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Mass Effect 3 ending (Spoilers)Soooo....

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I picked the ending where i fused humans and synthetics the first time and second time i chose to destroy synthetics i thought the ending was interesting except i'm sort of pissed about Shepard dying in the end no matter how well you play.
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I liked it.
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The only thing I didn't like was not getting any references to what happened to your crew after you're gone. It would have been nice to see what happened to them and have your choices effect that. other than that, great ending
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trueghost51 Sponsor
The Mass Effect 3 ending was quite possibly the worst ending to any game I've played in a long time. Not because it wasnt happy, not because my Shep doesnt get to spend the rest of her life with Liara, but simply because it made no sense, and decided to include Space Magic at the very end, which has no place in a series grounded in science.

I dislike the ending so much, I cant really bring myself to play ME1 or ME again, and thats coming from someone who has beaten both 30+ times each
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In reply to trueghost51, #5:

Clearly you never played Indigo Prophecy.

Also, maybe you can't bring yourself to play them again because you beat them 30+ times. Good Christ.
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I've been meaning to register here for months now, but seeing this thread in the forums actually made me bite the bullet and sign up.

So, uh, hi there.

First off, Bioware is hands down my favorite game company, has been ever since KotOR (I'm ashamed to say I missed out on the Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights series, which is why I'm SO pumped about the BG Enhanced Edition that's coming later this year). I don't think I've ever played a Bioware game I didn't love, to the extent that even Jade Empire ranks up there on my list of favorites. Needless to say, I loved Mass Effect 1 & 2.

And second of all, Mass Effect 3 is hands down my favorite Bioware game so far. Everything Mass Effect 1 & 2 did right, Mass Effect 3 did better.

Except for the ending.

There are a whole load of reasons it was disappointing, most of which were excellently summed up in this Gamefront article. I won't list every gripe I've got with it, as this post is already starting to turn into quite the wall of text, but suffice it to say it offered virtually zero closure and felt rushed in the extreme. It didn't help that after five years of offering player's meaningful choices, the finale consisted of "choose what color light you want to be in the closing cinematic".

Bioware's got a truly devoted fanbase, and I include myself in that category. Which is why it's telling that the Bioware forums are in an uproar over the matter. It's not just players who just picked up Mass Effect 3 that are upset, but Bioware's core fans, the one's who've been with them since Baldur's Gate, that are calling them out for not living up to their potential.

There's a truly fascinating take on the backlash and Bioware's response to it in this thread over on the Bioware forums. It's well worth a read if you're interested in telling Bioware you'd like to see some DLC clear up the ending issue for the fans.
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sdavis117 Grumpy Guy
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In reply to trueghost51, #5:

Here's the problem that everyone has, they feel like the game was very personal to them because you get invested it the story and the characters and the choices.
So when ending this story it can only end one of two ways and what people want is that since of personalisation with the game that they've gotten throughout the trilogy, but you can't fit that to work with everyone's own version of the story and how it played out.
Personally I liked it because it wasn't too cliche and you have to take a step back and really think about it, Shepard was a hero and being that hero had to put everyone else before them so much so that it ends up costing the ultimate price.
But, the part I really liked once I thought about it was the fact that by making one of these choices in the game Shepard is creating a mass effect by changing the way EVERYTHING is FOREVER.

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Apparently Shepards alive because when you pick destroy all life forms i think and your EMS is above 5000, there will be a short cutscene and Shepards body twitches or moves!!!
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In reply to alfonsosf, #10:

Yeah, as long as you don't mind wiping out the Geth... or EDI... :-P

On the other hand, there's some pretty awesome Youtube videos showing what firing the Crucible does if you go into the final battle with less than the minimum EMS... Essentially, it pulls a Halo Array. ;-)
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Also, sorry for the double post, but I just love that the fans are channeling their displeasure over the ending in such a positive direction:

Since dollar signs are the only language corporate execs understand,they've raised over $65,000 dollars for Child's Play. That's just awesome.
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In reply to Xibalba2012, #7:

best first post ever.
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as i chose to destroy the reapers, and as the fire ball rushed over earth, i was like "SHIT NO, GO BACK, GO BACK!"
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If you have not finished game, look away now.
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I know, the ending was awful. I mean, none of my choices really mattered towards the ending until Bastila, who changes sides at a drop of a hat, basically asks me to choose being light side or dark side. The whole magic Star Forge that can make infinite ships forever thing being the key to galactic domination thing is absurd. You are telling me that one shipyard can somehow produce more ships than the entire rest of the galaxy combined without needing raw materials? That is just absurd, even in science fiction. There is also no closure, either. I mean, I can get a medal and everyone cheers or I get a generic looking space shot telling me I conquered the galaxy. Where is the epilogue that tells me what happens to Steve from Dantooine?

I mean, come one Bioware. The ending for all your games is obviously fantastic, so how dare you make a game with a bad ending that doesn't resolve anything.
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Cyberclops14 Piano Wizard
It just seemed that Bioware lost their minds due to how much they didn't want to let their series go. If only they could let the franchise go with a bang instead of the disappointing and reluctant finish that they gave.
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apparently you can not destroy your peeps while destroying the reapers, and shepard survives.
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In reply to Matheau, #16:

I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite comeback on the Citadel.

Still, they've raised the bar since then. I don't even mind the absurdity of the Starchild so much as I resent the months of statements about the game before it's release, statements like this one from Casey Hudson back in January:

"This story arc is coming to an end with this game. That means the endings can be a lot more different. At this point we're taking into account so many decisions that you've made as a player and reflecting a lot of that stuff. It's not even in any way like the traditional game endings, where you can say how many endings there are or whether you got ending A, B, or C."

For the record, when my Shepard got to the Starchild, I chose the "B" ending.

Like I said, I love Bioware, but they made promises they couldn't deliver on. I'm not that bitter about it; I get the sense that they were pressured to release the game before it was entirely ready (original release date was supposed to by Holiday 2011, if I remember correctly), and I think that behind closed doors, the guys behind it might even agree it feels a little rushed. As someone who doesn't buy a lot of games, I regret how things turned out, but if Bioware listens to the fans concerns and releases some DLC addressing it, I'll happily dish out for it and go back to singing the game's praises.
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the complainers are not going to get what they want, they can bitch and moan all they want.
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Well, complainers who want "lol the last 10 minutes were all a dream you see he was indoctrinated by Harbinger lol" are not going to get what they want. But Bioware's already backpedaling on the "our ending is full of genius and artistic integrity" comments they made when this whole thing started, and have essentially come out and said on their message boards that they realize a lot of fans think they screwed up.

We know they intend to make more moola off of DLC. It would make the most sense for them to release ending-fix DLC first, not something that rewrites the ending, just expands on it so that fans aren't left wondering WTF just happened and maybe get to see a bit more of their squad before the credits role. I know I personally would love the option in the endgame to tell the Catalyst to go fuck himself, but it's not a deal-breaker for me if that doesn't make the cut. If they did that, most fan's concerns would be taken care of, they'd make some money off of selling the DLC, and more importantly they'd stitch their fanbase together, getting a bigger audience to buy future DLC. I mean, if you hate the ending, why would you want to dish out the cash to buy something like Lair of the Shadow Broker if you know that none of it will matter and you'll still end up destroying galactic civilization at the end anyway?
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i would love a change to the ending, i didn't like it, well sort of, but i understand the choices that were made. people were saying all endings were bad, but if you gainful support, around 5000 galactic readyness, then sheps doesn't die, and you can destroy the reapers without destroying everything else.
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In reply to Xibalba2012, #21:

you make good points sir, and i do want dlc, and multilayer is another way to get a better ending
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Even with the highest possible readiness and military strength going into the final battle, it is not possible to destroy the Reapers without destroying the geth and EDI. BTW, I've seen a couple of complaints from people not liking how multiplayer mode could influence the single player campaign, but even without having played any multiplayer yet I was able to successfully stop the Reapers without wiping out Earth. I'm down with the heroic sacrifice aspect of Shepard's death in the Control / Synthesis endings; most people are NOT looking for a "happy ending," just an ending that makes sense. For example, my Paragon Shepard made peace between the Geth and the Quarians. I'm just looking for the option to tell the Catalyst "Hey, wait a minute, that thing about synthetics always wiping out organics isn't true...", and to get some answers to questions like why how my squadmates got back on board the Normandy and why Joker inexplicably bailed on the final battle to make a jump through the mass relays right before they were destroyed.
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sdavis117 Grumpy Guy
In reply to Xibalba2012, #24:

Wait, why are you suggesting that Bioware charge fans money for a fixed ending? That's like charging money for balance fixes. It seems a little greedy.
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In reply to sdavis117, #26:

well if there willing enough to create a website, and various youtube videos and a petition for a change they can shell out 800 MSP for a fucking change they fucking want. its like demanding a tv show return, then not watching that tv show.
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In reply to sdavis117, #26:

Do I think fans should have to pay for DLC giving them the ending they were promised in the first place? No.

But do I realistically expect Bioware to be able to provide a large DLC fix, hiring / rehiring writers to do it right and paying the voice cast to record it all without charging us anything for it? Even if they're willing to, would the higher ups in EA green-light such a move?

I just can't see it happening for free. But they could always surprise me, and win even more goodwill then I'm expecting.
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Why does a game have to be a fan service? Why can't people just take it and like it for what it is?
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