

- Is a warthog like vehicle practical?
- how easy is it to navigate an obsticle course without any perephrial vision or the inability to turn your head. (like all FPS your body and head turn at the same time. I'm thinking paintball guns and a wolfenstein 3D type maze.)
-can a real concert be put on via guitar hero instruments?
-are the physics of jumping in games at all similar to that in real life? Even in COD, I feel like my chars can jump MUCH higher than reallistically possible.

I'll think of some more, later.
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priest81 Non Sequitur
In reply to DareDragoon, #77:
They should do an immersion for LA Noire, make Gus and Geoff solve a murder.

This would be awesome! leave behind game type 'clues.'
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Thief RTXGuardian
So I sat down with my game collection to help me brainstorm and here are my suggestions-

Brutal Legend- Eddie is able to walk up to wild animals and hitch a ride. I'm thinking goats or some other animal that won't immediately kill Gus and Geoff.

Dead Rising- This one is Geoff specific. Make him get the 7 Day Survivor achievement as Burnie actively tries to kill him (or at least makes him complete tasks to get food).

Halo Grifball- I know it has already been suggested, but I propose that in order to simulate Gravity Hammers they use large foam mallets, and for the swords they take a page from the new sport of Taser Ball

Bayonetta - I stopped here. I cannot scrub my mind of the horrible things I saw involving Geoff, Gus, and skin-tight latex.
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mikefizzled Sponsor
In reply to Thief, #88:

Bayonetta - I stopped here. I cannot scrub my mind of the horrible things I saw involving Geoff, Gus, and skin-tight latex.

Thanks for the Frag Dolls flashback I just had. I now feel a little less manly.

I thought Griffon was a huge part of Immersion. Without her I dont think it will be the same :(
#89  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Wookiee72 Sponsor
In reply to mikefizzled, #89:

I could not agree more. Is there anyone else at RT who has that kind of prop making skills?
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