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Joel Cast & Crew
Need to write short blurb...About myself and the 10 years thing' for new box set. Go:
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Barbara Cast & Crew
Take your blurb from the RTX Guests page.

"Barbara was trying to write a bio here, and I was walking by, on my way to the bathroom and saw her trying to type she is watching me type this... and I've become really self aware. She is judging how I type. Don't you hate that. Anyway, I have to go to the bathroom You know."
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priest81 Non Sequitur
From playing the guy on the airplane to Hitler, Joel Heyman has done it all. Now he just likes to get drunk on the podcast and bang the table.

the end.

P.S. buy gold.

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Knives_Kill Sponsor
In reply to Joel, #1:

What Joel lacks in double D-cup breasts, he makes up for in personality. Frequently confused with the characters he plays, he has come to respond to "Caboose" in addition to his given name, which has lead many who aren't familiar with Red vs. Blue to believe that he moonlights as a train car. However, Mr. Heyman never has and never will be associated with any locomotive, as he finds them unclean and unruly. Joel is really good at money.

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WickedSid Were Alive
"This is a blurb that I, Joel, have written with no help from outside sources. Now you read it and you will love it because I play Caboose.

P.S. I need a sandwich or some delicious lasagna."

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dacalac teh spy
*based on your current avatar*

"They told me I could be I became...LASAGNA."

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Pealet Sponsor
Joel Heyman: snake poop, panther, double gold!
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Eddy Cast & Crew
Joel Heyman is not only the voice of the hilarious Blue, Caboose, he will also dress like Hitler for money.
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Kythrae Creator
Legend had it that the humble group that became Rooster Teeth were besieged by forces of work and family life until the wise sage came from the west. He brought forth fun and laughter but of all he gave them was the wisest of secrets he told only a few devoted followers:

Joel #1, Jack smells.
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Joel Cast & Crew
more please
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p3drit0 Buckaroo
plup tent. I just said that and you are still reading.
why are we here?

press Ctrl FU for more
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Joel Cast & Crew
Btw, including your names on this, if that is cool?
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dacalac teh spy
In reply to Joel, #12:

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Eddy Cast & Crew
In addition to being an actor and a gentleman, Joel Heyman also holds the title belt for the World Champion Handshaking Tournament, despite being a germaphobe and periodic hypochondriac.
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LordOwen Young Joel
When in doubt, just do what @Barbara tells you to and go with the RTX blurb. It was funny, so it matches you perfectly!
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priest81 Non Sequitur
I'm ok with it.In reply to Joel, #12:I'm ok with it.In reply to Joel, #12:

You should also mention you have a lovely alto singing voice.

Speaking of it,'ve devoted TEN years...a whole decade (or as Gus would say in two decades) to playing video games and cursing on the internet. Children who were born the year you started are now learning long division and about the French Revolution. Did you ever think you'd be doing something like this when you first started?

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WickedSid Were Alive
In reply to Joel, #12:

Do we all need to sign off on this? If so, I'm fine with it.
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Bobomcgraw Bah Humbug
What, no reference to Cinnamon?
I am disappointed.

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TBSWK GeeksNBleeps
Joel Heyman, once known as the most attractive of the main cast of Red Vs Blue (now known as "That guy who's not a chick and likes investing"), has played the popular role of Caboose for the past 10 years, and will continue to do so, assuming he isn't murdered by Gus for his behavior during podcast recording. A man of many talents, he has achieved many - NO CINNAMON NO! OH GOD WHY IS THI-

- TBSWK (Tristan Kim)
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LordOwen Young Joel
'Joel Heyman... Olympian, Titan of Industry, Michael J. Caboose. Born into a world unprepared for his greatness, he did what only he could: tackle the world of online entertainment and rule over it with an iron fist. Also, make a living manipulating the stock market for his own amusement using an army of drones cultivated from years of hilarious podcast appearances.'
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Pealet Sponsor
Joel Heyman emerged fully formed from the mists of time itself to due battle with the dark forces of Kah-Rak-Al and his evil army of helper monkeys in tiny blue vests.

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THAYT The Didact
With the words spoken "DYY DYY DYY", Joel appears with his endless amount of Wisdom and leads us all into a new age golden serenity.

-Book of Joel
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Bobomcgraw Bah Humbug
Joel Heyman, bear attack survivor and panther hypnotist whisperer.

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Joel Heyman.
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DiMono Site Admin
"Sometimes I wear pants. Most of the time I fail. Those are good days."
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Thoric 120K GS
Lover of the cute and cuddly Cinnamon... "Cinnamon NOOOOOO!!!" or include your own quote "Tell the world...Cinnamon! No! Back! Bad Cinnamon! Bad! No..! Arrrrrrbleghhhh."
Joel: the true mastermind behind RvB and
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Dirt410 110Percent
There are duplicates of this thread, btw.

"I can't believe I'm still alive! Oh well, guess I'll wait out the rest of existence by saying that the past ten years have been some the best years of my life thanks to not only my friends but also my legion of fans who will murder in my name without question. I remember this one time when Burnie asked me to [story retracted] know what I don't want to talk about it. Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is Jack smells; Joel #1."
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Joel Heyman, YOUNG! Voice actor for the one and only Caboose. Unliked by most bears, Cinnamon no! Will dress up as anyone, such as Hitler, for money! Banger of tables. Thinks police stations are speed traps. you go Joel!

-Keeleynicole (Kelley)
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Dirt410 110Percent
In reply to THAYT, #22:

can someone write the book of Joel please?
#29  Posted 2 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 1 Funny
dacalac teh spy
#30  Posted 2 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote  |  + 2 Funny
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