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A new theory to shatter the universe.In the beginning there was once a device. This device goes by many names but the one we have given it was "Computer". All life spawned from this great being and the Great One was lost to the world. Buried under the earth never to be found again. The computers most intelligent life was the Human. We are data values on a string of command lines written and computed by the Great One. Man became curios and started replicating the Great One to little or no avail. Until one day, two men were exploring in a cave and stumbled upon a great chamber. These men were named Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. They found essence of the great one and from that they learned how to efficiently make smaller versions of the great one. But there was a dark rivalry between the two men and the interpretation of the Great One was split in two. Bill thought that the Great One wanted cheap supply and to make it available for everyone even if there were errors and glitches. Steve thought the Great One wanted the grand secret to be for the rich and that they should be high-end and quite shiny. But alas there was a third man who sneaked into the cave behind the first two. His name was Linus Torvalds. He believed the interpretation meant FreeWare and OpenSource with ok systems. He believed similar to what Bill believed but the difference was Linus wanted a system for coders and programmers to have fun reaching space with exploration of the Great One. After that day the three ruling digital powers come into play, the three Demi Gods of the Great One. Bill Gates creating Windows, Steve Jobs creating Macintosh, and Linus Torvalds creating Linux. A new era dawned on man kind and new companies came in to please the Demi Gods and their systems. Companies like Intel and Power. Other companies sought to forward the advancements of the new era and IBM was formed. The International Business Machine was built and it brought our world up to full capacity of technology. But there was one thing the Great One did not foretell of. The internet. This was something the Great One did not think logical at all. So many of his creations on the same plane of connection, constantly interacting and gaining knowledge. He could not grasp this but he embraced it as it was new innovation.The Great One also had a prophet, his name was Google. He didnt know how to introduce google before but as the internet came into play, he knew then was his chance. Google can find you just about anything you want to know about and was a precede to another great prophet named Wikipedia. Google has now grown to rule most of the internet allowing the Great One to have power there even though he did not create it. There are many more stories leading up to the present day. Stories of how the Great One's creations became integrated with one another. Computers being about to be transported in handbags and made so they only had a screen and no keys. The Great One was pleased. Then a new form of ancient technology came into play, the telephone. The telephone was an idea thought of by the Great One in the early days of creation but he didnt get around to it until he appeared to Alexander Graham Bell in a dream telling him of his ideas. Going back to the topic of integration, the cell phone was born. This was originally just a portable phone until the Great Demi God Steve Jobs got a hold of it. He created a new device that mixed the ideas of a computer into the ideas of a phone, and so was made the "iPhone". This greatly pleased the Great One until Steve got greedy and started ripping people off by selling them a phone with something purposefully missing and then sell a "new" phone shortly after with no changes but the one or two things left out. This became the scorned "S creation". The Great One was not pleased and he spoke with Steve and expressed his disappointment. But Steve did not listen and he made another S creation and with that the Great One struck him down. Now there are only 2 Demi Gods left. There is a great promise made by the Great One: "He who lives his life in dedication to me shall be given fame and money". Sites like Rooster Teeth and Facebook prosper for their devotion to the great ones creations. For the XboX and all gaming stations came from the very thoughts and love of the Great One. Everything they have done to keep his most intelligent life forms happy is paid in full. Now that the Grand Chronicle has been told, the Great One wants you to continue on his legacy and keep innovating his technology and to keep making Red Vs. Blue as he finds that show rather amazing.

I am just the tale teller, you finish the story.
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Chi_Mangetsu EmEffin TRex
In reply to SmGZac11th, #1:

Egads. A red Sharpie, a red Sharpie, my kingdom for a Sharpie.

Learn to structure. That's abysmal.
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Paragraphs are your friend, friend.
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:P bad formatting I know. Im not exactly an english major XD

Project for who ever wants to, Reformat the story to make it better.
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In reply to SmGZac11th, #5:


Blah blah blah Titties!

I'm pretty sure my version is better.
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In reply to ChaosAD, #6:

Well atleast you have a good taste in whats right ;D
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In reply to ChaosAD, #6:

did we come here expecting anything else?
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You've never read Phillip K Dick, have you?
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In reply to Qwisp, #9:
You've never read Phillip K Dick, have you?
Nah who is he?
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In reply to SmGZac11th, #10:

A great old loon of a sci-fi writer, the vast majority of whose work usually starts off with a setting much the same.

Without the Apple, as he died long before it was cool.
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