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Best Gaming Controller?Lets face it, over time the standard gaming controller has seen many iterations. But which is your favourite?
For me, its the Gamecube controller. Why? Has to be THE most comfy, responsive and downright awesome gaming controller ive ever used. It has a simply layout, the shoulder buttons has those deep grooves so your fingers were literally always in them, the c stick was a sly addition, often used as a a camera operator or even in some cases item selector or to harness the power of your Wind Waker!

But that's just me, what about you?
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I loved the Duke from the first xbox just because I have pretty big hands.
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Kaoru27Umi Vamp
N64 controller was the most comfortable controller I ever had. Fit like a glove baby!
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In reply to Kaoru27Umi, #3:

Not gonna lie; N64 was a super close second
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MisterJ984 Sponsor
In reply to Dakoba, #2:

What are ya Mr. Mime
I love the Duke but the best was a Sega Super Pad that had 6 buttons for the Genesis
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In reply to MisterJ984, #5:

I mean Venusaur.
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Hunter Achievement
While each gaming controller is special in its own way, and most every one has a special place in my heart (except anything Playstation), I think the Xbox 360's wireless controllers are the best. They're nice and weighty without being too much, fit perfectly in anyone's hands, and in general just work really really well. If only the D-pad were better...
#7  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 4 Ditto
I really like the Xbox360 wired controller. Seriously, what other controller can you mod to dispense hot pockets without serious structural remodeling. It's also very durable, mine has taken a lot of punishment and only required a little cleaning here and there to keep it in good shape.
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I would say the 360 controller and Gamecube controller were the best for me. The N64 controller was fine, but I still can't get over the idea that the controller was made for an octopus.
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Best controller ever.
#10  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 4 Funny
Greenie That Guy
In reply to ErickK, #10:

God, it's the Scorpion Tank of controllers.
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In reply to GR33NMaN, #11:

Knowing how much the old controllers could handle I'd say this thing can handle more impact than the average Scorpion tank.
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Jryix Sponsor
In reply to GR33NMaN, #11:

thats just the controller the steel battalion devs thought up.

and the 360 controller is on the best, bit of weight and still comfy
#13  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
n64 controller was awesome but my hands are too big, and i need one more...
#14  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
I really think Microsoft nailed it with the 360 controller. The Xbox S controller was nice, but I think they ironed everything out in the 360 version. It fits my mitts wonderfully.
#15  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Myles, I think you nailed it with the Gamecube controller. I love my Wavebird, and still use it when I occasionally play Zelda. The N64 was decent, but it just felt like it had superfluous grips on it. I'm not sure I recall any games I played on the N64 that I used the left grip with the D-pad. *deep in thought* But my favorite is the 360 controller. Sony controllers just felt like I was holding a 2x4 with buttons and stuff.
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In reply to Shlugendah, #16:

If i could use my GC controller for every console, i would
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360 controller is great, and would be my favourite.

Played a PS3 the other day, terrible controller. Having the triggers as a bumper equivalent, does not make a lick o' sense, plus it felt tiny.

Haven't used many other controllers much.
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So really, is there anyone who actually prefers the PS controller/s?
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I really like the 360 controller. It seems the be the only kind of controller that fits everyones hands and it has a nice weight without being over the top. I know this wasn't part of the question, but I've just got to point it out, the PS controllers have got to be my most HATED controller of all time. It's like they challenged themselves to make the most uncomfortable controller physically possible.
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I agree with LikesCrazy. The 360 controller has really good form factor and fits nice in the hands. Besides fixing the D-pad and making the buttons clicky like the DSi I don't think I would do much to change it.
#21  Posted 3 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
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