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Podcast 162 could be it's on RTAAHow many awesome stories did this podcast have? Especially towards the end around the whole thing with Gus' party.


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In reply to TPro, #1:

Well, all specific ideas may be posted here. There are already some from the most recent podcast but more are always good, right?
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There must be one now about Gavin trying to describe the brain and how scientists discovered it was there. Wow THAT was amazing and I'm just happy to have been able to have listened to it.
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On the Pot subject....... Here in the UK you can sell the hydroponics equipment, containers and even dried seeds for the plant in designed ornamental display cases for "collectors of seeds" but you can sell the "collectors items" in the same shop as the hydroponics" . Also before its said no I don't

Passing out wise I've been so I'll I passed out for like 2 seconds standing up and came round just before I lost balance, so I went to bed and slept it off. I've passed out / gone to sleep in a lecture twice due to boredom, passed out for 5 minutes onto my bed due to lack of sleep at Uni and nearly gassed myself out cold by accident while working with chlorofom. I have also greyed out about twice and purpled out once (you don't go out cold as such but your vision gets messed up with those)

They discovered about the brain due to a fairly famous story involving a screaming pig being live dissected and them cutting the nerves one by one and found the pigs mouth was still open but it was still trying to squel.
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I had my wisdom teeth taken out recently. I REFUSED to be knocked out. Ugh instead I had some laughing gas on super high for 20 minutes before the whole situation. Couldn't eat for 14+ hours before the procedure so I was starving.

Nurses come in and I apparently talked Subway and hit on them until they started ripping teeth out. Didn't feel a thing. Remember it all but nothing specific really stands out. Even right after it happened it just felt like an old memory.
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That's what Burnie was talking about. You're still active but you don't remember and you are not in charge of your own actions. You're moving on instinct. That's scary stuff. Imagine you at your worst.
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In reply to TPro, #6:

Weird fact some people have a messed up reaction to laughing gas and rather than it relaxing them they aren't conciously aware but they go super violent and angry, kind of like the Reavers from Firefly.
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They had to ask me to stop moving my feet. I was like "whaaaa?" Then I peek down and I'm like just tapping away with both feet. Seriously that gas made me feel like a little kid again.
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