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Red vs. Blue: Season 10 - Yes, she's their daughterHere is where we can discuss everything about the end of Red Vs Blue Season 9, and the future of season 10

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Season 10 is I think is when Church fines Tex they need to get out of the Epsilon unit so they send out a message that the REAL Reds And Blues get (probably via Caboose) so they set about going to rescue their lost comrad (after some debate) but the Chairman will also get the message that the Epsilon unit still has power and will send his best to rechieveit, unaware that ex-freelancer Washington is still alive...
#2  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 8 Cool
I want to learn more about the Chairman. The faceless character with the other awesome voice (along with the director) who, I guess, bridged the Freelancer project to command. He appears to not be involved with the freelancers in this stage in the flashbacks of season 9. But there is no way to tell for sure yet.
#3  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 30 Ditto
me too!
#4  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  - 2 Lame
In reply to ICallDibs, #2:

I think so to.
#5  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Ditto
BenRG No Goodbyes
I suspect that Season 9 willl end with the reveal of the Freelancer that 'Command' has sent to 'Blood Gulch' to help them recover. In the background, however, will be the threat of the dying Storage Unit. I suspect that Church will be in a race against time to find Tex and find a way out of The Matrix Virtual Blood Gulch before the Storage Unit fails and they are all destroyed. In the flashback, the climax of Season 9 will be the reveal of Tex.

My prediction is that Season 10 will be the story of Church's escape from the Storage Unit and, in the flashbacks, the story of how Project Freelancer began to degenerate into the mess we saw in previous seasons. This will include the truth behind the Sidewinder Massacre, who really was responsible for York's injury, what happened to Wash and Epsilon and, possibly, the Secret Origin of The Meta.
#6  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 8 Cool
Why did you post this thread???????? Season 9 isn't over????
#7  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 5 Ditto
I think Season 9 is going to end with Epsilon regaining his memories of the Alpha torture. In the process, he will come to the realization that Blood Gulch itself was also part of the Alpha's torture. Upon that realization, he will become enraged and vow to seek revenge against the Blood Gulch gang. I think he will also escape the Epsilon Unit before the season is over.

In Season 10, I think Epsilon will be trying to get revenge against the Blood Gulch Gang and the Director. Epsilon might even team up with the Meta, making those two a nearly unstoppable team.
#8  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 3 Cool
EmbryKaida Spiral
In reply to HunterGreavs, #7:

Just for speculation's sake, I'm sure. Because Season 9 is mostly PF and Epsilon Capture Unit, so Season 10 will be getting back to the ORIGINAL BG crew, plus Washington and whatever Alpha survives (i.e Epsi-Church assuming he gets out of the unit, or perhaps a different AI-Church)
#9  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 3 Ditto
I think Church will have left the storage unit by the end of season 9. In season 10 Church might go and find/rescue Dr. Church for answers.
#10  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 2 Ditto
I just think that episode 10 of season 10 will have the most kick-ass Tex fight scene yet.
#11  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 10 Ditto
EmbryKaida Spiral
In reply to MaxMrc, #11:

Assuming, you know, a version of Tex has been established by that point.
#12  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 2 Ditto
I believe the following will happen:

1. Church finds Tex

2. The memory unit deteriorates further causing them to flee into other parts (multiplayer maps)

3. They run into Firefight maps and actually fight the Covenant

4. They use the upcoming Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary edition to show the real blood gulch teams (not the memories) back
in Blood Gulch.
#13  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  - 6 Lame
Logo-wise I believe Season 10 will be in Golden letters.
#14  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 12 Funny
In reply to Marcus_7734, #13:

The multiplayer component of Anniversary is just maps for Halo Reach. Blood Gulch isn't one of the maps since Reach already has Hemorrhage.
#15  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
But wait, what if there IS no season 10?
#16  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  - 11 Noob
BenRG No Goodbyes
In reply to Bacongrease, #16:

A wise question! It might be Season-X!

I'm serious! Try saying it in a deep, gravelly voice! It sounds way more impressive than 'Season Ten', which just sounds like: "We're old, cancel us already!"

Post edited 8/26/11 1:20PM
#17  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 13 Funny
In reply to Bacongrease, #16:

IIRC somebody mentioned in last week's podcast that they just hired a bunch of people for RvB. Since they're probably almost finished with season 9, it must be for season 10.
#18  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Well, there will certainly be a Season Ten. Geoff said in an interview once "We will keep making seasons for as long as people wants them, and then for one more after that."

As for predictions, I'm assuming we will have the spotlight return to the REAL Blood Gulch gang, prehaps explaining some mysteries that are yet to be explained.
#19  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 7 Ditto
In reply to Lemmy7003, #19:

they are going to make them them untell they all pass away ; { sad face
#20  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 5 Funny
In reply to roeas29, #15:

Crap :(
#21  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 2 Ditto
I honestly think it will sadl be the last season. End of season nine, chirch escapes the unbit with tex. SOme thing happens in the real world, idk meta is alive or someone is trying to kill wash. Nowhere to go sfter that. But hopefully its not.
#22  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  - 6 Lame
EmbryKaida Spiral
In reply to AgentVA, #22:

I don't think it's the end. I think it is going to be the beginning of a new story arc. We had the Blood Gulch Chronicles (Seasons 1-5) and we had the Recollection (Season 6-8) Right now 9 could be the beginning of a new Arc, or it could even be a stand alone. Either way, Season 10 will be a new Arc with a new plot, new antagonists (or perhaps some older ones), and new as well as returning characters.
#23  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 4 Ditto
Hmm... Season 10 is full of possibilities.
But i think it would go something like this

1. Church and Tex find each other and the memory unit is on the verge of collapse
2. They escape to the real world
3. The director meets church after the freelancer's have captured both teams
4. Doc or Caboose does something important

That would be good
#24  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 3 Ditto
Hoorah Forum Mod
In reply to LeeLeeBD, #24:

1.Well, Tex has found Church in the memory unit, which is already on the verge of collapse.
2. Is most likely how it will play out.
3. Would be a cool idea, but how many freelancers are left?
4. This is never going to happen, unless you count comedy as important.
#25  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 4 Ditto
LesGrossman Sponsor
I say Epsilon & Tex gets out of the Unit & gets captured by Project Freelancer at the end of this season & then next season the tortures begin again & maybe some Agent we have not met yet ends up not liking the fact that they are torturing the A.I. again so he / she heads to Valhalla to recruit the gang to save the A.I. Or maybe Project Freelancer finds Maine & revives him & they mind fuck him & they make him a good guy again & help him with talking & in a crazy twist the new Maine does not like the fact that the A.I. are being tortured again so Maine himself goes to Valhalla not remembering he was a bad guy & he tries to get the gang to save Epsilon & Epsilon Tex

Post edited 9/07/11 6:23AM
#26  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 2 Cool
EmbryKaida Spiral
In reply to LesGrossman, #26:

Interesting, that first bit, especially given that we don't yet know if PF has actually been disbanded in the "real" world, or what happened in the real world that led us the the events of where we are now in the recursion process.
#27  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
LesGrossman Sponsor
In reply to EmbryKaida, #27:

It does not even have to be PF. Since we know the Director never went to jail & that he is a lying SOB he himself can get a hold of Epsilon & Tex & instead of starting completely over he uses them to split more A.I.
#28  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
(My younger brother's idea)

Maybe the Meta isn't dead and he comes back to exact his revenge on Wash and everyone else who wronged him.
#29  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
EmbryKaida Spiral
In reply to octo74, #29:

He could be. I mean, the events of Revelation might not be reality. Especially given the N+1 (Level unknown +1). It's a theory going around right now.
#30  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 0 Cool
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