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Car NicknamesSo over the years I've met a number of people who have made up random nicknames for their cars. One of my best friends had an ancient Nissan Frontier pick-up truck that was sluggish as hell and, on a few occasions, somehow managed to decelerate while going downhill with the gas pedal pushed all the way to the floor. Naturally, we decided to dub that particular truck "Speedy." One of my other friends had a Ford Explorer, which she affectionately named "Dora the Explorer." Another friend had a little VW Jetta upon which she bestowed the title "Gretta the Jetta."

I always love it when people nickname their cars like that since I think it makes them a lot more personal and fun to drive (especially when the car has quirks and you can yell at the car by name). Did anyone else have fun nicknames for their cars, and was there any particular reason for or explanation behind the names that you chose?
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navyseal552 Red Army
my friend named his Serenity after the ship in firefly because it looked like a piece of crap but she gets you where you need to go.
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Godzi92 RvB Scotland
I called my car Betty, purely because it was black!
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Commanderc7 RTCS Cast
I call my Camaro Striper. She has stripes..go figure!
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In reply to Commanderc7, #4:

Haha, nice name. I've got an '01 Camaro and I've never been able to come up with a good name for it. My friend affectionately called it "Mindy" back in high school because it's this mixed red/orange color, which he figured made my car a "transvestite" car in terms of color since it couldn't decide whether it wanted to be red or orange. He figured Mindy was a good transvestite name, so
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navyseal552 Red Army
In reply to Jenkies125, #5:

Dude you have an '01 Camaro thats awesome I have one too
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In reply to navyseal552, #6:

Haha, awesome. Mine's on the left here:

Post edited 8/11/12 6:30PM
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Commanderc7 RTCS Cast
And I suppose since you guys posted yours, I'll post my '96 Haha

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navyseal552 Red Army
I think we just turned this into the Camaro forum
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Commanderc7 RTCS Cast
Ahah, Naaahhh. It's just the majority of the posters here have Camaro's...sweet sweet camaro's..what were we talking about?
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My 86 300ZX Turbo has a voice warning system in it. And it sounds just ike Shela the nice tank lady. So I call her Shela.
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In reply to Zkidd86, #11:

Does she have 6 pedals but only goes in 4 directions?
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My Supra's name is Kitsu and my Fail-150's name is Roger. I don't even know how/why I came up with Roger. It just happened, hah.
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Gotta bring this up since it's a car forum and all...Hennessy, notorious for squeezing ungodly amounts of power out of V8 engines, released his newest baby: a 1226 hp custom Cadillac CTS-V.

Top Gear magazine did a pretty nifty article about it. I highly recommend reading and oogling the pictures
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MDeBlasi Sponsor
I called my RX7 Sapphire, because the color code from Mazda is Metallic Sapphire Blue.
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My Jeep Wrangler is La Chupacabra in reference to my Mexican-ess and referencing RvB.
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TheKrack Sponsor
I got a black jacked up 02 chevy avalanche with body armor and a winch i call it The Beast
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My '00 Infiniti QX4 needs a name, but I think I'll wait until after a couple of seasons have given her character...

Klure suggested "Escape Artist" but I'm not sure on that yet...
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THECIA Sponsor
i'd call my car viper
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goosealaniz igoose
My first truck '83 GMC Sierra i called it "The Beast" because it was real small but mad a lot of noise.

My second truck '76 GMC Sierra i called it "The Monster" because it died on me and we got it a new engine so it was like a monster brought back to life.

My current car "86 Dodge 600 is called "The Mean Machine" because it is a small car that barely makes any noise(my sister-in-law called it the golden nugget when she first saw it).
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Here's a short list of cars with names:

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DustinMartin Rubber Duck
In reply to PabloJeezy, #16:

heh, shouldn't that be "Chupathingy"? I name pretty much all of my vehicles. I had a little black acura named Obama. My Virago is Peggy, the harley is Khaleesi, my vette is Selina (kyle, from before "Batman: The Plothole Rises" came out cuz I'm a hipster like that), my little blue pickup is Cortana. I had a 91 Riviera we called the Copper Cup, a 95 Lincoln Mark VIII called the Silver Spoon, a little white S10 blazer I called Tigra, after the wife of a client from my dads construction co.. There were a few others, but they aren't coming to mind atm....
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Easyshot08 Beta
i call my 09 challenger srt8 chelly (shelly) just because... yeah.. love it
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Can't remember the year or the model, but my friend named his old, beat-up car "Agnes," after another friend's mom. Agnes' son (and everyone else) called his car "The Trash Cab."

Just got my first car less than a week ago, an 07 Chevy Cobalt. I'm trying to come up with a name for it. One will come eventually, I'm sure.
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In reply to Jenkies125, #14:

Shame he couldn't do the Audi RS6
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I have a thing for giving my cars girl's names :P My old car was an ancient Ford Ka that I did up myself. No matter what happened to her, she seemed to take it in her stride and pretty much fix herself. So I named her Christine after the car in the Stephen King book!

My current car (well, the one I share with my parents until I buy another one!) is a 2006 Land Rover Discovery called Judy.... because on the space shuttle Discovery's first flight, one of the astronauts was called Judith. I have far too much time on my hands -__-
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So, I think I've come up with a name for my car. Just finised rereading one of my favorite books, The Hound of the Baskervilles. While reading, I thought of, and am now pretty dead-set on Watson.
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I call my Buick Skylark The Love Machine in reference to Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke. Although I just bought a new Volvo and have no clue what to call her.
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Easyshot08 Beta
In reply to Bigboy855, #28:

id say call her just "the Vo" and congrats! Volvos are sickk
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Turdy1 The Aviator
I've dubbed my Nissan Quest "Mossie" after the De Havilland mosquito. No, it's not made of wood, or is powered by twin Rolls-Royce Merlins, but It's fairly large and pretty much does whatever you need it to pretty well. And it has side by side seating like the Mosquito.
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