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Tragic InjuriesSo as you probably know if you follow sports, Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls has a torn ACL, an injury that will not only more than likely cost the Bulls a shot at the championship, but severely jeopardize his career. Worst part about it all, is Derrick is one of the nicest, most humble guys in sports. It's the kind of thing where (almost) every basketball fan has to feel bad in a way, because there's no denying he's just a great dude.

Sadly, this isn't the first injury to take one of the better people in sports out in a big way, any others that you guys can think of?
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Hoorah Forum Mod
Well, there hasn't been evidence to prove thus far yet, but I think Peyton Manning's neck injury might do it in for him. Especially now that he doesn't have his old protection. Injuries that have happened? You could look at just about any former boxer and their head trauma.
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In reply to HOORAH93, #2:

The reports of hearing loss do to boxing is on the rise and now we have to add in UFC. Their ears are nearly destroyed by the end of their career.
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Italian footballer (soccer) dies during the match.
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That is all...
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Clint Malarchuk getting his throat sliced and surviving only because the trainer who rushed out was a Vietnam medic

Then about 20 years later the exact same thing happened to Richard Zednik who was smart enough to skate to the bench with a cut neck.

That second incident caused Clint Malarchuk to suffer from PTSD and he tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the chin. He survived and just recently released an autobiography.
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