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Cricket people!Ok i know most of you are probably from the states and i have a great amount of respect for your team (yes you have one!) cause although the aussies nailed you pretty hard, you got matt hayden out, and that takes effort *applauds* anyone else follow cricket?
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Australia officially sucks.

Imagine losing to Sri Lanka

Goddamn. I really really hope we don't lose the ashes..
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supafitz Cannonball
Or hopefully New Zealand can grind A draw against India, or you know, get a catch.
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Didn't think I would find a cricket thread here on RT to be honest.

I am predicting Pakistan to win the WC against the Kiwis in the final.
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Would love to see those two in the final.
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IPL anyone? Knight Riders and the Indians looking very good
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In reply to Posseidon, #1026:

mumbai is looking nice!!! sachin is a god!
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Tuskers have started to really pick up there game, beating the probable 3 favourites for the tournament.
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In reply to Posseidon, #1028:

yeah that was a huge win today and the other day against chennai in the rain
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did anyone see chris gayle's century the other day?
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In reply to Senor_Nacho, #1030:

Yeah, the man is a beast...
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Not to but in but as an American who wants to learn more.....WTF? I have asked friends from Ireland and Pakistan what the rules are how the game works and they try for like two minutes to explain it then say well you have to grow up with the game to understand. I sat and watched about 2 hours of a game and came away more confused than when I started. Any place you can point me to try and learn more about it....understand it and maybe even grow t appreciate it?
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Not hard to learn, harder to explain... Yeah I tried writing out an explanation, was becoming a wall of text, Wikipedia will tell you everything but I don't know how that'll suit your needs, here's the first part of the introduction.

Cricket is a bat-and-ball team game. Many variations exist, with its most popular form played on an oval-shaped outdoor arena known as a cricket field, at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard long pitch that is the focus of the game. A game is contested between two teams of eleven players each. One team bats, trying to score as many runs as possible while the other team bowls and fields, trying to dismiss the batsmen and thus limit the runs scored by the batting team. A run is scored by the striking batsman hitting the ball with his bat, running to the opposite end of the pitch and touching the crease there without being dismissed. The teams switch between batting and fielding at the end of an innings.
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The IPL blows, it's all about the County Championship.
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In reply to mealy58, #1032:

really dude, i was in the same boat as you a couple weeks ago but after reading some rules and watching a couple matches on youtube (which you can on the "indiatimes" channel) i caught on pretty easily. it's a fun game to watch
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iampete Sponsor
I both play end Enjoy watching cricket.. quite a summer England are having :)
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Man, India was destroyed in their tour of Australia so far, and although they won the last T20 (great game to watch), they had 3 balls left in the game, and watching that last over was insane, especially with my parents trying to sleep and having to listen to me yelling at the T.V.
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supafitz Cannonball
I got a few complaints when I was watching NZ v AUS in Hobart, those last few wickets I got very very loud, now Im sitting at work watching Zim v NZ, during our National Holiday, YAY ME
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Great tie between Australia and West Indies
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Is anybody watching England vs West Indies or has anyone been following the Indian Premier League?
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Nah, I kinda stop paying attention to cricket the moment AFL starts in March. Anything interesting going on?
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Well the West Indian cricket board seems to be a bit rubbish and they're not paying the players enough or something. Half of the team were off as guns for hire in the IPL so it looks like England are going to win this series. I think the big focus is when South Africa tour England later this year. That's a clash of the titans I think.
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Huh, didn't a similar thing happen with Sri Lanka?
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Not that I can remember, but Ma-flinger retired from Test cricket because of concerns about the toll it takes on him and basically plays in the formats where flinging yorkers for four overs is valuable.
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No I think it was similar at least with Malinga. He says it was because of the toll it takes on him but if we was really into playing test cricket for his country then he would have given up on the IPL, he is clearly better suited to limited over cricket though. I hate his action anyway, I don't know how they approved it. He was the 3rd best wicket taker in the IPL so he's still got it but he'd rather be a gun for hire. Sri Lanka still has it's top players apart from him, Jayawardene, Sangakara and such still play in both. Jayawardene finished his test and then went to the IPL rather than a few west Indians who are the other way round.
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His action is straight armed, sure the angle is extreme, but still straight armed, no where near as controversial as Muruli's imo.
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Straight arm yes, my problem is the angle. If that's a rule then they should change it because he's bowling from such a low height then it's easier for him to bowl yorkers to the tip of the bat and it's a lot harder to get under it. I just think there should be a 'less than 45 degrees between your head and your arm' rule or something.
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Yes!! Cricket fans on RT! I knew there would always be a few in every forum...
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In reply to muffinnuffin, #1048:

Thread Resurrection

Who's been loving the way the Aussies are going in the Boxing Day Test?
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In reply to e5pg, #1049:

Anyone tickled by the Shane Warne/Marlon Samuels spat the other night in the BBL? England ODIs in India will be either amazing or more painful than tooth extraction...
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