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GTA IV or Saints Row 3 i cant decide which game to get. this forum is about which game is better. GTA is cheaper, but the lets play videos from achievement hunter make Saints Row 3 look so fun. i never played Saints Row 3. i play GTA everytime i go to my cousins house. post a comment for which game is better and tell me why.
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Samutz is Glitched
It's a matter of preference. A lot of people compare the two series, but at this point they are both very different, and I love them both.
Get both if you can afford it.

I think GTA4 will get you more for your money. You can get the complete edition (GTA4 with both DLC episodes) for half of what SR3 (without DLC) costs.
On the other hand, SR3 has co-op and is generally crazy fun.

What system are you planning to get one of them for?

If you're looking at PC, GTA4 has a larger modding community. And you can get iCEnchancer or ENB Series to greatly improve the graphics quality of the game if you've got a high end graphics card that can handle it.
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In reply to Samutz, #2:

xbox 360
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Not sure if its worth consideration, but GTA IV does have multiplayer. It's nowhere near the quality of Halo/Gears of War, but can be really fun at times, especially the Cops 'n' Crooks mode. And the online Free Roam can be fun if you have a bunch of people.

Considering that I think GTA IV (and its expansions) has an incredible story, I really have to give my recommendation to it, even though I haven't played Saint's Row: The Third.
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I loved Saints Row three but I felt like it wasn't very long comparatively, only about thirty hours and the first two were almost double that.
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I love both series but for completely different reasons. I love GTA for the story and playing a more realistic game in that style. Saints Row I have a lot more fun with just playing around and causing havoc. But because the game doesn't take itself seriously I don't care about the story. I just like playing them for fun and some laughs. Also the co-op is great.

Over all I love both series and don't think either are necessarily 'better ' than the other.
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Sparked Sponsor
Can't compare these games. The humour, gameplay, story, and much more are different from each other. Love them both
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Saints Row 3, just because it's a lot of fun.
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Saints row because look at the different car customization choices compared to gta4 you can be more creative with your cars and vehicles in sr3 plus there is more guns and upgrades for them in sr3. go with Saints row the third and let your imagination run free
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MrTrelawney Sponsor
I don't have a specific reason really but I just have more fun with the Saints Row games. I've never crazy about GTA games for some reason. I thought it was maybe that I didn't like the open-world style games but I ended up really liking the Saints Row games and Red Dead Redemption. Maybe I like style over substance but the crazy humor in Saints Row: The Third makes it a lot of fun.
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both are so different.
one is serious.
the other is crazybearshit

GTA is amazing
SR3 is amzing
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Balls to the wall fucking redic game.
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Bucka_D Dave
Saints Row the Third!!

It has been one of the best and most hilarious games ive played for a good while!
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I've played both, and they're both good games in their own way.

GTA IV had a pretty "gritty" feel, really enjoyed Niko and his tortured pathos, trying to find his way in America...

on the other hand, I get to play SR3 with my best friend online and we blow lots of shit up, including "juggling," which is a fun activity, and I should post a video for "Things to Do in Saints Row: The Third."

Juggling, or air hockey, or whatever you want to call it, is when you get on opposite ends of a street, and use the akimbo pistols with explosive rounds to shoot a pedestrian -- they kind of kick up into the air. If you have bottomless mags/infinite ammo, you can just keep shooting, and they go a little higher and higher each time. If you play at opposite ends of the street, you can score "goals." It's rather funny...
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For me it's easy Saints Row all the way. GTA IV had HORRID controls, got boring REALLY fast, and had a pretty uninteresting story. Now Saints Row is goofy but it's still more entertaining, great controls and just all around good fun.
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I think saints row 3 is defidently better. You have alot more to do plus the controls for GTA IV sucked. The PC version of GTA IV was a bugged out crazy nightmare.
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SW90 Sponsor
as mentioned above it does all come down the personal preference. I personally didn't like GTA IV but it does take itself a bit more seriously than Saints Row 3. However with Saints Row you will have loads of fun just doing completely stupid things like they show in lets play videos, and SR3 has more replay value.
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In reply to SW90, #17:

It seems like they rushed gta 4. Saints row looks like they put actual effort into it.
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Get both. I have GTA 4 and plan on getting SR3.
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I think the thing we're missing here is it's a choice between a new game and an older game. A game with polished graphics and great controls versus a game that came out a while ago with shit controls and has run it's course.

Get Saints the Third now and see if Rockstar can get it together for GTA 5. At this point I can see little to no point to go back toGTA 4. Now I do HATE that game but even if I had liked it more it would still be on a complete back burner for me.

I am sure people won't like that but it's my personal opinion so...
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Cyberclops14 Piano Wizard
I finished Saint Row: The Third, I didn't play GTA IV for more than a couple hours. This alone tells me their quality in my opinion.
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The Co-op in Saints Row adds even more hours and fun to the game.
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SR3 Because giant purple dildos.
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Saints Row 3, i think it has more replay value, co-op campaign and above all its simply more fun. Trust the forum :D
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