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BojacPrime Poke Master
Horse Bracket PredictionsPost your Predictions for the upcoming Horse Tournament
Here is mine

Some of my choices are uneducated guesses but I think Mike will take it in the end.

You don't have to post a picture feel free to type out your predictions.
I would have posted this in the AH forum but since half the office is involve I figured it would be fine here in GD.

If anybody guesses exactly I will give them either sponsor or a month of Xbox Live.
I will only give this to the FIRST person to guess exactly.

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Keegan Music Guy
... Ctrl+V: Seems about right. :P
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Keegan Music Guy
No, but really I would bet these are correct. I am not completely sure who Brian or Gray are... but I know all of the RvB guys are pretty terrible at Halo. I don't know if Geoff would make it past the second round with Kerry, seeing as he hasn't won in a while, but he has played a lot more horse than Kerry. Michael is really good at Horse. I think Joel's first and second match will be the funniest to watch. Gavin will make odd noises the entire time, and Ray will surprise us all by being pretty good for his first time playing in a tournament.
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2nd colum: Michael, Gus, Gray, Goeff, Ray, Adam, Burnie, Gavin
3rd colum: Michael. Goeff. Ray. Gavin.
4th colum: Michael. Gavin.
Winner: Gavin.
(complete guesses) :D
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BojacPrime Poke Master
In reply to Mike, #4:

That's not a bracket prediction thread.
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