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22 year-old male from San Diego!!, California
My name is Matt, I am a recovering 'Teether and I am so thankful to be back with the best fanbase the world has ever known! I have been part of the website since about 2008 2009 or so but never really used it/ forgot login info, back in the swing of things and glad to be back into it!
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Another RTX escapesUnfortunitely another year escapes me in that I am unable to go to the famous RTX event, my excitement keeps growing as if I was able to go myself just from all the hype! and it is well deserved too! I mean who wouldn't want to join in on a great time with friends and loved ones and fellow community members for a weekend of absolute greatness!! I'm stuck in San Diego however since I ended up using my days of leave (days off that is) for later in July going into August :/ if I had more days stocked up then I absolutely would be there!! I look forward to the next year because I will make it a priority to go! and only the higher ups will be able to stop me! the first two I had no income and I was in training for my military occupation so I wasn't able to make it but now I am able to and will! I cannot wait to meet everyone else in the community!
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Name Matt Thompson
Occupation Marine, gamer, gentleman and scholar. friendly neighborhood noise maker
Birthday April 5th, 1993
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Music Classic rock orchestral stuff all sorts of things especially Scottish and Irish folk music i like all sorts of things as long as it catches my ear
Movies aww man... anything that is good mainly comedies i also like the concerts that are shown on the big screen too since they are at movie theaters. comic book movies as long as they dont suck stuff like that
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Books Dante's Divine Comedy The Dress Lodger Immodist Acts The Pacific With The Old Breed Hitler Has Won (no im not a nazi look up the book its okay) The Bitter Woods Tom Clancy novels many different history books and Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series!
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