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Will technology become a bad thing?I have wondered for awhile if technology will become a bad thing. What if we become so dependent on modern tech. that we can't survive without it? I've decided to start this discussion because recently I have been thinking about us, the human race, very seriously. We as a race have become so specialized that some people can't use a screwdriver or even change oil in their car. To much of anything can become a bad thing, and the same goes for technology. I have seen the new Black Ops 2 trailer and recently read a short story called The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury, and both have to deal with harm that tech. can do to humans. Believe me, I love technology; I own an Xbox as well as a PS3, a PC, and I am currently enrolled in several computer classes. I just love to think about the future, as well as the harm it can bring. I would love to discuss with people who have the same opinion as I.
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MissingLink1 Sponsor
In reply to MrMajiggles, #1:

One of the main issues I've noticed is that people don't need to retain much information anymore, it is available on their smartphones instead.

How many recent conversations have you had with family/friends where they have had to consult their phone to provide information, or trust what you have just told them?

Let's face it, people already have shocking mathematical skills because of the advent of calculators which have subsequently been available on most other forms of technology. I've been in shops before where people can't figure out change without checking it through the till. Worse yet, they ask me what the change is...

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Technology will not become a bad thing in the future as right now technology is at a unstable stage. Think about we use petroleum to power our cars, a limited resource that doesn't have a viable answer yet to replace it. In the future I'm sure the technology will help humans live in harmony with the earth not the humans harvesting the Earth for the minerals. Right now with technology we are at a unstable stage where we need answers right now but we have none and we need far more advanced technology to help us get through the years that are about to come.

I'm only talking on a worldwide perspective not a gaming perspective.
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In reply to MissingLink1, #2:

I agree, and I've been in that situation before.
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In reply to SentryBot, #3:

Nice counter.
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Radius55 Site Admin
Technology is in no way inherently evil or bad. It can be used in such ways, but it's not at fault. Even in the case of, say, Chernobyl, it's not the reactor's fault it exploded. It was the fault of the technicians who were operating it incorrectly, the engineers for not putting in more fail safes, and the USSR for being run by idiots who didn't see any problems with cutting corners to meet goals.
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TrueMischief Sponsor
In reply to MissingLink1, #2:

Just because humans know less off the top of their head does not mean they are less intelligent than in the past. People no longer have to be walking information centres, now its more a case of finding the information you need and applying it to the situation at hand. I think that'f far more valuable then knowing as much as possible
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MissingLink1 Sponsor
In reply to TrueMischief, #7:

Then people can become over reliant on these devices. What if there is an emergency and their battery runs out. What do they do?
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In reply to MrMajiggles, #1:

the only way i'd see technology as a bad thing is if were to become more expensive and increase the steps between the rich and the poor. And of course if we were to face an i-robot scenario
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I, for one, welcome our robot overlords.
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I see both sides of the argument. On one side this is almost the highest form of evolution, being able to simplify our every action. We have outgrown the need to store lots of information and outgrown the need to put ourselves in the way of danger when a robot can do it. But also with the ever increasing population ,and therefore the ever increasing amount of technology being used, could make it much easier for humans to kill each other and ultimately themselves. Technology in my opinion could be the end of humans, all it takes is a power mad dictator to set off a nuke fitted with a few too many mega tonnes or a ever developing robot army to kill us all.
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Hoorah Forum Mod
Invention and innovation is never a bad thing. What makes technology appear good or bad is how it is used and what it is used for.
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In reply to MrMajiggles, #1:

I agree with your sentiment in some regards. My father grew up on a farm that was about 30 miles from the nearest town, and as a result he knows a ton of things about mechanics, construction, welding, etc. that he learned simply out of necessity since he and his family were so isolated. He moved to the suburbs to start his family, and throughout my childhood I was always astounded by the number of things that he could do seemingly effortlessly that my suburban friends and neighbors would have to hire professionals to come and do for them. I'm a big proponent of technology and innovation, but my father's example has definitely inspired me to try and learn as many useful skills as possible so that I can rest easy with the knowledge that I won't be totally screwed if our modern technologies/conveniences were to suddenly become unavailable.
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In reply to Jenkies125, #13:

My grandpa is the exact same way.
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I wouldnt even say that we know less of the top of our heads as previous generations due to technology, just that the quantitiy of information availible nowdays makes everyones knowledge base much more varied.I mean when you think about it Public Education was barely even availble a few centuries back, and I bet it had nothing on what children learn in school today, and now we have access to more data anyone could ever remember with the internet at our finger tips :P

Ultimately as the population increases and earths resources dwindle, some mad scientist shit will be our only salvation ;)
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In reply to Dranzsik, #15:

There is no glory in academia. More information is available, but most of it is vapid, nonsensical information. Few people can understand the difference between reliable sources e.g. scholarly journals, and whatever crap they read via email rumors. Most of the "information" people know are things like Snooki's favorite color, or how many times Kim Kardashian has been married. Useful, smart things aren't focused on.

We're headed for "Idiocracy," and our technology is enabling it, because our priorities are backward. Not the fault of the technology -- it's a PICNIC. (Problem In Chair, Not In Computer).
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In reply to ChaosAD, #16:

You have the right idea. There are so many idiots that believe anything on the internet.
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In reply to Dranzsik, #15:

Very valid points. And the internet has definitely changed the game. I was shadowing a pediatric endocrinologist in a medical clinic a few months ago and the formula for modern healthcare seems to be that the physician will come see the patient in the exam room, then he heads back to the staff room where the other physicians and the computers are. Then he'll spend 10-15 minutes researching the patient's symptoms online and speaking with the other doctors, before returning to the exam room to give the diagnosis and the prescribed treatment to the patient. I asked the endocrinologist how having the internet has changed things (the man was in his late 70s so he's been in medicine since before the internet was available) and his response was something along the lines of "the internet has revolutionized things. It used to be that we had to remember much more information or know where to find anything we didn't know off the top of our heads in our reference books. Now with the internet, we physicians tend to focus on recognizing and understanding the more basic ailments and their probable causes in the exam room, then we do online research back in the staff lounge to refine our focus and pinpoint the specifics behind the symptoms via electronic databases compiled by physicians worldwide."
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In reply to Jenkies125, #18:

Seems like the internet had revolutionized it.
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In reply to qshop, #20:

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In reply to qshop, #20:
In reply to MrMajiggles, #1:

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In reply to SentryBot, #25:

I believe so.
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In reply to qshop, #28:

Interesting... Usually scammers can't spell... And this seems to be the case.
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Go get a job if you want money. There are other ways to be productive other than spamming people to click on ads.
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In reply to qshop, #30:
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In reply to qshop, #33:
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TrueMischief Sponsor
In reply to MissingLink1, #8:

Humans are all about dependence. We depend on food, water, companionship, shelter and so forth. If any of that goes away we could die. So if I have an artificial heart and it runs out of batteries I die but if I have an artificial leg and it runs out of batteries I take it off and put on a stick.
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It will always have it's goods and its bads, it just depends on how you look at it.
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