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A minority band-aid?The first topic mentioned in this week's podcast #163 is how bandages are racist because they blend in with white people's skin.
I never thought about that, and that is funny, but
It would be far more racist to have different bandages for minorities. How do you market that?

"Mexican bandages. To blend with your darkish skin."
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Yeah I never thought about it till then as well thats why i love the podcast.
They could aways invent a chameleon band-aid and that would suit everyone

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Samutz is Glitched
The only thing I can think of is simple make a variety pack of different colors.

This may also be why they started making bandaids with patterns and "fun" colors and such for kids.

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Shoot_Here Seaworth
In reply to Samutz, #3:

Damn, you beat me too it.
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Ramsus32 Sponsor
I'm half black and half white and I never realized until listening to this weeks podcast that band-aids were supposed to be flesh colored. I'm 23 by the way
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