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Got a PS Vita & having problemsI got a PS Vita on launch here in Australia $420 AUD for the 3G Model & $65 AUD for 16GB Memory Card (~520 USD as time of post the 1 AUS was buying 107.9 US Cents). The 3G model is not locked in Australia but does come with a prepaid contractless Vodafone Sim with one month of Data Usage and Wipeout 2048 on first recharge. The games are $60+ AUS at retail but for some rest cost more via PSN, ie Uncharted $59.95 AUD RRP (I was informed that the RRP was 59.95 not 69.95 from sales clerk I know but most places are selling it above) but $62.95 AUD from PSN. Also the Vita is only being stocked by 5 national retailers with the "big three" Big W, Kmart & Target staying out limiting the competition.

Well I like the screen with all its OLED greatness, the games are pretty good, specially for launch titles (the Unit 13 demo is really good) but I am having problems.

First I think the system needs a redesign: I want PS3 size joysticks and buttons with their placement more natural, I am getting RSI-ish issues using the system for around 20 minutes. The PS Vita is bad to hold and so was the PSP but at least the buttons were a good size and didn't feel cheap, small (about 1/2 the size of a PS3 face button) and clicky similar to the ones on the PS Move Navigation Controller. I am a fan of the new D-Pad which is one solid cross instead of separate buttons like on the PS3 & PSP.

Though the biggest problem is in a mere 2 days from purchase I needed to load the device into "debug" mode (hold the power button for ~30 seconds) to force restart as the system would not load from sleep. Also if you place the Vita into sleep while having the browser or notifications open the system will wake into a black screen with the status bar at the top.

Also of great annoyance is that multi connector has been design only to work one way around, like most jacks but can be inserted backwards. This problem also extends (but I have not tested) to the Memory Card, Game Carts & Sim Card slots.

So is anyone having issues
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Not having many Problems with mine. The joy sticks do feel fragile and the buttons abit small for my liking, and the back touch screen seems unreachable ( might be just me ) not had any software problems and all seems good with the browser.
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In reply to Sparked, #2:

There were reports of a high failure rate at the Japanese launch. I have fixed the thing but I'm worried I will need to replace it
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