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RichardHpaNZ ChocMilk Guy
Assassins Creed 4, White Whale location?Well hello RT community. Ive been told that this is one of the best communities on the internet so Im just wondering if anyone can help me. Im trying to do the sharing is Caring achievement in assassins creed 4 on the xbox one, and well its really hard to find since i dont have any other friends playing this game on the xbox one. So yeah I was wondering if anyone was keen to help not only me out but maybe others who are trying to get this achievement then it would be amazing. All we have to do is for people to friend each other on xbox live, go into AC4 on the xbox one and play sail around the world. And if even just one of us were to find any of the social events then we would all get that notification to where that is.

If anyone is keen my gamertag is richster98

Peace out and happy achievement hunting

- Richard Hpa

PS. Also add me on here because I am always keen to meet new people on this site :)
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