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Good movies based on games?If you could translate any video game into a movie what would it be?
Weather its because it would make a genuinely awesome movie or it would just be freaking hilarious, share it here!!!!
Have fun! Be creative :D
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Definitely a Dead Space movie.
#31  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Or a movie based on the Dead Island trailer.
#32  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
I would love to see a Legacy of Kain movie, but I can see how the translation into film would be hard.
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I could actually see Kingdom Hearts making a pretty interesting film for someone like Disney or better yet Pixar to give a try!
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EDJE Sponsor
I'm a member of the SPUForums as well, and being a member there means walking into a lot of conversations about how a Half-Life movie can 'totally work.' What I've managed to pull out of there is that to make a good movie about a game, don't remake the game. Don't deal with the plot of the game, and try not to base the movie around the main character, unless s/he is the main source of everything in that franchise - Like Tomb Raider's Lara Croft, for example. I actually heard some really good ideas in one particular thread about a Half-Life 2 movie that dealt with citizens living their lives, having it interrupted by The One Freeman, and them being cast into the rebellion, with it ending with the escape on the train from City 17.
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Oldthink Sponsor
In reply to EDJE, #35:

I can just imagine the scene in which Freeman appears, the citizens recognizing him and realizing that one man has already done so much. They are forced to face their own cowardice and complacency, and in them begins to stir a violent torrent of emotions as they weigh the pros and cons of joining The Freeman in his fight. They discuss what they have to lose, what they have already lost, and whether they really have anything at all in their current, miserable lives. Tempers flare as those willing to risk everything grow frustrated with the acceptance others cannot free themselves of.

All the while Freeman hops around in the background smashing TVs and wooden planks until they're done talking and he continues on his way.
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EDJE Sponsor
In reply to Oldthink, #36:

I've always imagined them contemplating their plight, to have that interrupted by a rebel screaming "He's here! He's coming!"

Then Gordon Freeman bunny-hops past them at 160mph - they only catch a slight orange blur, and then he's gone.
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I would love to see halo, bioshock, gears of war, wet, starcraft, mass effect, dragon age, fable, mirrors edge, duke nukem, saints row as movies. Unfortunatly many projects get scrapped or if they make it they are terrible
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I would only want the following made into a movie if I-or someone who isn't a director who doesn't care about the outcome of a movie-had control over how it was going to turn out: Halo, Half Life, Mass Effect, and maybe Penumbra.
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Hands down I would want to see a lost planet movie or a Xenogears movie.
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Sonic the hedghog was a damm good film, I still love watching it now, I wish they would make another sonic film to be honest, but just sticking with the original characters of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Dr Robotnik (Eggman if your a newgen sonic fan) and Metal Sonic.
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In reply to Stinky7654, #1:

Assassin Creed! They would have to beef up Desmond or even get rid of his character and introduce a new one. The parkour would be great on the screen and add special affects and stealth and you have a blockbuster action movie. I forgot the actors name but he was in Die Hard 4.0. He chased Bruce Willis and got tossed around a lot but he did a lot of cool maneuvers. He met his demise in the room full of pipes where he gets chopped in little pieces in the federal building but the guy did a lot of amazing parkour stuff. I think he was the guy who jumped out of the helicopter when Bruce aimed that car at it. Lol. To cool!!!!

Also Dragonage. Yeah I said it. One thing I haven't seen yet is a good fantasy adventure movie. Besides Lord of The Rings of course which was almost a decade ago. Yes hobbit is coming out but these are somewhat kid rated movies. They have excellent writing and stunning affects but they are missing the true grit of fantasy adventure. I don't even care if they stay true to the game at this point. The story line to both Dragonage games were loose, but fun. But I think if done right it could open up to some other non game fantasy adventure stories. Like The Dark Elf series, or the Dragonlance Saga, but that is an entirely other thread alltogether.
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Assassin's Creed, directed by Ridley Scott. Templar costumes and set pieces from Kingdom of Heaven, and you've got a good start.
Halo by Peter Jackson. Just cause.
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ivolice Sponsor
In reply to TheSweetman, #2:
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In reply to ivolice, #44:
Yeah that was a good web based movie but I want scale!!!! The story deserves to be on the big screen with good special affects and a real budget.
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cp698 Sponsor
I think they should make a bioshock film. They was a short on youtube around new year's which showed how well it could be translated to screen.
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Ravk Sponsor
The ones no one have mentioned yet.

Devil May Cry
Metal Gear Solid

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Ravk Sponsor
Oh I forgot to mention Dante's Inferno
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ivolice Sponsor
#49  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Sparked Sponsor
That game was hard. Wasnt fun and wasnt possible not to die,
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