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Youtube channel tipsI've been working on this channel with my friends for a while and we have almost reached 30 videos, unfortunately we don't have many subscribers or views. I think the video are at a standard which should deserve more than we have at the moment. Any tips on how i could boost it up?
Would be much appreciated if you checked it out and gave me some feedback on what you think (BTW its a minecraft channel with the exception of two Assassin Creed videos)

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I subbed, I like the content you make, so ill continue to enjoy it. youtube success, like any success, isnt definite. the best you can do is to make content you enjoy making, and hope that others will eventually catch on.
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Thanks man, we haven't really had much feedback on what we've done, do you prefer survival maps, normal lets plays, or adventure maps?
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I'm Not A Youtube Star But I Recommend Just Being Consistent With Your Content And Enjoy Making It. No Other Tactics Help Without Hindering Your Channel Via Sub For Sub Or Spamming. That Just Leads Too Inactive Subs And Flak On Your Videos, Some More Established Youtubers Will Even Block You.

The Only Ways I Can Think Of Is Using Forums, Not For Spam But Too Become Established In A Group And People Will Become Interested In You And Your Channel. Also Try Submitting Videos To Other Things Such As AH Community Channel, MarkOfJ's Subscriber Tuesday And Other Thins Of The Sort. Last Resort, Try Contacting Other People In The Same Position As You And Start A Small Network Where You Can Help Each Other Via Dual Commentary's And Video Ideas.

Hope This Helps! ^_^
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Good idea, thanks!
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In reply to TGamingPlaza, #3:

i prefer survival vanilla. you make good stuff, just keep it up.
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In reply to TGamingPlaza, #5:

and if you want to make videos with me, thatd be fun!
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Add me as a friend on youtube!
I'll make sure i message you sometime about it!
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Btw if you haven't already checked it out, we have a vanilla survival going on now, the 5th episode went up today
Its called 'The Minecraft Diaries'
Tell me what you think! :)
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