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Help Using My Capture CardHey, I just got an EasyCap capture card to make montages. I've never worked one, and would really appreciate any help from the community. I installed all the software, but now I just need help capturing the video. It's saved on my Xbox as film clips, and I want it on my computer. Please help!
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tuxedojerich Sponsor
The program you installed on the computer should have some sort of recording option. If not, then the device is only used for displaying or streaming.

There are a ton of programs out there that allow video recording. Sadly, I know Adobe Premiere wont work with some devices, like my HD Avermedia card, but the program that comes with the card did allow it.

Plus, I take it you are using a Halo game. Recording the clip in the game will only store it on the xbox. You need to record it via the program to the computer. As far as I know, there is no way to get a Halo clip to open on a computer.
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Okay, thanks for your help
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