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Crime and PunishmentI've noticed there has been discussion in a number of different threads regarding the heavy-handed sentences given for crimes, particularly in the US. The number of years someone serves for non-violent crimes, especially when compared to cases for violent crimes, seems disproportionate. In some cases, it ends up seeming ridiculous. The most recent example would be the Kim Dotcom issue. Even if he was aware of the rampant piracy going on at MU and supported it, I'm not sure a possible sentence of 50 years fits the crime.

I came across this article today that talks about how the US has the highest prison population in the world. The video includes a discussion about whether the US penal system is effective.

I felt, given the attention this issue has had elsewhere, it deserves its own thread.
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ErokDragun Forum Mod
american prisons have become a profit based situation, hence the ridiculous sentences

the war on drugs is a war on people....particularly people of darker skin
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In reply to Izzi, #1:

When I can find the links, there was a excellent expose of the U.S. penal system and how the for-profit prison system is dictating longer and more sentences for those that have been found guilty.
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Chi_Mangetsu EmEffin TRex
There's also this:
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In reply to Chi_Mangetsu, #4:

You know, I was looking to see if another thread had been made on this topic and glanced over the first few pages, but I didn't catch this one.
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