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The future of space

I thought this was extremely interesting. Don't dismiss it immediately, really take a look at the ideas being presented here.
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We are already in the future. People just don't know it.
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If someone makes a space ship like that I am going to try so hard to be on it.
Of course, it wouldn't be giant, spacious, and comfortable, because when you're talking about large masses hurtling into space, people will be wanting function rather than looking pretty. Still, I'd be on it.
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In reply to Luciiraptar, #3:

Turns out that the gravity wheel would need to be pretty large to simulate 1g without causing constant motion sickness. Nearly a mile in circumference by that guy's calculations. I think that accomodation for tourism is a sound idea for cost efficiency also.
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at this point I dont see so useful start a colony in Mars or the Moon... will request alot of money that we dont have! too many issues related to life support, water, resources, fuel, etc. Also the hostile climate, storms, meteorites, etc. Find a good place to settle, deal with the telecom problems, the cost and time of transportation. If happends I bet the first mission will fail and the base will be destroyed or suffer important damagers, important casulties or the program will be aborted because fundings or too risky (in case of Mars). We need to wait at least 30 years to have better technology and resources.

We should first focus in keep our planet alive before jumping to other and slowly kill it.
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In reply to Delta_Fire89, #5:

Well, the main problem with a Martian colony is the horrible mutating water that turns people into murderous water monsters, which is a thing I know thanks to Doctor Who.
Also, our planet will stay alive no matter what we do to it. Short of blowing it into pieces, there's nothing we can do to the Earth that it can't eventually recover from.
That said, it's important to explore other options, such as colonies on the Moon or on Mars. I do agree we need to wait, not just for the technology but also to study the effects of living in a space-base with a small group of people. Because, let's be honest, if you had to live with someone for the rest of your life, eventually you're gonna get in some space fights, which isn't the best thing.
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I don't really see the attraction in living somewhere besides earth. Sure exploration is cool and all but would anyone really want to live on another planet and be isolated from the rest of civilization?
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In reply to Ribhus, #7:

Well if need more resources and we dont have enough space for people at certain point we need to start colonies in other places. But we need better technology and specially knowledge for that important step.
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In reply to Delta_Fire89, #8:
Moving to other planets would not solve our resource problem. While I do agree that space could be an issue, I garner that we would expend more resources attempting to create a colony on another planet than we would actually benefit from it.

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In reply to Ribhus, #9:

We are parasites, that means we need to move to other places to satisfy our needs lol Sadly thats our awful truth
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Welsh_Pirate Sponsor
In reply to Delta_Fire89, #8:

I can definitely see your point about needing more information before trying to establish Lunar and Martian colonies. But I think that sort of thing could wait until the 2nd or 3rd generation ship. But I think the 1stGen ship is worth developing just to go to places like Mars or Venus to drop a ton of probes to get more knowledge of those locations. Or to scrub Earth's atmosphere of debris or test ways of diverting asteroids.

Also, mining asteroids could very well be worth the resources. There is certainly no shortage of them in the Solar System.
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In reply to Welsh_Pirate, #1:

Does anyone think this is as badass as I do? I can see one problem, I skimmed the article, but docking the ship on earth seems like it might be a challenge.
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In reply to RedOktober, #12:

We need to build the bigger space ships on space. Thats the solution for that problem
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Welsh_Pirate Sponsor
In reply to RedOktober, #12:

It's not meant to dock on Earth. It will be built in space, and is designed to be a spacecraft/spacestation/spaceport. It will be outfitted with "Universal Landers" which are shuttles designed to take off and land in different environments like Earth, the Moon, and Mars under it's own power.
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In reply to Delta_Fire89, #10:

Personally, I hate the smell.
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Because it would take you thousands of years to get to one point of space to the next even at light speed there is a theory that the way space travel will evolve so you can get to one part of space to the other is that they will bend space. It is proven that a gravitational field can bend space so the theory is that they will bend the point of space they want to travel to their spaceship and then release it somehow so it will act as a sort of catapult. The example of how it briefly works is supposed to work like if you try and roll a penny over an entire table. Then get an elastic band and pull it back and fire the penny and it will clear the table much faster. That's how its 'supposed' to work.
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Welsh_Pirate Sponsor
In reply to JonnyKrav, #16:

If we start now, maybe that will be on the Generation-10 Enterprise-class space cruiser.
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yeah sorry i shoud of said that its obviously not gunna happen within our generation but its a theory from someone (sorry i forget his name) who was working at area 51 and on the craft that 'supposedly crashed' and says thats how their travelling system worked. I don't believe that a spaceship crashed but i just thought the idea was quite interesting
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