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51 year-old female from the incredible Island of Hawaii

Life is short. Grab every moment by the balls.

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Vanity Post, ftwNew video, all about us....

Nothing new on the Federal indictment, more to come there. This video was made by a film crew that came from San Francisco on their own dime to interview us, some of our past students, our current interns, and many of the participants in our October training. We're trying to show the Prosecutor who we really are, and this is a pretty good look at us. Love you guys, and miss you tons!
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Name Susanne
Occupation Wetware technical support
Birthday July 21st, 1963
Interests Aquaponics surfing horses kendo psychology physics Objectivism Libertarianism the Enneagram the Diamond Heart Work NLP emulsion chemistry (i.e. developing photographic images on things like glass metal rocks even an egg(!) using a paint-on liquid emulsion) aromatherapy making 24K jewelry boat-building and sailing....and how to be the best person - and Mom - that I can possibly be! And now thanks to my 11 year-old son (screen name flclboy) the RedvBlue and the RT/RvB communtiy - or at least the BAR!
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Music Most things new and most things old. Except the stuff that sucks.
Movies The Matrix (first one!) Shawshank Redemption (the movie that seems to show on every member�39;s list!) Shindler's List LOTR Beetlegeuse Ghostbusters Crash (the first one about the car wreck addicts)...too many to list actually.
TV Shows House Grey's Anatomy Boston Legal Star Trek (classic and TNG) Penn & Teller's "Bullshit" Monty Python Fawlty Towers Little Britian Dollhouse Firefly...all on DVD because who has time for the sucking commercials!
Books Fiction: anything by Tom Clancy Nelson Demile Elizabeth George Pat Conroy Ayn Rand; The Fountainhead Anthem We the Living Atlas Shrugged....and everything by Neal Stephanson. Non-fiction: anything by Sandra Maitri Risso and Hudson Julian Jaynes A.H. Almaas Ayn Rand Richard Dawkins Sam Harris anything by or about Richard Feynman.