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Shroud010 Sponsor
Abridged Series.Everyone has their favorite anime and everyone has their favorite parody and now we can combine them.

This thread is meant to get anime lovers parodies of their favorite anime.
Personally Dragon ball z abridge is pretty good but Supernatural the animation abridge is starting to sneak up to the favorite spot.
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Landon Sponsor
In reply to Shroud010, #1:

I don't watch Anime.

But what are people supposed to add to this thread?
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In reply to Shroud010, #1:

I think it's a bit over done. If the show being abridged isn't or wasn't a high profile anime dubbed into English, then the joke doesn't really work. Guys like Little Kuriboh and Team Four Star are exploring that natural space of cultural confusion that occurs in the transition between languages and nations. You add that to the problems inherent in trying to re-dubb a TV show or film and what you get is the unintentionally hilarious and bizarre English dub of anime. Abridges synthesis and compress that humor that's already present. If you stray away from that into nostalgia and obscurity you leave behind the source and soul of the comedy.

Dubbing is tragic because so often actors who are among the most talented and hardest working in their field are wasted on projects whose flaws are built.

I think what's great about an abridged series is how it can tap into that tragedy and turn it into comedy.

The best abridged series's are those that parody an anime that has some novel trait or some ambition but that can never be taken seriously because of some part of it's design.

Yugi-oh can never escape it's nature as an giant advertisement and extension of a franchise no matter what it tries to do with narrative or how it tries to develop characters. DBZ, no matter how novel or strange they aspire to be is always limited to the formula of it's genre, failure, training, friendship, victory, repeat(endlessly).

I'll probably catch hell for this but I think Fullmetal Alchemist is ripe for this kind of parody. I really enjoy watching that show but over and over again moments of drama and tension are brought down by story elements that are only there because the FMA is expected to conform to an anime genre. It's filled with terrible comic relief that falls on it's face about 90% of the time and at least one mid teenager who is impossibly intelligent and impossibly physically developed for his age. If FMA wasn't a Shonen these things wouldn't be in the story and the story would be richer for it.

That's a place to explore abridging.
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Shroud010 Sponsor
In reply to optimumforge, #2:

This is more of a place where you want to find an abridged version of an anime for example i can't find for the sake of me a decent abridge bleach and here is where you can talk about it and compare different versions and such.
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ErokDragun Forum Mod

but it seems like it may have some life to it

not locked
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LiFeInABoX Thoraxis
I liked the YuGiOh abridged series, but that's about it.
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Shroud010 Sponsor
I tried watching through it, but i couldn't get into. I do admit it was funny but i just saw it as eh
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I have watched quite a few but DBZA and YuGiOh The Abridged Series The Cancelled Series are the only ones I watch a lot of.
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Shroud010 Sponsor
You should watch some of Lanipator's, and Vegeta's older stuff. Its Yu Yu Hakasho abridge and Naruto Abridge
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I really like both Yu-Gi-Oh and Naruto abridged. Someone recently did the first episode of young justice abridged, but it wasn't really cut that short, so it was more of a spoof really. Still kind of funny though.

Oh, and if we're talking about dubbing errors, onigiri does not equal a doughnut. Stop translating it that way America! DX
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Shroud010 Sponsor
Oh There is a new Hellsing Ultimate Abridged that's goes pretty well. Issue is the guy who does it is involved in several projects from Dragon ball z to minor editing stuff so he rarely posts new episodes.
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