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Charrdians Tekkit Server - 36 SlotHey all, I've made a Tekkit server and it's been running for a while. We're going to be doing a map reset tomorrow hopefully, and upload the old world as a Multiverse world, so you can still access it.

Details Below.

Name: The Charrdians Tekkit Server
1. No griefing.
2. No theft and no item duping.
3. Be Polite.
4. Use your common sense. If you think you shouldn't do something, don't go and do it.
5. When in doubt, ask a mod or an admin.
6. Destruction catalysts, nova catalcysms, nukes and any other highly destructive items are banned. Posession will result in an instant ban.
7. Respect other people's work. Don't start building on their land or digging under them.
8. PvP is banned unless done in a PvP arena. If you want to settle something via PvP, do it there.

Plugins: Essentials, Essentials Group Manager, WorldGuard, LogBlock, Vault. - If you want a certain mod on here, feel free to ask.

Admins: ConfuzzledWolf, Fiirah, AJ45
Mods: ModderSlodder, Phaty_Matty, HSenor, Kingolly, Berch2

If you're still reading, here's the IP:

Once you've done this, get whitelisted here:

Our Dynmap link:
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