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The Best of VineI've been thinking about this ever since they started talking about Vine on the Podcast, and I think it'd be funny to get together as a community and put together a "Best of" list for Vine, here are some of my favorites:
How to play with your cat gone wrong
Justin Bieber won't eat his cereal
Drop it like it's hot
I'm not gonna bother to link to each of these individually
Well, what are you guys' favorites?
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hayley0614 Feminist
too lazy to pick favorite vines but my favorites viners are Pug Rummy, Ed Bassmaster, Chris Delia, Jerome Jarre, Curtis Lepore, Ry Doon, Austin Miles Geter, Brittany Furlan, Ray Ligaya, Nicholas Megalis, Marlo Meekins, Josh Peck, and Matty Cipov.
Wow that's a lot but they're pretty quality usually.
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Kris Straub is my go to for vine incrediblocity.
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