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joshxmayhem Ocean Slayer
Red N' Black Target Youtube ChannelHey guys, my friend and I run a channel on Youtube called Red N' Black Target and we do CoD commentaries but are hoping to go into other games and possibly do some live action stuff. We would love if you could come and check out our videos. If you like them please leave a like, favorite, and subscribe. Also, tell your friends who may also like our stuff. I will post some of the links to specific videos soon but for now I will leave you with the link to the channel. Thanks in advance! :)


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joshxmayhem Ocean Slayer
Alright, here are the links to some of our latest videos, enjoy!

MW3l Internet Memes:

MW3 ll What's Going On (Gameplay & Commentary)

UMP 45 32-1 TDM| Strange Teachers?(Gameplay and Commentary)

Overpowered Weapons - MW3 (Gameplay and Commentary)
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