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24 year-old male from Vancouver Canada
Hey there friend! You can call me Foster, I am Canadian and a gaming YouTuber.
That's pretty much it right there.
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Talking to you about MontyAs we all know by now, Monty Oum has passed. Originally I was just going to keep my thoughts on the matter to myself, but the beautiful tribute RT had for Monty at the end of the podcast made me feel that I needed to share, and talk to members of the community about this.
Monty Oum was a huge inspiration for a lot of us out here, whether it was his art style, his animation, or even just his work ethic, he was inspiring us to do what he was fortunate enough to in his life. He inspired us to work hard, to pursue our passions in art, and he inspired us to dream.
I consider myself a creator, and I've been heavily influenced by RoosterTeeth as a whole. I don't know if I would be doing youtube right now if it weren't for Rooster Teeth and Monty's work. It is my dream to one day create my own series, and the embers of that passion were always ignited to their brightest when I would watch the amazing things Monty was able to create.

I'd love to hear your favourite moments from Monty, or any memories or thoughts you may want to share, I don't feel like I'm done talking about this yet, and maybe some of you feel the same, so let's talk.

He was a creator, a dreamer, and an awesome person. He will be missed sorely by this amazing community.
Rest In Peace, Monty Oum.
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