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Code Brown...Have you ever been in a place and a Code Brown happens? A Code Brown is when someone takes a poo somewhere like in a supermarrket or elevator.

My code brown experience... When I was at the supermarket some kid probably 5 years old pulled his pants down and started walking like a duck and all you can see behind him was a trail of brown poo. Then I heard the guy on the speaker say "Code Brown. We have a Code Brown on isle number 4" Haha one of the funniest day of my life.
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Never heard of a "code brown," but in a hospital, "Dr Brown" refers to a dangerous person threatening others, e.g. mental patient or other security threat.

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Jarrgon_II Sponsor
In reply to ChaosAD, #2:

What if there actually is a Dr Brown who works at the hospital?
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Once I saw a kid take a shit in a public pool. Well, I didn't see it happen, but I saw the evidence, if you know what I'm talking about. They cleared out the pool for the next half hour.
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In reply to emPtysp4ce, #4:

One time as a Kid I took a piss in the pool..

from outside the pool..

hardly a code brown, but enough to get me a fuck turn of dirty looks...
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One time when I was like 3 or 4, I had a code brown at my dad's friend's house and I didn't know where the bathroom was, but my dad was gutting a deer with his friend and I was too afraid of the dead deer to go up to him and ask him, so I just shit my pants
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