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Halo 4 Forge Ideas Ok guys, as some of you might know, i made a Halo Reach Thread but was kinda late considering CEA came out in a month. So same idea pretty much, talk about what you'd like in Forge for Halo 4. Personally id like a map in space.
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Being able to treat a structure made of several items like one just plain structure.
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In reply to EternalTides, #29:

Its funny for you to post that, cause i was just thinking that the other day when i had to build this complex base 2 times.
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wakeman21 Sponsor
I personally would like to see destructible enviornments and being able to create things in forge that actually work without having to change forms and reset them like if you made a cannon.
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I wanty a ability to be able to have a A.I. HelperBot like a advisor programmed with ideas for forge maps. Or more machinima options for forge.
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I think the ability to spawn NPCs would be awesome. You could throw in Marines, flood, covenant (whatever there will be in Halo 4).
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Igings Sponsor
I can think of nothing more fun than having working scarabs in forge, imagine a zombie map that could be made where the zombies have to board and take down a scarab, or attacking from the air, I think it would turn halo into a team game too
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In reply to igings, #36:

Halo is already a team game under certain matchmaking playlists. And in campaign.
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Igings Sponsor
In reply to SHP, #37:

I know, but a scarab would require a whole new level of cooperation, as you would have drivers, gunners and people defending it from boarding. I know its unlikely to be included but it would be good for a future halo game
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In reply to SHP, #37:

In reply to igings, #38:

When 343 does their last Halo and as usual, have multiplayer,fire fight, etc, they should also have a second disk that comes with it and its just the max of multiplayer. Have every veichle, gun, and character (spartan, marine, ODST, any alien from the Covenant, Flood, or any of the new threat thats yet to come. And it'll just be on this HUGE map thats like 50 vs 50.

I know this is really extream, but if their gonna make 6 or 7 Halo games, it should be possible by then id think.
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mikefizzled Sponsor
The ability to spawn NPCs is way to far fetched for Halo 4 I would of thought. They would need to adapt to the environment and have objectives set for them to become useful.

I personally want more usable buttons such as the doors on Standoff, the bridge and anti-vehicle barriers on Last Resort and the gate on High Ground.
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In reply to mikefizzled, #40:

More moving things as well. In Halo 3 (again Last Resort) it had the spinning wind mill and all that, that was actually in the game play and not in the distance. Now i dont know about the map packs in Reach, but from the ones that came in the game, there wasnt any moving objects in the game play.
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mikefizzled Sponsor
In reply to Speed5ter69, #41:

The thing we need to keep in mind that these ideas are easy to replicate on a 4 year old game. But people expect phenomenal graphics and good framerates from a 7 year old console.
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In reply to mikefizzled, #42:

I guess thats true when you think about it. Like ya Xbox has the new 360 but theres still the older ones that probably 70% of people who play halo still have.
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In reply to Speed5ter69, #43:

yeh thats for the new xbox of unknown origion.
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Jake Comm Hunter
redo, weather and time changer options, better texture options, more team color variety
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Sometimes I found myself accidentally deleting structural objects when I wanted to delete spawnpoints or weapons. maybe a confirmation button when u r taking away a structural point like a floor or ramp would be nice.
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I would like better shadowing, more than two lights, environmental editor (snow, rain fog, etc.), the ability to copy and paste/duplicate, and lighting options (hue, contrast, color tint, etc.), that's all for now, now I'm off to fight aliens.
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Igings Sponsor
In reply to mikefizzled, #40:

Just a step further on the button idea, what if you could make buttons separately and make them do customisable things, as in cause explosives to detonate, activate teleporters, raise or lower ramps and bridges, and possibly even spawn weapons in-game.
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In reply to Norman1986, #46:

Or maybe just a undo last action function of some sort.
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A few things would be good:
1) a copy and paste tool. So much handier when creating mirrored maps for balance. I know it's been said, but i agree!
2) maybe a separate function for forging structures and placing weapons. A mode switch or something.
3) Grouping things too, move a whole base left an inch, rather than each piece individually.
4) NPCs, please! a firefight forge would be utterly fantastic!
5) lastly, the weather/environment thing. I know everybody wants it, but it would be rather brilliant :)
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Forging Firefight maps. Wouldn't that be awesome?
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An out of forge Spray Painter that would let me create pictures I could spray paint on the side of buildings and stuff.

AI with designated Paths -----> Spawn 4 marines, set number of waypoints that they should go to and the path they should take; If the maps are all navmeshed then marines falling off the maps shouldn't be a problem.

The previous AI thing might be a tad difficult because depending on the number of players in the game I don't think the xbox would be able to process more then 2 AIs per team with 4 players on a team.

SO . . .

AIs without designated paths that can be placed inside specific AI cover objects ex: a crashed warthog could have 3 marines using it as cover and if you have a map where spawn camping might be a problem a bunker with two 25mm cannons.
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BlackPenguin Guardian x5
I think instead of a set budget or item limits, they should have a stability meter.

Budget and item limits are there so we don't break the game right? But those get in the way sometimes. Instead, it'd be cool if as you build, you have little meter somewhere that shows your map's stability in the engine. It could give a lot of room until it reaches a "warning" point, where there could be some stability issues with your map. In this case, it could set some constraints on who you could play with based on connection, NAT, etc. Then, it could have a "critical" level, where you could only play locally, and run the risk of instability.

Or, it could just be a simple meter with two levels: normal & critical. When you cross over to critical, the engine will recognize the potential instability and not allow you to play on the map unless you bring the meter back down.

I dunno. I'm sure as is, my suggestion has a lot of problems but you get the idea. I think something along those lines is worth exploring.
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Jake Comm Hunter

"Forge 2.0 in Halo: Reach was originally going to feature Weather as a changeable object but was cut due to time restraints: "No weather effects in the Forge. Was something we wanted, but something we didn't get to in time."

this, as well as Time of Day Changer and maybe a larger team color pallet is what i want to see these things in Halo 4 Forge. i think that 343i definitely has had enough time to implement both of these, so maybe we will see them in 3.0 ? :D
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ok crazy thought, but what if there isn't a forge mode in Halo 4?
I know it's horrendously unlikely, and we'd instantly hate 343i for it, but still, they haven't uttered a peep about it.

then again they haven't said much about anything really...
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Jake Comm Hunter
In reply to Drennanator, #55:

it was already confirmed by 343
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In reply to D00ughBoy, #56:

phew, that's alright then.
i figured they had, but for a sickening moment there i was worried.

Well all that's left is to hope they do a good job!
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In reply to Serpentwolf, #49:

Yeah an undo button would be great
#58  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
lordcrusnik Sponsor
Terrain editing without haveing to mod it...Would save a hell of lot of time.
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FBLegacy Sponsor
In reply to BloodHawk97, #3:
Forge weather : Rain, Snow, Windy, and cloudy or sunny.
COPY AND PASTE would be great!
also, A.I. placements would be the tip of the iceburg
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