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The VillageDid anyone else hate this movie as much as me? I didn't see a thread about it and felt a need to find out other people's opinions on it. I mean, I felt screwed for having been tricked into seeing it. Just as a warning, if you haven't seen it and this thread picks up then it will be a ...
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It was pretty sorry at being a psychological thriller. If you're looking for a good one of those, check out Jacob's Ladder. That's how it should be done.
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In reply to blank, #32:

True. I have seen better psychological thrillers than The Village.
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I didn't like this movie either........ and I was expecting something... I was expecting what the ads and trailers were suggesting the movie was about: horror, being scare... etc.

When I watched the movie, the beginning was slow... and I almost feel asleep. The whole time I was watching it, I was praying it was going to be over with or either get more exciting.
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The movie also didn't have a very professional feel to it. I swear I saw a boom mike once.
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In reply to blank, #35:

Yeah... I didn't feel a very professional feel to it either.
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In reply to SeaLab2021, #1:

Yeah... I hated him for a while now. most if not all of his movies are terrible.
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I loveeeed this movie when I was younger - it had an interesting twist and the monsters were scary at the time.
Although, if I was to watch this movie at 21 .. I doubt it will have the same affect.

Its definitely for a younger audience - maybe 14 - 17?
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