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Bman Brad
Best Halo 4 LoadoutSo I've been playing a shitload of Halo 4 lately. And when I switched to the covenant carbine,magnum ammo and shield ability with the auto sentry, I find myself doing extremely well. So my question is, What layout do you find yourself doing the best with. Give some recommendations or some tactics if you want to!
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demon0496 Demon
In reply to bmann40, #1:

I'm for the Battle Rifle with the Magnum. Ammo with the shield ability, and I have the Active Camouflage armor abillity (which is awesome!). It masks your motion signiture, and it renders you invisible unless you're shooting or are shot. All I have to do is wait for people to come around a corner, then I assassinate them! I use the Auto Sentry when there are people hanging around large groups.
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DMR, I prefer to hang back, and snipe, on maps like Ragnarok I'll swap my Magnum for a sniper.
Hologram, it's ridiculous how many times this has saved me or a teammate, it's also great for throwing in gravity lifts and trolling with.
I use the Ammo boost because it boosts the amount of sniper ammo or DMR ammo I have.
I have plasma grenades for up close encounters, and that's about it so far.
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demon0496 Demon
In reply to e5pg, #3:

Is it just me, or is it harder to use the DMR in this game? I mean, I love how it sounds like a Barret 50., but it seems harder to use in this game.
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DMR- Battle Rifle- Plasma Grenade- Thruster Pack- Firepower-Awareness
I have terrible timing with those last second melees so I'm a bigger fan of sticking in the back and popping off shots. DMR was a godsend for that once it unlocked. Thruster Pack is for when I get into that "what? something's attacking me?" zone and need to bail at the last second.
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I like to go charge in mid-range with the Carbine and pistol racking up consecutive headshots with the ammo mod, Thruster pack and awareness. I like to get into the thick of things and using the thruster pack to make myself a harder target, I use plasmas in a no win situation.
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Bman Brad
Are plasmas really that god? I've been contemplating buying it.
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For CQC or smaller arenas (which, really, is 2/3 of the maps):

AR (easier to deal damage with in CQ
Boltshot (One-shot-kill on overcharge. Maybe it's op, but it's a lifesaver when you're down on shields, primary weapon still needs a reload, and there's a guy coming right up to you in 2 seconds.)
Plasma Grenade (I always find myself panic throwing one AT the guy anyways, why not have it stick him. Too many times before have I tried the same with a Frag and have ot bounce off the dude, FFS)
Active Camo (Motion Sensor disruption is awesome. I don't even have to be crouching to make AC effective; enemy doesn't know where to look for me, so I can run up behind the guy with confidence. Also, if you're backed in a corner, the MS disruption gives you a chance that the enemy won't look for you at your location immediately.)
Mobility (So I can get right in the think of the battle immediately and use my weapons more effectively, and quicker. Also, run away faster for shield regen. Plus, get to the new match ordanance drops fast)
Ammo (always helps)

For medium sized maps, replace AR with DMR, mobility with Shielding, and Ammo with Awareness.

Not sure yet if I should change out for Ordanance Priority or Regen Field....
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Ikagawa Sponsor
Regen Field is kind of useless. It doesn't recharge your shields quick enough to be used in the middle of a firefight, but it leaves you vulnerable long enough while you're setting it up that people can easily headshot you. It also doesn't keep your shield up if you're standing in it so it takes the same amount of hits to kill you anyway.
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Bman Brad
i Never thought of using the active camo not as camo but as a motion disruptor. Will definitely be using that soon! Hanks guys!
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In reply to bmann40, #10:

That's all I ever use it for, it's no good for moving and if you stand around and wait it just runs out and you're visible again.
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Bman Brad
In reply to e5pg, #11:

I was using it today, and it seemed like it didn't do a thing. Does it take you off the radar, or does it make 5 or 6 red dots show up on the enemies map?
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I think it takes you off and gives the enemy blue dots around your location from what I've seen.
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Bman Brad
Has anybody used the suppressor yet? It seems like a gun that kills super fast. What are your thoughts?
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demon0496 Demon
In reply to bmann40, #14:

I don't think it brings the shields down fast enough, Assault Rifle for me!
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Bman Brad
In reply to demon0496, #15:

You use the assault rifle over every other gun?
#16  Posted 2 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to bmann40, #14:

I'm terrible at CQC, I suffered through the AR long enough to buy a DMR and I haven't looked back.
#17  Posted 2 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Bman Brad
In reply to e5pg, #17:

Have you tried using the covenant carbine over the dmr, If you have a fast trigger finger than it is deadly!
#18  Posted 2 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
In reply to e5pg, #17:

Really? I LOVE the AR in CQC. The fire rate and damage is pretty damn good. I never find myself losing an even battle with a person using a BR/DMR in the same CQC situation.

In reply to bmann40, #18:

I've used it, but I find that having the pull the trigger so quickly for its fire rate to be effective, I tend to nudge my analog sticks just a smidge and lose target that way. DMR allows me to pace myself evenly while getting a good enough shot, and the BR's burst makes it easier to more bullets on target.
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demon0496 Demon
In reply to bmann40, #16:

Hell no! I meant I'd use it over the Suppresser! Battle Rifle all the way!
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I use a DMR, Suppresser, firepower, Plasma Grenade and Regen Field.
#21  Posted 2 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
DMR, Boltshot, Plasma grenades with hologram, extra ammo and shield regen thing.

The boltshot's 1-hit charged shot is too good to turn down at the moment. For some reason i just prefer the DMR over the battle rifle too, not sure if either is really better than the other.
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Meerkizzle Sponsor
DMR because it has better range than the battle rifle (though I'm gonna try the Light Rifle out for a while I think, I've just too cheap to buy it). Plasma Pistol and Plasma Grenades because I like having some sort of method for vehicle takedowns, EMPing a mantis or sticking a ghost/warthog/banshee have saved my butt so many times. I like the Autoturret, it can really give you the backup you need, especially in Dominion or King of the Hill. I have resupply because grenades are just too valuable to only have 2 until you die. And I boosted my motion tracker because I like to know where people are.
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MasSkullking Person
BR - Mag - stickys - Jetpack(I don't really find any of the abilitys that useful, and jetpack seems to come in handy every now and then) - shields - and the one for faster reloads/weapon swaping.

Once I get BR master commendation I may switch it for a carbine or DMR for a while.

But yeah, that's my main loadout.
#24  Posted 2 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Ikagawa Sponsor
In reply to bmann40, #14:

It's weak and inaccurate. I avoid it unless I'm completely out of ammo and it's the only weapon I can scavenge.
#25  Posted 2 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
NeutralGreen MoveForward
It all depends on what gametype I'm playing, but my loadout for standard Infinity Slayer/FFA is:
BR - Nice balance for all distances.
Boltshot - That overcharge is godly in CQC.
Frag Grenades - Easier to drop people when they come around corners, plasma grenades take too long to explode.
Promethean Vision - Not sure why but I just find this super useful.
Mobility - I feel this is a must on the small/medium maps, allows me to quickly get to the fight.
Dexterity - This has saved me hundreds of times.

My BTB, King of the Hill and CTF loadout is:
DMR - Great for the bigger maps, and great support when covering a hill on the smaller maps.
Plasma Pistol - Makes enemy vehicles infertile.
Plasma Grenade - Wreck those infertile vehicles. (The only change I'd make is putting Pulse Grenades here for King, on the smaller maps with small hills, Pulse Nades wreck the enemy.)
Hardlight Shield - Useful for stopping people wrecking you with power weapons, if you can get it up quick enough.
Mobility - Helps with getting to the next hill, chasing down the flag carrier, and getting to power weapons on map.
Ammo - The amount of times I was running out of DMR ammo in CTF was ridiculous before getting this.
#26  Posted 2 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
Mel0 Jetpacks
DMR - Plasma gun/boltshot - Promethean Vision - I switch around for the 2 perks, kind of digging having 3 extra explosive nades to throw right now.
#27  Posted 2 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
The loadout that works iut for me is the Suppressor ,magnum , Thruster packs, plamas aa effiecny and dexterity

#28  Posted 2 years ago  |  Reply  |  Quote
I use the Lightrifle (has good long rand and decent medium range), Plasma Pistol and Plasma Grenades for vehicles, and I keep going back and forth between using the Hologram and Auto-Sentry. I think I'm landing on the Auto-Sentry to make up for my build's terrible short range performance.
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I'm the type of player that likes to sit back a little more often and pop heads from a distance, so this loadout has been great for me...

Primary Weapon - DMR (AMAZING for longer range)
Secondary Weapon - Battle Rifle (my favorite gun from mid range.. also good for short range)
Grenades - Plasma
Armor Ability - Active Camoflage (if you use it right, it allows you to get the first shot on opponents)
Tactical Package - Firepower (so i can have both the DMR and Battle Rifle to start)
Support Upgrade - Ammo (worth it if you like to sit back more often and use a lot of ammo)
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