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Halo PC/CE Tools For MoviesI have not used CE as much as I have PC but I will share what I haved used.

For PC you can use some of these PPF patches:
No HUD patch
Ask me about a no weapons mod, I have it and can send it but can't seem to find the link to it.
Halomods, place for all your modding needs
PPF-O-Matic for patching

For CE you can use developer mode to reocord yourself (no one else can join the game)

To control the camera:

1. Press ~ to open the conole
2. Type "debug_camera_save" (no quotes of course)
3. Type "debug_camera_load" (again without the quotes)
4. Press ~ again to close the console
5. Press and hold the mouse wheel to move the camera. While still holding the wheel use W,A,S,D to move the camera. By pressing and holding the wheel and scrolling up you will be able to move faster. This is a helpful feature to have as you can exit a game and come back into a level and type in the "debug_camera_load" command and the camera will go back to where you had last saved the position.

And finally FRAPS recording software for recording your footage.

This is what I can think of as far as the basics go. Please add and feel free to suggest anything else.
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In reply to jazo, #1:

Also, R and F will raise/lower the debug camera.

The Debug_camera_load command helps you do multi-figure compositing in CE. Set the camera where you want it, do debug_camera_save, then act out the first actor's stuff on it. Switch characters (colors), go back in, type debug_camera_load in the console, and the camera will snap back to the exact same place. Act out your second character's part, and so on. You can then use mattes in your video editor to put the two shots together and the background will line up perfectly. You can see an example of this at the start of SvF episode 1--Kazzap provided his voice, but I acted out both the blue guy and the white guy then composited them together.

DarkLink modded us up a Blood Gulch with no HUD, no gun reticle, no weapon hand and no in-game text except explicit text messaging. It's a cameraman's dream mod for Halo PC. Contact him for further info.
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Yeah, DarkLink did a great job with the mods for SvF.

He needs to start chargining for that stuff :-p
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I completely forgot about mentioning Halo Map Tools. It allows you to edit a ton of the things Halo does. You can even get advanced enough to start importing models from single player into multiplayer levels. Several SP maps have also been converted into MP.
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In reply to jazo, #4:

There's also a new version of Halo Hacker Tool 4 which will let you do some cool things to CE maps now instead of just PC maps.
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In reply to Sevenar, #2:

Also I beleive "G" Will rotate the camera in HALO CE.

Yup, And I'm currently working on a much better version of it.

In reply to Yaksha, #3:

I should.....let's see you already paid, Sev kinda paid, The BC people never payed.

In reply to jazo, #4:

Yup, Halo Map Tools are The Best for Halo PC modding.....

In reply to Sevenar, #5:

LOL, I don't like it, except my old copy of it got broken so I use it for some minor touches, but I still don't like how it's mostly only for XBOX, well until I start modding it for XBOX which i'm going to stop talking about....
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yeah i am getting the SmartXX for my xbox in about a week... and ive been looking into exactly what i can do with this... as soon as i found the halomods website i went nuts of course, and i definately plan to make maps for it.
ive been making maps for games like quake 2, counter strike, and unreal trournament... so this shouldnt be too hard.
correct me if im wrong, doesnt the map editor use 3d studio max's "Gmax" program?
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Bump-------> Teehee!
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I've been trying to download Halo CE, but it doesn't seem to want to work once I've downloaded it.
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