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Podcast #168 - Player created laws, etcJust in case people were interested in this, there are Grand Theft Auto San Andreas multiplayer servers that are roleplay servers with civilians and law enforcement officers. There are also roleplay servers on Garry's Mod that have a similar setup.

San Andreas Multiplayer (you will need the base game):
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TPaz korokva117
I'm curious how it works, do you get permabanned if you die? Is going to jail(if you surrender to the player police) a tempban?
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sdavis117 Grumpy Guy
The whole "cops and robbers roleplay" thing is popular in lots of games. I personally never saw the point, the game mechanics themselves rarely supported them, but they existed. Even Halo Custom Edition had such servers hosted on city maps.
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In reply to korokva117, #2:
I'm curious how it works, do you get permabanned if you die? Is going to jail(if you surrender to the player police) a tempban?

On the server I go on, when you die you just get "player killed" which means your character loses like the last 30mins of memory. When you get arrested you get sent to a prison to extend the roleplay, there are people who roleplay as the police and prison guards to enhance this.
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I have always wanted to play like that, hardcore mode. SWG was pretty good with that sort of environment, if you did not follow certain rules you would be penalised by the other players.
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Burnie was wrong about the longest running show in america, WWE RAW(wrestling) is the longest running tv show, it is about to hit it's 1,000 Episode in june, which beats every other tv show out there...
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It's not exactly a police force, but in the game "Realm of the Mad God" is a perma-death mmo type game, and reputation is important to high level players. If you mess around and try to grief people, don't be surprised if no one will trade with you or come to your aid.

Also, players tend to travel in packs to ensure safety. It's pretty great to watch thirty or so people just run madly down the road so they can safely grind levels.
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SkeltonUK Sponsor
In reply to natedorg666, #6:

You do realise that Guiding Light has accumulated a total of 18,000 episodes and has been running for 72 years. Somehow I don't quite understand your logic of 1000 Episodes of semi naked, steroid ridden, oily men rolling around in a very bleak story beats that but ok. Back on topic.

When I played Runescape back when i was about 13 years old I joined a clan/guild that would enter the Wilderness (the PvP area for anyone who hasn't played everyone who was born in the 90's first mmo) and we would fight other clans etc as you did but we would also look for any groups of players trying to cause trouble or help out numbered players (maybe 1 on 5 as was often found at the dragons in the wilderness)

It's been the only time I've seen any kind of law enforcement in games except Counter Strikes minigame Jailbreak where one team plays bad guys and the other plays Good guys.
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